Startups Smarter Startup Podcast Host Business Help Resources Show 004

Startups Smarter Startup Podcast Host Show 004

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Startups Smarter, Startup podcast host, Go and Grow Business Advice Help Resources.

Hey, Mitchell here! Much appreciated that you listenup!.

My quest on today’s show is a startup podcast host and he is the Founder of the Go and Grow Podcast, where he speaks with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to learn how they launch and grow products and companies.

Our guest has also launched and grown a few products and companies and he tells us that he really enjoys it. I think that’s why we both like discussing business with similar people and learn how they’ve also done it.

Listenup to hear more about what this podcast is all about, why I really enjoyed interviewing our guest, and how he answered each question.

In addition, to Go and Grow our guest is actually working on a few other things:

He is also co-founder of other companies, which is a real-time, location-based message board where you can share and discover the most relevant content about what’s happening around you.

Also the founder and principal of a Business Consulting, a marketing and strategy consulting firm that helps startups and small businesses get off the ground and grow.

He co-organizes Startups Smarter in an area near you and as previously mentioned the former Senior Director of Strategic Marketing for a profession Hockey Sports and Entertainment.

For fun, he is a big fan of other professional sports teams like me enjoys eating good food.

Locally he attended Lehigh University, went to Georgia Tech, and finished it off with an MBA from NYU Stern.  I think after all the student loans his done with formal school.

He was born in Queens, grew up in Brooklyn and Old Bridge, NJ, but has also lived in Atlanta, San Francisco, and NYC, but now resides in Washington, D.C.




Check out Payment Systems Leader Alex ‘Pete’ Hart from show 002.  Also Lifestyle Guru’s Stephen Warley from show003 and our next guest Susan Matthews for show005.

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Our guest is also a startup podcast host and is also in the process of developing a mobile App.

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Special take away

Grab Mitchell’s e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guest reminds us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

So I outlined the 30 apps that help you increase productivity, get started and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

So head over to, grab Mitchell Chadrow’s ebook, and start being smarter today!


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