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dealing with anxiety and stress

listening to your "inner voice" vs what everyone else expects of you vs what you think that you are supposed to do

Overcoming fear

Empowering yourself and stop living up to the ideals of others and to start living up to your own ideas.

How to align work with your own needs, motivations, abilities, and values thus our ongoing stress will begin to dissipate due to business, family, and life is in alignment.

Implementing the philosophy of lifestyle design.

Stephen's philosophy: Life is the sum of your habits. Therefore, you are what you do. Transform habits related to your purpose begins the lifestyle transformation.

self-aware, self-knowledge, habit transformation.  learn about yourself, identify patterns;  use of self-experimentation.   self-improvement challenges.  lifestyle change.


30 Tools to Startup

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As an entrepreneur, our guest reminds us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

So I outlined the 30 apps that help you increase productivity, get started and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

So head over to, grab Mitchell Chadrow's ebook, and start being smarter today!


Stephen Warley, Lifestyle Designer, Personal Productivity Coach and Career Transition Advisor.  Stephen is the former host of Unstuckable Podcast





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