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IP Marketplace PatentAngels PulseIP Adoram Shemesh Show 066

IP Marketplace AngelPatents PulseIP Founder Adoram Shemesh.

We talk to Adoram about:

How he helps his clients.

Buying, selling and leveraging patents.

Adoram is a member of the Israeli Bar went to school in Israel (IDC Herzliya) and now lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and children.

Adoram about the podcast show: “Great Podcast Mitchell Just Listened for the second time”

PatentAngels: IP centric Investment platform

Company mission: empower companies to leverage their IP assets and let investors invest in patent backed ventures which increase their chances of success.

Crowdfunding patents:

Patent Rights for clients

IP Marketplace to leverage your patent

Defending patents

Monetize patents

Working so closely with fortune 500 companies

Buy side of the business

PulseIP – Patent Acquisution Consultants –

Guiding people through the process.

Defensive and offensive moves changing for startups, entrepreneurs and business owners to execute on their IP strategy.

Working so closely with the largest US corporations and provide them strategic Buy-side Intellectual Property consulting

How to identify, negotiate and close Patent Acquisitions based on these defensive and offensive strategies.

We also talk Sell Side IP – Reviewing, evaluating and analyzing IP portfolios in order to maximize the patent sale and licensing value on behalf of intellectual property owners.

How Adoram works with clients to figure out which strategy is really right for them?

General strategic IP advisory.

Filing a patent application is still a smart decision for inventors

Article: Tel Aviv Israel Patents business tech Technology The U.S. Drops Out of the Top 10 in Innovation Ranking but Israel ranks #10

Fast Pitch Round

I have a book club back at featuring our guest recommendations
Book recommendation;
Mind Set

How is intellectual property valued when selling a business?

High Court Could Open Door To Worldwide Patent Damages

Wrap Up Round
Three Main Take-Aways
How are people going to stay in touch

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