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What a positive headline. Wow, how inspiring, Mitchell.

Why startup everyday? I rather not think of the alternative, you have no other option, no alternative you must startup each and every day.  Here is your PBS after school special bumper sticker: Startups are important like getting a medical or law degree or playing video games or building something special using tonka toys. It’s really your achievements, goals, accomplishments and doing something special with your life.

Well, you might even say its just 180 degrees from where you are now.  So you might be asking, how am I going to startup?

Glad you asked, I wrote this 30 day ecourse telling you all about this startup experience.  I explain why you can’t merely “think” startup, much less merely “write a plan.” I explain why you may not even know what a startup is and how executing on that wonderful business concept idea is a key element of success.  Cartoons are even used inside, if like me you prefer pictures over words and get intellectually stipulated visually.

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