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Mitchell Chadrow: Attorney, Entrepreneur, Host Listenup Show (Startups Smarter) >

Why Listenup? Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, startup entrepreneur, career professional, an employee in transition or a successful business owner, or recent retiree, I want to help people just like you. I interview successful professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and find out the resources, tools, tactics, that they use to execute and implement their own personal and business goals. The guest's personal stories provide a roadmap of actionable and executable steps and a wealth of wisdom to help you achieve your own business, family, and life goals and dreams. These stories also provide solutions, practical advice and tips for everyday problems and issues.Startup now at
You're listening to the listenup show 001 Startups Smarter Podcast I am Mitchell Chadrow, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Host of Listenup Show (Startups Smarter) >.


I have been providing business advice, resources and help to entrepreneurs for over 20 years and I am looking forward to helping all of you.
The podcast show will be produced several times per month for your entertainment. Find the show notes at Subscribe at add your name and email address to my listenup show list. I will provide you with full transcripts for each interview, my ebook 30 Tools to Startup, the Startup Checklist and many more education and training materials just by signing up at


The show has three main parts

The Startup Round
We ask our guests so who do you use to host your website? sponsors our startup around - Go to
The Fast Pitch

Fast questions fast answers - What is your favorite book? My book club sponsors the fast pitch. My guests favorite books and my recommendations

The Wrap up round sponsors our last round for all your graphic design needs. Go to


You can also follow me on twitter @MitchellChadrow and

Now onto our show.

Key lessons, resources, advice


I already have an exciting lineup of guests:

Alex Pete Hart former president and CEO of MasterCard International in our show 002;
Susan Matthews the niece of MSNBC Hardball Host Chris Matthews - Show 005.
You have probably heard of the iconic wine brand Barefoot wine I interview Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan that came up with the idea and sold the business and brand to EJ Gallo Winery in Show 010; In show 014 I interview Dean Damian Salas Drexel University Close School of Entrepreneurship.
Tech Startup Angel investor John Richards Godfather of Utah's Startup Business Scene Show 026
Bay McLaughlin: Show 035 IoT, Internet of Things
Aaron Schumm: Show 034 Fintech Entrepreneur
Stan Silverman: Show 033 Entrepreneurial Leadership
Boost Linguistics: Show 032 Content Marketers
Strados Labs: Healthcare wearable technology Show 031
Young Serial Entrepreneurs: Show 025 Detrapel; Know Snow Meteorology Made Easy Scott Pecoriello Show 012
Young Nonprofit Leader Show 022 Latino Professionals for America Association University of Delaware
Digital Real Estate Expert Michael Giangiordano II, Founder And CEO At Rental Rater Show 021
Combat Homelessness Non profit leaders show 020
My personal story here -
Guest personal story. Best business advice received, life changing moments, the executed steps from startup to launch to final success.What contributes most to success and the key challenges they encountered.


A benefit to our audience: stories provide practical solutions, resources, advice, and tips for your everyday problems and issues learn step-by-step detailed actionable and executable things that you can learn from an implement in your own business life-changing moment - aha moment learn from their own adversity and the actions that they took to overcome those setback.


In the fast pitch, we also explore a quote, hero, favorite apps, resources for under $100, bad advice to stay away from.

Why start a book club? that's easy I love books and the books I love and that my guests recommend is a powerful indication that these choices can really make a difference in business, family, and life. various book companies offer trials to my podcast listeners even providing a free download - if any listener doesn't like their book the company that sponsors the round will provide you the ability to cancel at any time and allow you to keep your free download, you can choose from over 180,000 best sellers, new releases, classics and more - I recommend the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch so dream big, get inspired and listenup


guests provide us with three main takeaways, special links and resources and how we can keep in touch.


Photos sponsors the wrap-up round because as a startup podcast I was not going to hire my own graphic designer but I needed help with my graphics for all my social media.


In closing let me ask for my listeners help


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Listenup Show
Startup Entrepreneur
hosted by Mitchell Chadrow

Hey Trusted Friends!

Thank you for joining me on this our first ListenUpShow
Startup Entrepreneur Podcast

Hosted by me Mitchell Chadrow.

Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, startup entrepreneur, career professional, employee in transition or a successful business owner, or recent retiree, I want to help people just like you.

I interview successful professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and find out the resources, tools, tactics, that they use to execute and implement there own personal and business goals.

The guests personal stories provide a roadmap of actionable and executable steps and a wealth of wisdom to help you achieve your own business, family and life goals and dreams.

These stories also provide solutions, practical advice and tips for everyday problems and issues.
Show Format - Key things we will discuss; provide a brief introduction of our guest, and the guest adds in their own personal and business gaps; how they do business, explore the
why they are doing it and the effects it has on their everyday life and mindset; links, resources and show sponsors; fast round; keeping in contact with our guest and three main takeaways from the show.

The guests personal story…  :

successes, setbacks and lessons learned

My goal : encourage, entertain, educate, teach, provide positive reinforcement and help you finally take action and execute on your ideas.

I will attempt to produce as many new 45 minute shows each month.

Take them on your daily personal or business commutes, trips to the office or doing your family errands to the store, on your daily walk or fun activity.

Let’s jump right in!

I want our guests to provide step by step details actionable and executable things upon which you can learn
Now, we’ve all heard about having a life changing moment - that aha moment we have all experienced when you just know its right that its just meant to be : Well, most business leaders that have created their own success and luck have had these types of experiences… and all of these business leaders have as well.

We also learn from their own adversity and the actions they took to overcome the setback.  Our leaders story's take us through those points of life clarity: the steps they took to get them to that point, the 'how' or the executed steps taken by our business leader through their courage to break through to this important life moment that helped lead them to the success they are experiencing today.

We talk to the business leader and guest about their current business. They will go into detail about their day to day, and then also touch upon their vision for the future. This will help us not only understand what it is that they do, but it will also help us understand where they feel their particular industry is headed.

Toward the end of the interview, we will enter a Fast Round inspired by the "audible inspirational book"

the fast round - fun revealing questions . . . . quick insight to guests providing wisdom:


Best business advice or practice, favorite book or quote, secret to success and one thing that contributes to success, resource or app with big impact under $100, fun fact, worst advice, business hero or personal hero someone successful,

My listeners come up with ideas just to see these brilliant thoughts go un-executed or not attempted .

Have you ever had that soul searching moment at which point you’re looking for that brilliant concept or product or service or business, wanting to immediately start making the meaningful executable steps come alive.
Our business leader’s wisdom or insight might just be the catalyst for you to finally take that action you always knew you needed to do so that you could break through and move in the direction of

your next new concept, product, service or business.

why ListenUp - empower yourself, be in control, stay focused but to run a successful business family or life you have to be resourceful.

a conversation doesn’t really begin until the other person really hears what the other person says
I have been listening to talk radio my entire life and for the last two years consuming all different podcasts.

I travel numerous hours by car, train or airplane so they can be considerable downtime.  Listenup during your daily walks or just doing your family errands.

Why not learn, educate, become more resourceful while your on the go.

Podcast technology allows for my passion to communicate, connect, share  and help others makes it such a powerful medium for my natural talkative, curious self.
Talk about the ultimate resource -podcasts and they are free!
The issue there are so many business and motivational books, political, news and entertainment radio shows, along with consumer finance programs but I wanted to have my own.

I have always been curious how does this person think, what makes them tick what has worked for them what’s their family background and personal story- I guess you call it a people person
My podcast is to be helpful, like a trusted friend who truly cares about my listeners.

When you listenup to  other success stories you realize it’s also possible for you.  It provides positive reinforcement and boosts your energy.
I have always been interested in the nuts and bolts the details as to how the entrepreneur business owner leader got from point A to Point B I just didn’t want to scratch the surface but dig deep to find out the details.

This is my why for the ListenUp Show and

My goal create a community where we can share the greatest and awe-inspiring business concepts, ideas, provide help and advice on all things business family and life.

My expectation or main goal is provide this content so it motivates inspires you to finally take action and execute on your ideas your plan, whatever that maybe so you apply your own passions and energy to live out and create your own true purpose and legacy.

I have told you about the Podcast Show and website

Now it's time to bring you into my personal story -

Now - it's time to tell you a little about my personal story.

I’m Mitchell Chadrow, from Philadelphia. At 22, I went to pursue my life long dream and goal go to law school. 45 weeks out of each year including three summers and in three years I graduated.
At 25, I completed my most important goal to that point. I graduated law school and passed the PA, NJ & NY Bars.

Overwhelming joy of achieving this next goal.

After law school and passing three Bars I worked for a law firm representing financial institutions, business association of business owners, doing trusts and estate litigation, real estate settlements, Wills, Trusts, estate settlements work during the day and got a Master of Laws in Taxation at night at Villanova University School of Law.

I met my wife Beth at 27 and six months later I was engaged and married at 28.

I switched industry's from legal to banking.   It was January of 1997 and I worked for a wonderful Community Bank that was respected and well run.

In 2000 my Samantha was born my whole world only got better.

I had a good job that I really liked a wonderful boss and one of the most well-respected banks by their customers and clients. This was it! I was going to be at this bank for 35+ years, retire, pension, stock options, gold watch everything.  But you can only plan so much and there are certainly things out of your control - In 2001 my boss that I admired and looked up to abruptly left the bank. I was lost - his replacement was his total opposite.  my old boss called and asked me to join his new firm and for more money - this was perfect -   - Five months later 9/11. The new firm wasn't doing so well and I could see that the firm I just joined was struggling so I left to join a regional bank. One year later the regional bank was purchased by a National Bank.  I joined a Delaware Trust Company as Trust Counsel working with some of the wealthiest clients and families in the US but when the original Trust Counsel recovered from a long term illness - the Trust Company only needed one Trust Counsel.

At this point in my story my Marissa was born now I had two girls a true double blessing.

After leaving the Delaware Trust Counsel position I started with another well respected Community Bank.

I only left for two reasons more money and more responsibility working for an International Bank in their Ultra Wealth ManagementTrust Department.

Starting in 2007 the economy began to change, I remember October 2008 the worst in Wall Street history.  I left the bank in 2009 due to the poor financial economy.
At this point in my personal career I represented credit unions, worked for some really good community banks, a regional bank and an international bank.
In 2009 I became a free agent: worked for banks, law firms, clients on a contract or project basis.

I set my own hours per day week or month set the rate and length for the engagement.

My first project working for the largest Family Office in the Nation.

Worked for another international bank due to compliance, risk management and regulatory issues.

I also did litigation support either defending or suing financial institutions.

In 2015 I began listening to more and more podcasts, it’s like Radio but using better technology.  I could do this.

I started getting excited.  I didn't know anything about putting together a podcast or website or blog or any of what goes into making it happen but I knew one thing I was going to take action execute and always stay with it - this became my new ultimate goal / dream - the last time I had such a big goal I was 10 and 11 when I wanted to go to law school and become an attorney.

I had to learn everything on my own -major challenges but my passion kept getting bigger as my desire to achieve overwhelmed any fear.

Since passing the bar exam, and for the second time in my life, I knew this is what I was going to do for the rest of my life and I was certain with total conviction I wanted this: create a podcast interviewing radio style but with podcast technology

interview guests about business family and life stories from true leaders in all walks of life from the Chairman of the Board from the largest companies in the World to the Janitor of a small company.

I had clear focus and I was moving forward.

I started saying this would be good idea for the podcast, I began telling people this is what I was going to do I was committed - there was no backing out I was all in.
You can think about ideas, plan, test and re-test and try to learn everything and make sure all is perfectly lined up and then not take action so you must make sure you execute make changes as you go hoping to get it right more than wrong - maybe gaining information, knowledge and hopefully more wisdom to propel you forward.
An exciting lineup of shows & topics already setup
Alex 'Pete' Hart Chairman Verifone Payment Systems and former President of MasterCard International.  show002.

Susan Matthews QVC Host and niece of Chris Mathews of MSNBC Hard Ball - Show 005

30 Resources to Startup Show 006 & my ebook 30 tools to startup.

Sponsored by Snappa - also in show 027 I interviewed Snappa Founder Christopher Gimmer
Business formation, estate planning show 009 sponsored by US Legal Forms

Barefoot wine sold to EJ Gallo Winery show010

Drexel University The Close School of Entrepreneurship the first to offer a four-year degree in entrepreneurship , you won’t want to miss my interview with the Dean Damian Salas in show 014! No one understands the startup entrepreneur like he does!

There is so much to Listenup to from: startups, entrepreneurship, business formation, banking, financial services, web app development, financial and wearable technology, augmented and virtual reality, education, marketing strategy, digital content, entrepreneurial education, product development, leadership, lifestyle career advice, planning, finance, bootstrapping, financial services, family, and life lessons to balance your work, career, business

As always, if you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask!
As you Listenup,  let me know what you like and don’t like. I’d love your feedback!

If you want me to interview someone in particular or maybe someone from your profession who made the leap to startup entrepreneur, let me know!

OK, now I’d like to ask for your help! Can you please take one or all of the following actions to boost the rankings of the Listenup Show the Startup Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher?

1) Subscribe to the podcast on either iTunes:, Stitcher:, Google Play:, or your preferred app:

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Once you become a trusted friend of the show, and leave a trusted review on iTunes it will help the show become more easily discovered by like-minded, awesome people like you! We appreciate it!
3) Share the Listenup Show Startup Entrepreneur podcast with other people you know who’ve been thinking about starting up themselves.


Signup: and get your copy of the startup entrepreneur outline.

I want to thank you again for joining me here at and the ListenUp Show.



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