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David Feinman Viral Ideas Zombie Run Founder Show 064

David Feinman is the founder and serial entrepreneur of Virtual Ideas a video creator marketing company and sold Zombie Run Phidelphia Racing Concepts LLC the largest national themed fun 5k races.

David combined his passion as a marathon runner and owner of Bucks County Marathon Ventures LLC a startup which was a half marathon in Bucks County Pennsylvania and running the program through Tyler Park.

Lessons Learned:

How did David come up with the largest national Zombie Run themed fun run and how did he apply what he learned to his current company Viral Ideas.

How did David in only 9 months generate 1.4 million in revenue build the Zombie Run into a 16 City tour, attract over 35k participants, handle a staff of 35 people, gets featured in Wired Magazine, USA Today and the New York Times and within one year sell the company for a profit

How did Viral Ideas increase their customers from just 42 to over 120 in only one year?

What is David’s secret sauce to gain so many executive pitches and how were they able to get in front of so many executives

We will also speak to David about his experience at Temple University Business Fox school and the Be Your Own Boss Bowl competition ‘BYOBB’

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Zombie run numbers?

The idea behind Zombie Run:

Combine a passion for running and entrepreneurship

Testing the idea

Capitalized on a national trend toward fitness and then heightened public interest in social media and themed events.

Growing the idea to 1.4 million in revenue

Managing a team of volunteers and contractors

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Temple University – Tell us about being your own business bowl competition at TU (BYOBB) -> 10k Came in 2nd won a 10k cash prize.

Ellen Weber
Nick Delmonico

Sales 42 customers to over 120
Knocking on doors
Making calls

How do you pitch the executives and get them to a face to face meeting sales -> time of BYOBB had 42 clients working out of their office space in Bucks County.

won cash prizes forced them to take a more in-depth look at the company and see how it could be improved upon it.

Zach Medina Co-founder started Viral Ideas with $250 and 1 client.

In the beginning, the company worked You spend 7 days a week, from early in the morning to late at night in the back of your client’s office with the goal of growing Viral Ideas while also doing our best to over-deliver for our very first client.

A year later, they set up shop in office-space in Southampton, PA.

and continue to grow your team, partners, and client base.

Growing the business hasn’t been easy grinding it out overcoming the challenges that most startups face, giving up a social life and making significant sacrifices along the way.

2.5 years later, we have over 120 largest brands in the world and are continuously growing.]

Viral Ideas Story dynamic, social media marketing agency Marketing You work with your clients to convert written concepts into promotional videos for social media and company websites.

Use the latest filmmaking equipment including drones to produce professional videos and are able to provide sophisticated animation or website background video.

Mission – Our long-term goal is to help companies create videos that go viral,”

Customer videos:

Viral ideas in the real world -> What are some of these significant brands you are working with around the world and how did you specifically sign them up?

Let’s talk decision making a critical skill in business and life – provide us an example of success

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Everyone loves books I created a book club

charity balances your business and life when you were a freshman at Bucks Cty Community you got involved with Autism Cares Foundation co-Founders Linda and Frank Keupper tapped Feinman as its Race Director.

Today he continues to help them to raise about $100,000 each year.

You talk about all the schooling is there one teacher that stands out that had helped you the most [Business Club Advisors, [Bruce Imber and Greg Luce,] with helping to nurture his talents and instincts by sharing their experience in both academia and the business world]


“They took the time to get to know me and had an impact on me outside the classroom,” he said.

Viral ideas are not the only business you teamed up with Zachary Medina you guys produced a popular teen dance held at the Newtown Athletic Club. NAC

How did you get in there

Save money on college tuition

College students go to community college two years transfer to Temple last two

The program encourages students to save tuition costs as they complete foundational courses, earn a two-year associate’s degree at Bucks, and transfer to a four-year institution to complete a bachelor’s degree during another two years. “The advising staff guided me through the whole process,” he said.

You have gone on the record to say that academics are not your strong suit,
However professors took notice of his abilities in other areas, -> Q) what were these other areas?

Bucks County Community College

Business School Dean, Dr. Tracy Timby to get involved.  Start Me Up Challenge!

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Best in Bucks for Media Production by Bucks Happening

Speed Raceway Horsham, PA who Viral Ideas showed how the raceway could be using video in their social streams as the example throughout the presentation.

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Three main takeaways:

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