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Startup Checklist

The People
Your team, founders, vendors, employees.

Startup early, often, everyday

Move, renew, refresh, stay fast.

Few better than indifference.

Users, buyers, fans, cheerleaders, consumers.

Know Thy Users

Market research, understand user, what do they want.  Just ask.

Many Amazing Things

Talk, share, and make decisions in open channels across your team, in private groups for sensitive matters, or use direct messages one-to-one.


Exceptional v Good.

Measure what you make

Make stuff you can measure..

Money - Ebook Go

The best resources cost little.  Watch the spending. Leverage technology.

Pick up

Yourself. Don't get down and if you do not for long.  Keep going on.


No distractions.

Run don't walk to profits

Be profitable sooner than later.

It ain't over til it's over

Never and I mean never give up.

Stuff doesn't work out

Who cares, the deal fell through, stop crying there is another deal tomorrow so go make it happen NOW! So keep going.asure..



So how do I actually do this? Great question:

What do things look like one, three, five, 10+, 20+ years from Now?

What are you solving, something is empty so whats being filled up?

Get it down then kick those tires!

So what does your prototype look like?

Prove it show me and 99 other people.

Don't keep it to yourself tell everyone - hey you I have something you want, its over here

Fund & Build it or Build it & Fund but don't do one without the other - do it at the same time - Now

LLC, S or C but register - split no the team must stay together I'm talking about the equity stakes.




Find your co-founders, maybe you already have or maybe you need to kick the tires more.

Let's go back to Focus Now - Think prototype and iterate, iterate, iterate did I say iterate Yes not reiterate. Do again, again, again, again.

Do you remember those all important users? Good! communicate (email, call, stop by, however you communicate) - Well! do they keep coming back to you??





YES - I like that! 1000 is your new favorite # 1000 - Whats your new goal 5% a week - hard maybe but it can be done you can do it so do it, here is the awesome news for you continue to do that for only four straight years - guess what - keep that rate, pace and you my Trusted Friends will have wait for it, wait for it, 25 million users.

Many Amazing Things

Talk, share, and make decisions in open channels across your team, in private groups for sensitive matters, or use direct messages one-to-one.


NO - The user did come but unfortunately they left again.

Do you remember what I told you before "It ain't over til it's over" & Never give up and I mean never - Good!!

Take a deep breather guess what you guys are going to re-launch all over again - (yes iterating, interating) Goal launch until your user stay with you (hey do you know how many times AirBnB had to launch) Ya three (3) times.

Now startup!

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