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On Today’s Show 032

Jeff is the co-founder of a neurolinguistics software company that empowers content marketers to create more impactful content faster through the use of emotionally charged text.  He recently graduated from Drexel University in the Close School of Entrepreneurship. The company is called Boost Linguistics.


What we will discuss on today’s show:


Jeff Nowak is from Boost Linguistics on this Show 032 – get all the show notes and Jeff’s special offer by going to


Boost Linguistics is building an awesome writing tool text editor designed to create and automatically edit marketing content, provide audience engagement.


Their software helps persuade and analyze your templates to help suggest changes make your writing more appealing to the reader and more impactful by

Improving the way people write marketing material.

Other key points of discussion: Entrepreneurship, startups, content strategy,marketing, copywriting.

Lessons learned in today’s show:


Don’t just focus on SEO and keywords Focus on the Google Quality Score – SEO is becoming saturated with keywords so they are banking off the quality score pay per click by raising quality score it lowers your pay per click

How to use software to re-writing content provide emotion joy trust on your website to connect with your audience and help in your rankings using google analytics.

Drexel Startup Day and the Close School of Entrepreneurship is not just a startup entrepreneur competition it might be a different way to help entrepreneurs bootstrap


If you missed our last show with Nick Delmonico his company is creating wearable technology to manage asthma and on our next show it’s our year in wrap up.

We talk to Jeff and his company involvement in Drexel Startup Day where they help other young entrepreneurs launch their ideas to build business opportunities.

Bootstrapping – they skip family and friend rounds to raise money by entering into competition to win money for funding, they do things themselves to save money they will actually go out and get the certifications and learn how to do it themselves for example programming or bring someone onto the team to do it.  They acquire the skills themselves and then execute.



Fast Round fast pitch

1) Best business advice – If you are overthinking it too much and need to startup again and Content is king if you’re not on the internet you need to be.  Learn to listen, take it slow and keep it simple.

2) Business book – Jeff Reid The Alliance LinkedIn & Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

3) App that you use to help you in business, family or life: Slack, Trello, Google suite Why – these apps provide the needed self-motivation social pressure everyone can see what you’re doing.

4) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate: keep moving mantra

5) Fun fact: Jeff hate’s solitude extroverted so he welcomes you to just come over and have a conversation about startups.

6) Best purchase under 100 bucks: Boise Headphones you can use your iPhone and Mac and work anywhere in the world Starbucks in Austria or in San Diego you don’t need a big office.


3 main takeaways lessons you have learned along your journey

Culture – no need for titles.

Don’t block ideas no fear to express themselves.

Keep it simple.



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Other Resources mentioned in this episode:


Offer trial 2017:  Jeff makes an offer the Listenup audience should take him up on there were be a link toward the end of the show and providing a concept marketing class.

Baiada (Bi-odd-ah) Institute for Entrepreneurship (Incubator)Chuck Sacca at Drexel it’s not just about resources and office space but being with other startup entrepreneurs where everyone may have different goals but it’s a community of business minded people seeing that fact others are doing it provides the knowledge and wisdom that you can as well. Reference to other companies within the Institute: Booksmart, Turn Water.

Keep in touch


Boost Linguistics

Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University: Deans: Donna Marie Decarlo & Damian Salas (show 014)

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