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What do we discuss with James in this show 040:


Commercial Real Estate; deep ties to the sports & entertainment; time as league executive in the NFL national football league; experience as a director of all player & talent marketing initiatives for the league; time at NFL films; days at Valley Forge military college


James tells us about:


Troy Vincent – Executive Vice President of Operation for the NFL & the 2003 infamous Eagles NFC Championship year*


His three Motto’s in life and what contributes to his success: Be Prepared, Be Ready for the Opportunity, Over Deliver


His coined phrase: Outwork the work – for all the things that must be done you must be the last person standing.


Building his character at an early age from church, music and his family.


NFL Films – Steve Sable, mentor, Player Relations 80 producers, 12 networks: CBS, ESPN, HBO, NFL Network, the science of contacting current and former players, building trust and relationships, owners: Cris Carter & Bobby Taylor,


Lifestyle brand and setting up a digital enterprise – the media membership side and merchandise side.


Three take aways:


1) Look within an introspective;
2) Center yourself to focus;
3) Master the key to execute on your ideas.


Be your own visionary, knowing where you are going.


Wrap up Round:


How to stay in touch with James:


Instagram: Sauter Fly Society and also on Group Page Facebook.
Sperry Van Ness commercial real estate


*Brian Westbrook – returned that punt against the Giants and went on to win their next 9 games that season, Donovan McNab, Duce Staley
Playoffs Green Bay Packers 4th and 26th at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, no timeouts with the clock at 1:12 seconds pass to Freddie Mitchell David Akers made a field goal went into overtime Brian Dawkins intercepted a pass by Brett Favre returned it 35 yards set up another field goal for David Akers giving Eagles win 20-17 sent Eagles to third straight NFC Championship Game but they lost to the Carolina Panthers.


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