Alex 'Pete' Hart, Chairman of Verifone

  Alex 'Pete' Hart

It is my pleasure to introduce a true business leader Alex 'Pete' Hart, a finance guru with over 50 years of experience and with all his success remains humble and down to earth.






In this show of Listenup the Mitchell Chadrow Podcast, I'm pleased to have the opportunity to interview Alex 'Pete' Hart, Chairman VeriFone Systems, Inc.

Pete is a true business leader and a who's who in the payments industry.

I first came into contact with Pete back in 1995 after I had graduated from law school, passed the bar I was looking to become counsel to credit card bank Advanta.  Pete was President and CEO at credit card company.  President of Silicon Valley Bank, former Chairman of the Board HNC software (financial services technology company) now Fair Issac FICO (he was a board member, global payments board), Mitek Systems (on Board of Directors), (mobile capture deposits company).On the Board of Directors at Eharmony and Lending Club, he was also captain of the Harvard football team of 1961 so we are talking to a true leader.

His career spans 50 years in the financial services industry, tremendous longevity on the payments side of the business.

Pete says, when it comes to success it is a matter of "being able to do the things I like to do with the people I like doing them with and feeling as if I am being paid acceptable beyond that there is not a whole lot to it"

You can learn more about Pete and what he does on his company's website at and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Happy listening!


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