A positive headline?  How inspiring!

It’s an awesome concept.  Now I must have your attention.  Here is your PBS after school special bumper sticker: Do something special with your life, set goals, achieve, accomplish, get a business degree, go to medical or law school or play video games or build something with Tonka Toys.

It’s about 180 degrees from where you are now.  So you ask, how am I going to startup?

Glad you asked, I wrote this 30 day ecourse telling you all about this startup experience.  I explain why you can’t merely “think” startup, much less merely “write a plan.” I explain why you may not even know what a startup is  and how executing on that wonderful business concept is a key element of success.  Cartoons are even used inside, if like me you prefer pictures over words and get intellectually stipulated visually.

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now it’s time to bring you into
my personal story now here’s a little
bit about my personal story on Mitchell
I’m from Philadelphia and at the age of
i went to pursue my lifelong dream
and goal that was to go to law school 45
weeks out of each year including three
summers and in three years
i graduated at 25 i completed my most
important goal to that point i graduated
law school I passed the Pennsylvania New
Jersey in the New York bars i had over
whelming joy
the question was what was my next goal
so after law school and passing three
bars i worked for a law firm represented
financial institutions business
association of business owners
I do trust and estates litigation real
estate settlements drafted and executed
wills and trusts settle to state and I
did that in the day and at night I went
to Villanova University School of Law
and I actually went back to get a
masters along taxation I met my wife
best at 27 and six months later I was
engaged and married a 28 switched
industries from the legal profession to
banking at this point it was January of
1997 and I worked for a wonderful
community bank that was well-regarded
and well-respected and really well-run
in two thousand my Samantha was born my
whole world only got better I had a good
job that I really like a wonderful boss
and one of the most respected banks by
their customers and clients this was it
I was going to be at this Bank for
35-plus years higher pension stock
options gold watch everything but you
can only plan so much and there are
certainly things out of your control in
2001 my boss that I admired and looked
up to abruptly left the bank i was lost
his replacement was his total opposite
my old boss called and asked me to join
his new firm and for more money
this was perfect five months later 911
the new firm wasn’t doing so well and I
could see that the firm had just joined
was struggling so I left to join a
regional bank one year later the
regional bank was purchased by a
national bank i joined the Delaware
trust company as trust council working
with some of the wealthiest clients and
families in the United States but when
the original trust council recovered
from a long illness the Trust Company
only needed one trusts council at this
point in my story my Marissa was born
now I had two girls a true double
blessing after leaving the Delaware
trust counsel position i started with
another well respected community bank
I only left that bank for two reasons
more money and more responsibilities
an international bank in their ultra
wealth management trust Department
starting in 2007 the economy began to
I remember october two thousand eight
the worst in Wall Street history i left
the bank in 2009 due to the poor
financial economy at this point of my
personal career I represented credit
unions work for some really good
community banks and regional banks and
international bank in 2009 i became a
free agent I worked for banks law firm’s
clients on a contract the project basis
i set my own hours per day week and
month i set the rate and length for each
and every engagement my first project
was actually working for the largest
family office in the nation
i also worked for another international
bank doing compliance risk management
and dealing with regulatory issue i also
did litigation support in defending and
also ensuing financial institution in
2015 i began listening to even more and
more podcast thinking to myself this is
like radio but using better technology i
could do this i started getting really
excited i didn’t know anything about
putting together a podcast or a website
or a blog or any of what actually goes
into making it all happen but I did know
one thing i was going to take action
execute and always stay with this became
my new ultimate goal my dream
the last time I had such a big goal i
can remember i was 10 and 11 years old
which is the time that I actually wanted
to go to law school and become an
attorney I had to learn everything on my
own major challenges but my passion kept
getting bigger as my desire to achieve
overwhelmed any fear since passing the
bar exam for the second time in my life
I knew this is what i was going to do
for the rest of my life and I was
certain with total conviction
I wanted this create a podcast
interviewing radio style with podcast
technology interview guests about
business family and life stories from
true leaders in all walks of life with
rupee from the chairman of the board of
the largest companies in the world to
the janitor of the very small company
had a clear focus and I was moving
forward I started this I started saying
things like this would be a good idea
for the podcast i began telling people
this is what i was going to do and I was
committed there was no backing out i was
all in you can think about ideas you can
plan you can test you can retest and try
to learn everything and make sure always
perfectly lined up and then not take
action so you must make sure you execute
make changes as you go hoping to get it
more than wrong maybe gaining
information knowledge and hopefully more
wisdom to propel you forward

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