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Digital Real Estate Expert Michael Giangiordano II, Founder and CEO at Rental Rater Show 021

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Michael Giangiordano, II, Founder & CEO Rental Rater

Digital Real Estate Expert






What we will discuss

Digital Real Estate Expert, Michael Giangiordano, II Founder & CEO of Rental Rater born and raised in South Philadelphia

He provides community involvement through the various schools that he has attended and church.

He grew up around his father’s real estate business.

We discuss the mission and vision of Rental Rater and launching the company.

How Michael came up with the idea for Rental Rater and registering the domain name.

What real estate apps or websites are out there which are easy to navigate and use, are universal and simple to operate where all you have to do is just type in where you live and put a review up.  Determine the right ingredients to make such a real estate platform successful.  The website is not just for landlords, it discusses the property and neighborhood and informs prospective tenants before they rent the place.  Tenants want to know what others think like students want to know about their professors or services from Angie’s List thus the real estate market wants  Rental Rater.  This will include rental properties – both at the macro and micro level, not just row home, duplex not just commercial read review from all of that.

Dean Salas Show 014 – Resources students have on campus LeBow Business College what type of resources on Drexel campus but in your community – discuss my idea with them passion – Close School

Ian assistant Dean providing connections, people, developer, free legal services – legal aspects must be thought of – lend helping hand to get venture off the ground – Phil & Bonnie

What we learned

Ready willing and able to face challenges and be willing to fail and people will push back and you need to be ready to answer them or find the answers.

Talk to other people get their opinions from as many people do research must know what you are talking about before you start.

Startup Round – to Start Your Business, LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation or a Non-Profit.

Fast Pitch Round

Wrap up Round

Resource Links

Drexel University Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship

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