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Lifestyle Guru

Life Skills That Matter, Stephen Warley


Stephen Warley was the former podcast host of Unstuckable and Lifestyle Designer, Personal Productivity Coach and Career Transition Advisor.

He was chronically anxious and stressed out about work because as he says “it wasn’t satisfying, it wasn’t meaningful, it wasn’t making me financially independent, it controlled too much of my time and it prevented me from living the lifestyle I wanted to live.”

He has designed his lifestyle to work on his terms. Stephen says,  that he is “happily unemployable”.

For Stephen in comes down to two paths for your life:

1) what your “inner voice” tells you that you want

2) what everyone else expects of you or what you think that you are suppose to do

So why choose the second choice, fear.  Acceptance of others v wanting to go out on your own.  This emotion can be powerful. is often more powerful than the desire to strike out on our own.

Stephen simply wants to empower us all to stop living up to the ideals of others and to start living up to your own ideals.  He empowers us to align our work with our needs, motivations, abilities and values thus our ongoing stress will begin to dissipate  due to business, family and life being in alignment.

He calls this philosophy lifestyle design.

Stephen’s philosophy is that your life is the sum of your habits. Therefore, you are what you do. Transform habits related to your purpose begins the lifestyle transformation.

Become self aware or having self-knowledge begins the habit transformation.  So how do you learn about yourself, identify the patterns.  Stephen suggests its all through a self-experimentation.   He sends his subscribers weekly self-improvement challenges.  With Stephen your not alone starting this important path toward your lifestyle change.  Thats why I call Stephen a lifestyle Guru.


Learn more at LifeSkillsThatMatter.com or email him at itspossible@lifeskillsthatmatter.com

His motto he  “wants you to make your work, work for you.” Don’t forget you can do it.  Keep in touch with Stephen on Twitter or go to his website.

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Thanks, Stephen, for joining me this week! Until next time!  For our next episode we interview Mike Chan.