Strados Labs Teams Up With Brinc IoT Show 053

Nick Delmonico, Founder, Strados Labs - Check out show 031


@StradosLabs /USA) or @WearStrados

Bay McLaughlin, Co-Founder, Brinc - Check out show 035


Usability Studies
Working Prototypes - Wearable Technology


30 Tools to Startup

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As an entrepreneur, our guests remind us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

So I outlined the 30 tools that help you increase productivity, get started in business and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

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WeWork Creator Awards Winner
Temple BYOBB Grand Prize Winner
Hardware Accelerators in Philadelphia (NextFab)
Hong Kong (Brinc)
Investments from Crowd Funding and beyond


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