August 7, 2017
Mitchell Chadrow

Orai Language Speech App Founder Danish Dhamani Show 052

LISTENUPSHOW   Welcome   Today we are interviewing Danish Dhamani on this show 052. Danish is the founder of Orai a language coaching app.   The app has been featured in Fast Company, Wired Magazine, and Venture Beat, now on the Listenup show startup entrepreneur podcast and will also be featured on the front page . . .

August 5, 2017
Mitchell Chadrow

Emergency Information Systems Product Designer Developer Jared Therrien Show 051

LISTENUPSHOW   The post Emergency Information Systems Product Designer Developer Jared Therrien Show 051 was re-published on   We are interviewing Jared Therrien on today’s Show 051   Jared is the founder of Emergency Information Systems, LLC The company offers decal and hardware products which increase the situational awareness of emergency responders throughout incidents . . .

August 4, 2017
Mitchell Chadrow

Hamilton Perkins Collection Startup Manufactured Travel Bags Using Recycled Plastic Bottles Vinyl Billboard Show 050

LISTENUPSHOW     Today on Show 050 we are interviewing Hamilton Perkins   Hamilton Perkins Collection uses recycled plastic bottles to manufacture travel bag canvas and recycled vinyl billboard material for the duffle bag lining.   Hamilton Perkins is the founder and President of Hamilton Perkins Collection, an e-commerce retailer, offering designer travel bags at . . .

July 31, 2017
Mitchell Chadrow

Caffeine Guru Javazen Health Entrepreneur Eric Golman Show 049

  Eric Golman is the co-founder of Javazen, a brand of tea-infused coffee blends that combines the power of coffee with the health benefits of tea.   What do we learn:   We talk coffee, caffeine, green tea, zen, caffeinated mindfulness.   Eric talks how he met Arianna Huffington CEO of the Huffington Post.   . . .

July 22, 2017
Mitchell Chadrow

DIY Fund Investing Fintech Tools Wendy Garfinkel Nissan Eric Nissan Cofounders Show 048

LISTENUPSHOWStartup Round: Wendy and Eric are not only husband and wife have two children but after careers on Wall Street, Eric as a technologist working for a $10 billion dollar hedge fund and Wendy working as a Bond trader. Their co-founded company is called DIY.Fund providing professional investment management software fintech tool and resources for . . .