You are currently viewing Strados Labs Teams Up With Brinc IOT Show 053

Strados Labs Teams Up With Brinc IOT Show 053

Strados Labs Teams Up With Brinc IoT Show 053

Today’s guest is Nick Delmonico, Founder, of Strados Labs and his website is  The company is active on twitter @StradosLabs and @WearStrados.

This is Nick’s second time on the show as we interviewed him early last year.  He has made good progress on his wearable technology that provides asthma management.

We had a show on crowdfunding and raising money from outside investors.  Bay McLaughlin, Co-Founder, of Brinc  invested in Nick’s company. You may recall Brinc is headquarterd in Hong Kong and provides Investments to startups like Strados Labs.   When we last spoke with Bay we talked about the Internet of Things and his capital contribution investments in startups.  I am happy to see that two guests on the Listen Up Show collaborated and are now working together.


What are some of the things we discuss on the show: usability studies, building working prototypes and what it takes to build a wearable technology.


On every show we speak with the quests about the resources they use and leverage to help them startup and grow their busiensses.  Nick did not hold back he mentioned: WeWork Creator Awards Winner Temple BYOBB Grand Prize Winner Hardware Accelerators in Philadelphia (NextFab).  Another resources Executive Director Ellen Weber Nick attended Temple University’s Fox School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute.  Nick had referred us to Ellen Weber who is the Executive Director and provides many resources to startups, entrepreneurs and businesses.
Describe your device and how it will benefit healthcare.

Strados Labs makes the first and only always-on health device and platform that combines heart and lung data, so doctors can make informed decisions for asthma and COPD patients. Strados pairs real-time respiratory data with a multitude of external features including activity level, heart rate, altitude, medications, pollen, and temperature. This enables physicians to create more personalized management plans for their patients, which may improve medication compliance, self-monitoring, and quality of life. Strados bridges the data gap for chronic respiratory patients who aim to better understand breathing patterns and enables positive behavioral change using the Strados platform.

How does your product differ from the competition?

Competing solutions include AirSonea, Wing, and Propeller Health. AirSonea employs a handheld device designed for episodic identification of wheezes that is measured at the trachea. Wing assesses lung function via spirometry, which requires a non-wearable device to connect into a smartphone. Propellor Health assesses asthma control and medication compliance via a non-wearable device that records inhaler use for medication management. Strados is designed for continuous as well as passive monitoring, in stark contrast to the active user participation required in episodic data acquisition inherent in the competing solutions. Our product also monitors two of the three parameters for assessing asthma control (reliever use, signs, and symptoms), which together with manual entry of spirometry results, leads to a more accurate assessment of asthma control. Provisional patent applied.

Do you have customers yet?

We have signed letters of intent with two collaborators, including a large public health system and a chronic care management platform. In addition, we have signed a study with a major health system in New York to conduct clinical studies with over 500 patients with asthma/COPD.

How much money have you raised?

Who are your investors?
Ben Franklin Technology Partners, NextFab Ventures, Brinc Ventures, and private angels

What is the next milestone for your product?
Clinical study validation of our wheeze/cough algorithms to support our FDA submission. Device will be revised after first phase of clinical work to inform our pre-manufacturing readiness and FDA submission


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