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Hamilton Perkins Collection Startup Manufactured Travel Bags Using Recycled Plastic Bottles Vinyl Billboard Show 050




Today on Show 050 we are interviewing Hamilton Perkins


Hamilton Perkins Collection uses recycled plastic bottles to manufacture travel bag canvas and recycled vinyl billboard material for the duffle bag lining.


Hamilton Perkins is the founder and President of Hamilton Perkins Collection, an e-commerce retailer, offering designer travel bags at an affordable price while holding the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


What are we going to learn today: how Hamilton came up with his idea, what problem he was solving and testing the product concept. We are going to talk sales and marketing and find out how he does it! From manufacturing to distribution.


The Hamilton Perkins Collection has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Money Magazine. Now on the Listenup Show!


Prior to starting Hamilton Perkins Collection, he was the winner of the 2016 Virginia Velocity Tour business pitch competition hosted by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


What other things do we learn –


How Hamilton came up with the business idea to solve this problem.


Hamilton Perkins was preparing to travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Madrid and Athens with classmates in his executive MBA program when he came across a problem: He couldn’t find the right carry-on bag.

They were either too flimsy, too impractical or too mainstream. So he decided to create his own.

How to build a successful crowdfunding campaign with kickstarter.

Hamilton raised: $14,329 of a $10,000 goal (as of July 14). The campaign began June 30 and ended July 30.

The unique bag making manufacturing process and his successful experience in creating an environmentally sustainable product and supply chain.

At Hamilton Perkins Collection the travel bags, line of duffel bags and backpacks are actually made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and lined with vinyl from repurposed billboards. Each bag is different, unique.

How Hamilton Perkins got his Collection into the Department stores.

How he tested the idea before launching.

Perkins began setting up focus groups with family members and friends to get their ideas about what they wanted in a bag. He also searched Twitter for ideas and combed through hundreds of one-star luggage reviews on to get a sense of common customer complaints. (Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder of, owns The Washington Post.)

“No one is as serious or as truthful about something until they’re mad about a purchase,” Perkins said. “Customer reviews are a world of their own. They contain so much information.”

Eventually, a theme emerged in his research: “The main things we kept coming up with were duffel bag and backpack, backpack and duffel bag,” Perkins said. “That, and people wanted something that was unique.”
He decided to combine those three things and designed a bag that doubles as both duffel and backpack. (Picture a traditional duffel bag with backpack straps on the bottom. The bag has a three-way zipper so its contents can be accessed from either the top of the bag or its side, and all straps can be zipped away when not in use.)

Perkins researched different types of material, too, and teamed up with Thread International, a company that makes fabric using recycled materials, for his first prototype. The fabric on the outside of the bag is made of recycled plastic bottles, while the inside of each bag is created from repurposed vinyl from old billboards. A factory in Oregon makes each bag.

“Personally, I think the days of everyone buying the same cookie-cutter product are over,” Perkins said. “People want things that are unique and special.”

Perkins has already invested more than $25,000 of his savings into the one-man company and says he was looking for a way to get the word out about his bag.

He set a $10,000 goal on Kickstarter and was surprised when the money began rolling in right away. Within a week, he’d met his goal.

“You really don’t know what’s going to happen on a site like that,” he said. “This could have done great or it could have bombed.”

Luckily for Perkins, it was the former. About halfway through his campaign, he has raised nearly $15,000 from 100 backers. A $95 pledge gets donors a duffel bag, while $295 gets them the company’s convertible backpack.


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What contributes most to your success


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Best business advice you ever received


Wrap Up Round


How can people stay in touch


Three main take aways


What’s next?


In parting leave us with your philosophy in business, family and life


Perkins said it will take until December to manufacture his first batch of 1,000 bags for Kickstarter backers. From there, he plans to add four more colors to his line-up and eventually look into creating other products.
“There are a lot of interesting things going on with technology and fabrics, so we could look into integrating conductive fabric into our products or making it possible for them to communicate with smartphones and other devices,” he said. “Bags are just a starting point.”

Hamilton was an Investment Advisor at Merrill Lynch and, earlier, worked as an Analyst at Bank of America.

He has also served in a leadership capacity with various non-profit organizations and has been recognized for his volunteer work and service hours assisting low-income populations.

Hamilton is also a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post.

has hosted trunk shows at Bloomingdale’s

was a financial planner for Merrill Lynch.

Lives Norfolk, Va.

He is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a degree in Business Administration and he earned his M.B.A. from William and Mary.

Huffington Post
Turning Trash Into Fashion

The Problem

In 2014, I thought carefully about my quest to find a unique and socially responsible backpack. It all started when I was having a personal problem while earning my MBA at William and Mary. I was planning to travel on global immersion experiences to Asia and Europe and felt that my options to find a bag that I could be proud to carry were severely limited.
Before the vision to turn plastic bottles into bags at Hamilton Perkins Collection, we simply were not satisfied with the selections available in the growing global bag market. We came to the industry from a customer’s point of view and we sought to use this as an advantage.

In the beginning, we thought a lot about establishing a for-profit organization that would be driven by social progress. We thought that this could be the catalyst to support the vision for building a better bag. We surveyed friends, family, and prospects to understand the market opportunity and saw a big gap between the ubiquitous bags that sold for less than $100 and the high-end luxury bags that sold for north of $500.

Additionally, we were passionate about solving problems and noticed first hand the modern inconvenience of waste in the form of plastic bottles. At the time it just seemed as if the benefits of recycling were not fully addressing concerns in our everyday lives. Moreover, we saw how this affected social and environmental issues and we knew we had to start building our proposition around carrying a bag that looks good and that makes a difference.
A key finding from our research was that most bags were one dimensional, not giving the traveler the option to choose the version of the bag that was most suitable for them. We formed our thesis around the pain points that our focus groups were voicing to us and turned to one star Amazon reviews and algorithms for deeper unfiltered data.
The Solution

We developed the Hamilton Perkins Collection Earthbag, an all-in-one convertible backpack made out of recycled plastic bottles and lined with vinyl from repurposed billboards. The Hamilton Perkins Collection Earthbag features a 3-way zippered compartment that allows easy access to laptops, books, and travel documents.
The Value

Our bags are the perfect pick if you’re looking for the right blend of style and function.

1. Recycled Plastic Bottles – Hamilton Perkins Collection Earthbags are the world’s first impactful and transparent bags: made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

2. Repurposed Billboards – The Hamilton Perkins Collection Earthbags are lined with repurposed billboard vinyl. Each bag’s lining is different, each bag is unique.

3. Design, transparency, and impact – Hamilton Perkins Collection bags reduce waste, cut carbon emissions in the environment, and conserve water.

A New Perspective

Fast forward to 2016, Hamilton Perkins Collection earned its status as a Certified B Corporation® by offering designer travel bags at an affordable price, while holding the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Starting at $95, we are proud to make exceptional products that make a difference one bag at a time.

Design Thinking

Design and function are two driving forces behind our product line. Our approach to design has been customer-centric from day one. We take great pride in seeing the world from the customer’s point of view first and then taking it upon ourselves to be the change that we seek. We prototype and ideate dynamically to find what works for the traveler and what doesn’t.
We get excited about making something that doesn’t exist and seeing it bring change and make a difference. At the end of the day, it’s about people for us and when they trust us to design the bag that they carry we don’t take the opportunity lightly. Our level of care sets us apart in a market where there are so many options to choose from.
Hamilton Perkins Collection was born out of a simple necessity: the need for affordable designer bags that look good, perform well and make a difference.

Similar to many travelers in the world we had trouble finding a socially conscious bag that met our basic needs in a practical and responsible way. We researched the industry and found that most options were average quality. The majority of the bag makers maintain low prices with high levels of secrecy around how they can achieve it. Other bags are excellent quality and their cost is way too much for the price. What is available to the modern traveler looking to find purpose in every journey?

We founded Hamilton Perkins Collection to be an alternative.
We stripped down the traditional walls of the retail world and invited our customers to share their comments and thoughts with us in a way not previously feasible. We interviewed countless travelers to start new authentic relationships and they told us how we could best serve their needs when re-engineering a classic travel bag.

Most brands look at philanthropy and giving as an afterthought but we see it as an essential part of running a business today.

In collaboration with our workshops and suppliers, we are committed to supporting fair wages and delivering value to less developed nations by sourcing raw materials that divert thousands of plastic bottles, save water, add revenue, and create jobs in parts of the world that need it the most. We track our progress and submit to rigorous third party review to ensure accuracy and accountability.

With billions of plastic bottles thrown away each year, the average person still throws away as much as 180 pounds of plastic in the same period of time. It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade. We address these issues by partnering with organizations like Thread, to turn trash into fashion with every bag we sell.

When you buy our bags, together we reduce waste levels, cut carbon emissions, conserve water – and create jobs.
Final Thoughts

Change is a funny thing. We’ve experienced change and its many benefits by carrying the Earthbag in our everyday lives. We have sparked lifestyle adjustments that were not evident until examining a simple travel bag. Although we successfully funded our debut Kickstarter campaign in under a week and were selected a Kickstarter “Project We Love” you can still reserve a Hamilton Perkins Collection Earth Bag until July 29, 2016, and learn more about how our epiphany is changing lives.

Follow us on Snapchat: hamiltonperkins


Digital trends
For the members of a generation raised on instant gratification, it can be difficult to see the benefits of recycling. After all, how do we really know where those plastic bottles go after we’ve separated them? Hamilton Perkins has an answer — they go into designer travel bags that are as sleek as they are safe for the environment.

Reaching its Kickstarter goal in under a week, Hamilton Perkins and its 100-percent eco-friendly bags promise luxury at an affordable price, “while holding the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”
Every bag from this green atelier is made from recycled plastic bottles, but that’s not where the reusing ends. The lining of all Hamilton Perkins bags is made of repurposed billboards, and while each bag is unique and different (no really, look inside), they all share the same green DNA.

Designed to reduce waste levels, cut carbon emissions in the environment, and conserve water, these bags are a purchase you don’t have to feel bad about. And because they start at just $95, your wallet probably won’t be too offended either.

The company’s signature Earth bag is branded as an “all-in-one bag that converts into a backpack or duffle bag.” With its three-way zippered compartment, you can easily access laptops, books, travel documents, and more.

Noting that the average person throws away up to 180 pounds of plastic in a year, Hamilton Perkins looked to turn trash into fashion with each of its products. “In collaboration with our workshops and suppliers, we committed to supporting fair wages and delivering value to less developed nations by sourcing raw materials that divert plastic bottles, save water, add revenue, and create jobs in parts of the world that need it the most,” the company says on its Kickstarter page. “We track our progress and submit to rigorous third-party review to ensure accuracy and accountability.”

So if you’re looking for a new bag for your vacation season this summer, Hamilton Perkins just may be your solution.

Special thanks to Daniel Zhu, Operations department for team Hamilton Perkins Collection. He told me that the company produces one of the world’s first impactful and ethical designer bags made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles and billboard vinyl. The Hamilton Perkins Collection Earth bag reduces waste levels, cuts carbon emissions in the environment, and conserves water.

I’m writing on behalf of Hamilton, the company founder, to ask if you would consider having him as a guest on your podcast. He would love the opportunity to discuss the unique bag making process and his successful experience in creating an environmentally sustainable product and supply chain.


Wrap up round:


facebook page:
youtube video

Let us know if you are interested, and we can have a quick phone call. I’ve included my contact information below. Thank you for your consideration.

Phone: (626)-710-7432


YouTube Channel Platform:
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Facilitating learning and skill building through technology curriculum and programming. Utilizing the power of technology to bring girls together to shape their future and build leaders in the US.
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Fintech Entrepreneur Aaron Schumm Show 034



Fintech Entrepreneur

Vestwell, Founder Aaron Schumm

Fintech Entrepreneur, Aaron Schumm on Show 034.



you’re listening to the listen up show podcast show 034 today we’re talking with fintech entrepreneur founder and CEO of Vestwell who sold Folio Dynamics two years ago $199 million Aaron Shuccum friend it’s your business it’s your family if you’re like let’s get started



Hey everybody Mitchell Chadrow here welcome to the listen of show Startup Entrepreneur Podcast if this is your first time listening then thanks for stopping by the listen up show podcast is produced several times per week for your entertainment and show notes are found at 034 come back often and feel free to add the podcast your favorite RSS feed or iTunes please sign up to my email list for the latest special offers exclusively for our listen up show start-up entrepreneur podcast audience and Mitchell up our three sponsors today hostgator sponsors our startup round audible an amazon company sponsors are fast pitch and snap sponsors our wrap-up you can also follow me on twitter @MitchellChadrow and

All links are in the show notes now let’s get into the show what are we going to actually talk about today well we’re going to talk



We’re here today with Aaron Schumm on this show 034 so welcome Aaron how are you this morning



I’m doing great I appreciate you have me here hopefully it’s not a too cold with everyone else all the listeners out there



yeah well i’ll tell you in the Philadelphia area here it’s snowing here this morning so but anyway we are really excited to have you here there’s a lot to cover so I’m just going to jump right in here.



now you’re an accomplished
entrepreneur you’re a leader with a
proven record so what’s the one best
piece of business advice you’ve ever
received the best piece of business
advice you’ve ever received



was probably
you to truly believe in what you’re
I never looked at myself as an
entrepreneur is is that you know I guess
has become increasingly popular over the
last several years but I you know was
passionate about a few things and and
that’s played out over the course of my
career but it’s funny I still I still
don’t really look at myself like an
actual entrepreneur I just look at
someone is trying to solve a problem
that I’m passionate about yeah you know
that that’s really interesting because
you know a lot of the the entrepreneurs
out there you know are trying to start
up and they’re trying to come up with
those business ideas and your main point
here being is that you’re trying to
solve problems or issues that are out
there and have passion about it so that
that’s kind of a neat take on on where
you’re coming from and yes you do have a
proven record and what will certainly
get into that a little bit so how do you
actually provide financial advisors with
a modern platform which of course
reduces their fees it increases
transparency and ensures compliance and
a quickly shifting regulatory landscape
like you’re facing right now in the in
the market that that you’re in
sure yeah well you know my background is
really been around designing technology
that’s used by advisors uh yeah and I
grew up in kind of the financial world
and the you know trust side and then
transitioned over into the tax ID but
what we’re trying to accomplish and you
know ensure it is build a turnkey
solution for advisors 22 better service
to clients and the retirement space so
defined contribution and defined benefit
which is 401 KS and poor therapies and
that the goal really is i wanted to
remove all the barriers that a small to
medium-sized business typically would
have when you know when they’re
approaching that the lifecycle point
where they were going to offer a
retirement plan to their employees and
usually when it advisor will come in the
door and tell your retirement plan but
as you know it having run on my own
business before and and been a part of
that process it’s a very difficult
unpleasant experience and we wanted to
really make it seamless and make it very
easy for an advisor to carry out that
ability to do so and and whether the
plan sponsor has the has the the goal of
offering retirement find employees but
removes all the friction points that
they would have other
sighs so what we did is we built a
turnkey solution that that effectively
becomes a touch point for everyone in
the equation be the financial advisor
that the company owner and the employees
and built in a fashion that flows very
quickly very elegantly I ever moves a
lot of the noise and the things that
make it a risky and and confusing to the
user which you know turn actually
reduces the cost over time and allows
people to save more money towards
retirement goal so we step in and named
ourselves as that the entity responsible
to do all this which is a little outside
4:55of the norm from the traditional
4:57offering so we’re helping from that what
4:59they call the fiduciary standpoint and
5:02stepping into the equation a little
5:03further that most organizations would
5:05typically be comfortable doing and we’re
5:08comfortable doing it because we’re we’re
5:10really architecting what that flow looks
5:13like and making sure that everything
5:15happens for the right reasons on behalf
5:17of all the users the advisors the
5:19company owners and the employees



5:21yeah and that’s why i was so excited to
5:23to have you on because not only is this
5:26myspace as well i mean i’ve been doing
5:28fiduciary work for over 20 years with
5:30trust companies and and with financial
5:32advisors but you know we know that
5:35there’s a lot of regulatory compliance
5:38coming down the pike and i truly believe
5:40that that you are in an awesome niche
5:42right now and a lot of people out there
5:45can learn you know just by you say you
5:49know there’s a need here and I want to
5:50fill it and we’re going to talk about
5:52that throughout the interview



but i just

5:55want to mention that our startup sponsor
5:58is Hostgator whose parent company is Endurance International Group
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6:16entrepreneurial spirit
6:22 Their goal
6:25ensure that their client satisfaction
6:27meets or exceeds
6:29expectations in both service and support
6:32i as I mentioned am now a customer and i have to say
6:3i am so happy and
6:40thankful that i found Hostgator because
6:43based on my experience
6:46this is a good company that truly cares
6:49about their customers and goes the extra
6:51step to help you if you need web hosting
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6:57make it easy you will be as thankful as
7:00I am that you went with them so go over
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7:06that’HOSTGATOR that’s Mitchell and start your
7:14web hosting, domain registration or website development plan today



Aaron what
7:18contributes most to your success
7:22probably my refusal to fail to a fault
7:27that there’s a there’s a highly
7:29competitive side to me that I think just
7:32drives me to always go to you know if if
7:36if i didn’t have to sleep and and you
7:40know obviously I have it lovely wife and
7:43a little newborn that are that are
7:44incredibly important to me but I’ve
7:47remove that from the equation
7:48all I do is work and I working and just
7:51do it because I I just so driven to make
7:54sure this is a success because i truly
7:56believe it benefits every single person
7:59that touches and and in doing that
8:01that’s really what drives me that’s what
8:03motivates me you know with with what
8:06that’s well it’s about knowing which
8:08part of the market is underserved so
8:11what are the key challenges your you’re
8:14faced with right now
8:15yeah so you know when you look at the
8:18market as a whole and specifically in
8:21the Advisory a world where there’s a
8:24couple ways to slice it you know and
8:25giving it you put into broad buckets you
8:28have financial advisors who understand
8:31the retirement market the 41 camphor 3b
8:34and they distribute and sell plans to
8:37company owners mode all day right that’s
8:40their main source of income on the flip
8:41side of that you have someone who maybe
8:43doesn’t service them regularly but they
8:46really work with a lot of entrepreneurs
8:47those entrepreneurs have a business with
8:51you know they have a the the company
8:53owner has a relationship with the
8:54advisor and at some point they turn to
8:56that advisor and say hey we have this
8:58relationship can you help me with my
9:00business I need to offer something to my
9:02employees where we come into the
9:05equation is a lot of times those
9:07advisers they want to service their
9:09clients right obviously that’s what
9:11that’s what they’re in the business of
9:12doing and they want to do what’s best
9:13for them but it’s not always is easily
9:16say you don is it is said so what we try
9:19to do is you know remove it the
9:21necessity where their options would be
9:23there gonna walk away from the business
9:25which you know the advisor doesn’t want
9:26to do
9:27option number two is they go take
9:29something off the shelf
9:31maybe like a John Hancock or fidelity or
9:35something like that which are you know
9:36very traditional plans there there
9:38they’ve been very successful building
9:40those businesses but for that small to
9:42medium-sized business owner a lot of
9:44times those aren’t a great fit
9:46meanwhile their their risky for the
9:49company owner and there’s there’s an
9:50expense that sometimes becomes a hurdle
9:53that company owner can overcome option
9:56number three that it that advisor can
9:58sell as they can go find the different
9:59components that actually make a
10:02retirement program work and you know and
10:04in the world which is you know finding a
10:06record keeper finding it an
10:08administrator custodian and executing
10:10broker the investment products and so on
10:12and they piece together the solution
10:14which is fine but it becomes laborious
10:18for the present the financial advisor to
10:20manage over time into work with with
10:23that client and you don’t get him can
10:25have an expense that comes with that as
10:26well we try to do is basically we look
10:28at said advisors want to service their
10:30clients in the best way possible but
10:32it’s it’s not that easy to do so why
10:34don’t we put together the pieces for
10:36them and make it seamless and elegant
10:38and and reduce the cost and all those
10:40hurdles that come with it put in the
10:42advisors hands and let them better
10:43service their clients so that if that’s
10:46Denise that we’re really going after and
10:48and again I i was excited to have you on
10:51for a number of reasons because I
10:53actually do believe that that’s
10:55brilliant and I do think that you are at
10:59the right time in the right place and I
11:01i think that that’s part of being a good
11:04entrepreneur you know prior to divest
11:07well you actually co-founded folio
11:10dynamics and i was reading that folio
11:13dynamics two years ago was sold to
11:16actual which had at that time a market
11:19value of 600 million and they you you
11:23sold your company for a hundred and
11:25ninety nine million is that correct
11:27correct yes
11:30so what was your payday it was it was it
11:35was ok i mean we we we
11:38I play this it’s a when we started folio
11:42and and I love a incredibly proud of
11:45that business and you know where those
11:46guys have continued to take it it’s it’s
11:48a it’s a it’s a great great offering
11:51that has been put together there but we
11:54raise money with that we raised it and
11:56during the market crash in in 08 so as
12:00you can imagine it was more difficult to
12:03get money in the financial sector than
12:05one would hope
12:07but you know we we all made a couple
12:09dollars and and you know it afforded me
12:12the opportunity to go after this side
12:14again i don’t know if i’m a glutton for
12:15punishment or or driver would be there
12:20but i think you’re right i love the
12:22wealth side the websites grade but folio
12:24is it was running on rails and and
12:27they’re going to continue to be very
12:28successful and I said you know I i
12:30really see an underserved market in the
12:32retirement side so so I worked out a
12:34situation where i was able to go after
12:37that and and you slide away from the
12:40folio side of the equation now obviously
12:42you had a number of investors you hide a
12:45few I guess other co-founders and and
12:48and of course you know you have to pay
12:49uncle s a few dollars for taxes but
12:52short of that I mean
12:54I mean were you did you obviously make
12:56over 20 let’s say 25 million i mean you
13:00know when at the end of the day you
13:02you’re not you’re not hurting for cash
13:04and yet here you are you’re starting
13:06this other successful company in a very
13:10you know very interesting niche are you
13:14able to talk a little bit about some of
13:16the numbers i mean you’re not hurting
13:18for cash right now correct
13:20no no I know where we’re OK at the you
13:23know again this isn’t it wasn’t a play
13:25to go you know make money and you know
13:28there’s also i’m a very motivated person
13:31and I wouldn’t mind a couple extra
13:33dollars in the bank it before i decided
13:35to officially retire but you know we we
13:38made a few dollars and I can’t disclose
13:39what people made fair enough but they’re
13:43a fair enough i think that for the
13:46it’s not so much to know the exact
13:48dollar amount it’s more that people are
13:51not only interested in and what the
13:54entrepreneur does but I i think that you
13:57know people go into business for a whole
13:59lot of different reasons they have a
14:00whole lot of different motivations and
14:02so you know talking about those numbers
14:04is more is more of a way to sort of get
14:08into your personal story than anything
14:09else but I I can appreciate that you
14:12know as a career professional you your
14:14vice president for product marketing at
14:17City devices at five serve so how did
14:20you actually make that shift i almost
14:22look at that as being like a a career
14:25professional you’re kind of in that
14:26bucket and you say you know what I want
14:29to kind of go out I want to leap out i
14:31don’t want to do my own thing so how do
14:33you because there’s a lot of people out
14:35there who are basically in the same same
14:37way I mean I’m sure you were earning a
14:39pretty decent wage when you were at City
14:41at that point and what what was the
14:44catalyst or how did you actually make
14:46that shift
14:47yeah you know it it’s it’s a funny story
14:50so when we were at check free 5 serve
14:54back in in the early 2000s ran a a
14:59product called the MSP multi-strategy
15:01portfolios which became um a unified
15:04managed account world which is sure you
15:07know very own private island and the
15:08wealth side
15:09yeah never i ran the product side there
15:11and it was funny because I really came i
15:14moved to new york i was in the the trust
15:17side on the ERISA side of the equation 2
15:18in pension analysis and I moved to New
15:20York with the aspirations of becoming an
15:23investment manager and through you know
15:26it moved to New York and have a job with
15:28was talking to people and they’re like
15:29yeah you need to know this program
15:31called APL and you learn that you coming
15:33you know what we’ll we’ll give you a job
15:35but because it was a very cumbersome
15:37platform you know way back when is that
15:40the old das blue screen type type
15:42platform so the company that built it
15:45hired me as a product person so high i
15:48was a great i’m going to learn this and
15:50then i’m going to go into the investment
15:52well fast forward I got sucked into the
15:54tech side you know without knowing the
15:56tech side which i think actually play to
15:58my advantage because i just looked at
16:00things kind of wide-eyed was ok what if
16:02we do this and what if we do this and
16:04check he was incredibly supportive or 57
16:06should call them now and they just said
16:08that’s great great idea here’s a couple
16:10developers go figure it out so fast
16:13forward a few years you know that became
16:14the UM a world that that is out there
16:17today and my boss at the time who ran
16:20all the different product segments he
16:23and I were sitting around my last day
16:25actually got burnt out and I quit
16:27fiserv and I was in grad school and was
16:31just like listen I’m sleeping on average
16:32about two two and a half hours a night
16:34for a couple years I just couldn’t
16:36physically get anything so i laughed and
16:40my last day he and i literally true
16:42story we’re having a beer and we drew up
16:44the concept of flow dynamics on a bar
16:47oh my gosh a few few months later he
16:51calls me and I was moving to London I
16:53just finished grad school and and I was
16:55moving to London for a job to help
16:57launch mutual fund rap program over in
16:59the UK and he was like hey you want to
17:02go do this and I said me up thanks but
17:05now I’m moving and I’m you know my my
17:08apartment was packed you know boxes done
17:10visa done out the door and he’s a-coming
17:13i think i might have a company that that
17:15could help us so he pulled me in
17:18and at this he was going to a company
17:21called by Isis and by Isis was offended
17:24essentially funding a sandbox where you
17:28know is creating this this best-of-breed
17:30a wealth management solution and you
17:33know it is really an outsourced offering
17:35out to the west side of the business and
17:38they that really became the sandbox for
17:40fully dynamic so we will have Isis with
17:43the idea that it was going to go private
17:45and we would basically have the autonomy
17:48to go do whatever we want to do there
17:51but it got sold the city city has their
17:53own vision of what they wanted to do and
17:55you know through that sideways like
17:57listen this is really going to work we
17:59can do this ourselves so we we slid out
18:01and go with and built fully dynamics on
18:03our own you know i’ll tell you everybody
18:06yeah everybody talks about hitting the
18:08lottery but you know and and obviously
18:11you know not taking away you know all of
18:13your extremely hard work but when you
18:16look back on all of this i mean you have
18:19to see that that all the things had to
18:22basically kind of lineup the way that
18:24they actually did it
18:26it’s really actually an amazing story so
18:29what do you what do you tell people out
18:30there who are the errands out there who
18:34are ready to quit their job on the last
18:36day or they have this inkling but yet
18:39fear and and all of these emotions that
18:42are coming over them are telling them
18:44yes I need to sort of do this i want to
18:47go forward and yet something is kind of
18:49holding them back because you you have
18:52to be able to look back on all of this
18:54and say wow this was meant to be
18:57yea though it’s funny I III really tell
19:01people you know you gotta have a you got
19:03to have a stomach for it
19:04it’s tough you know it’s a rollercoaster
19:07I’ve been a very dark days yacht and the
19:11early days of folio we we ran out of
19:13cash we couldn’t pair employees you know
19:15I couldn’t pay my rent it was it was a
19:19I mean it was honestly to the point
19:21where you’re just like man I don’t think
19:22we can do this and it’s it’s a tough
19:25thing especially we have employees and
19:27you need to pay their salaries and they
19:29have there
19:29my eyes and it’s a very hard thing to do
19:32but we we truly believed in it and I
19:35think we we have we have a definitely
19:37the right mix of people to execute
19:40properly and being an entrepreneur is
19:42incredibly difficult
19:44I there’s nothing sexy about it there’s
19:46nothing you know glorious and glamorous
19:48about it it’s I mean you’re just
19:50grinding it out and it’s it’s you know
19:52boots on the ground and doing whatever
19:54you need to do and you know from gather
19:57i spent you know spend time doing things
19:59you never want to do that you you know
20:01in large organizations you can hand
20:03other people and and kind of your
20:05delegate but as an entrepreneur you do
20:07it all and it’s tough
20:09so if you’re going to do it make sure
20:12you have the right people it’s not
20:15something you can kind of just dabble in
20:17it is you know you gotta be pushed in
20:19the pool and you’re going to you’re
20:21going to swim until you you find a way
20:23out and it’s it’s you know you just
20:26gotta have the stomach site and it’s a
20:28rollercoaster you’re going to have great
20:29days when you come home and you know
20:31it’s a rush and then you’re going to
20:32have other days where you just you know
20:34it’s like someone just kicking you while
20:35you’re down so you know did to deal with
20:38that stuff and make sure your your your
20:40spouse or partner is also along because
20:43they’re there in it with you and you
20:46know my my wife hears the the war
20:47stories all the time and she’s a she’s a
20:50huge supporter of this but it you know
20:53make sure that they understand what
20:54they’re getting into as well because you
20:56do all doing it together
20:57well you know it’s very interesting
20:59about about the spouse and and having a
21:01family and having other you know duties
21:05and and things that you need to be able
21:06to to to be able to keep your mind on so
21:10you know in in building a business like
21:12this you mentioned in the beginning you
21:14know you had those challenges where you
21:17know you don’t know if you can actually
21:18make payroll so how do you mean how did
21:22your spouse you know there’s a lot of
21:24people out there that want to basically
21:26maybe go out and do this and you know
21:28they might have supportive spouses but
21:30yet at the end of the day at some point
21:33you know money has to start coming
21:35through the door
21:36so how did how was she able to sort of
21:38deal with all of those kind of stresses
21:41how are you able to sort of come through
21:44yeah well at that point when we ran out
21:48of cash it in the early folio days I
21:51wasn’t married so thankful okay it
21:54probably would’ve visited this over so
21:57that’s what I’m saying in other words
21:58everything literally had to line up
22:00perfectly because isn’t it true had you
22:03met your wife and possibly started a
22:05family around that time the this whole
22:08idea of folio might might have taken a
22:12different turn and that would have been
22:14a real shame because you never would
22:15have saw what I couldn’t what what could
22:17have actually happened but because you
22:19met her and started the family later on
22:21it actually was perfect because it
22:25Oh No exactly its it is a timing thing I
22:29mean you know as you know everyone in
22:30the world a lot of this is timing
22:32it was great it was you know if we were
22:35we had a successful exit we you know
22:38worked our butts off to get there and
22:40you that we learn a lot right you learn
22:42what to do what not to do and this time
22:44around was starting best well you know i
22:47sat down with my life before hand and
22:49was like listen this is something I i
22:52have to go do right and I’d kick myself
22:54if I didn’t do it and I feel like I’m
22:56doing a disservice to the the rest of
22:59the United States of if I don’t and and
23:01create disability and she knows right
23:04she said she knows me obviously and she
23:07knows that be probably miserable sitting
23:09in a corporate job that may pay
23:11incredibly well but I you know what I
23:14couldn’t really make an impact to the
23:16degree that I thought I could there she
23:18just said listen I got it and hear the
23:21terms were she says you have one year to
23:24get this thing off the ground
23:25I gotta check i’ll give you one year and
23:28if if you can’t get going after here
23:31then you’re finding something more
23:33stable to do and so that was what we
23:35agreed on which I think was a you know i
23:39think is a reasonable approach
23:41yeah you know you you mentioned
23:42something where you know you said that
23:44this is not a sexy
23:46type of business or to be an
23:48entrepreneur and you know in the
23:50investment world everybody in the
23:51industry wants to do investments but
23:54some of the non-sexy types of things in
23:57the investment world might be your niche
23:59which is actually awesome because maybe
24:02not a lot of people either know it or
24:04know how to do it well or actually want
24:06to do it and so you know for for example
24:08you know I’ve been involved in the
24:10fiduciary space and you know the
24:12administration stuff and not just the
24:14investment side and so everybody wants
24:15to do the investment and not necessarily
24:17the administration so my question to you
24:20is there’s a lot of entrepreneurs out
24:22there that think that you need to have
24:24this jazzy idea and sometimes your best
24:27ideas are in those areas that aren’t so
24:29sexy and I think that’s also what I’m
24:32hearing from you that ideas can really
24:34come from anywhere
24:35ya know i have to say i completely agree
24:39with you I think it you know is
24:41interviewing someone the other day and
24:43for a couple of open positions where
24:45we’re looking to fill and i was looking
24:48at that I’m Michael why would you want
24:50to do the retirement time like this this
24:51industry boring right and sure and what
24:54drives you to do it right and it’s
24:56interesting to hear the response of the
24:58people that but i agree i think there is
25:00a there’s a man inside knowledge that
25:03I’ve been you know fortunate enough to
25:05build over the years that I think really
25:07helps create a distinct advantage for us
25:10and it’s it’s a different type of model
25:14right where it’s more like a b2b 2b 2c
25:15and and to do that all the way through
25:19and understand all those moving parts is
25:21something that you just don’t wake up
25:23knowing you know you can dig in the
25:25stuff you even in this space and you
25:27know it incredibly well but you know you
25:29can take the time you can study you
25:31could figure it out but there are
25:32interesting little nuances to it that
25:35really I feel just come through
25:37experience and seeing it and and kind of
25:39the war stories over the years which you
25:42can use to your advantage if you’re able
25:43to piece it together in a formula that
25:45that works well well well you know it’s
25:48interesting in the fiduciary space with
25:50the with the new department of labor and
25:53the the SEC rules and regulations as it
25:55relates to investment advisors you know
25:57the trust the trust business we’ve
25:59always been
26:00under the that the fiduciary rules so to
26:02me you know I’ve always known that world
26:05and it’s just a matter of now you know
26:07now i think that the advisor you know
26:09industry is sort of catching up and and
26:12it’s going to have to do that and I
26:13think that’s where the the you know the
26:16idealised that you can fill that void
26:18and I think that’s wonderful
26:20I’m you know your your own several
26:21boards on kid can you tell us about your
26:23involvement and you know tell us about
26:26how you’re actually able to balance all
26:29of this with with family and everyday
26:31life I mean you’re just incredibly busy
26:34so how do you have is one individual
26:37actually do all of this it’s it’s
26:40exhausting say I’m but you know it’s
26:43funny it’s funny that you should say
26:45that because you know when i read your
26:46background and I read everything that
26:48you’re actually involved with arm in a
26:52good way I kind of thought you know just
26:54from reading at all i was actually
26:55exhausted to use your word in the sense
26:59that that this fella is so accomplished
27:01he’s doing so much and I want to ask him
27:04how he actually doing that and now that
27:08I know that you’re married and that you
27:09have a newborn you know how how you’re
27:12actually balancing all this i think
27:14would be you know a big interest as much
27:17as it was how much you got when you when
27:20you sold folio dynamics I think people
27:22people like to hear about this and and
27:25that’s why i asked so I out i were both
27:29my wife and I are pretty high energy I
27:32maybe three years of training I think
27:34I’ve always kind of business since I was
27:36an infant
27:36I sleep very well in small spurts so
27:40couple hours here a couple hours there
27:42and a lot of that honestly as much as
27:45you don’t want to do it at times you
27:46have to do it you know my involvement
27:49with some of the other firms in their
27:50their companies that I’m passionate
27:52about it i really like and I help out
27:56you know whenever I can with those guys
27:59like you know covel for example I think
28:01they just a just a phenomenal offering
28:05that they’ve created an account
28:06aggregation performance analytics and
28:08dashboards out to the Advisory world
28:11and working with them and helping them
28:13kind of scale the organization I i was
28:15fortunate enough to meet the founders of
28:17the company actually I think before they
28:19before they launched someone introduced
28:21us and just said you got to talk to
28:23these guys you guys will get you
28:24you’ll immediately get it you guys have
28:26you know get on really well so sure
28:28enough to know that played out but I
28:30love where those guys have taken their
28:32company so I try to help them as much as
28:33possible because i think it’s it’s
28:35important for people to understand the
28:37full wallet that they have and and what
28:39that means as an individual investor at
28:42the other side of that is on the content
28:43marketing side with Vester Lee where
28:46they focus on the financial services
28:47industry and they’ve just built this
28:50really cool little artificial
28:52intelligence platform for content
28:55marketing so you can actually
28:56communicate with people in a way that it
29:00is more receptive to the investor in
29:02engage in dialogue that allow them to
29:04understand more so you know they’re all
29:06I step in as much as i can i would have
29:08to say no but if I had one wish in this
29:11world it would be that I could extend
29:13the days you know like 36 hour days or
29:15something and and and a lot of bit more
29:18time to do things but you got it over
29:22time and in new maturity you figure out
29:24what is really important and and how to
29:27balance that and it’s easier said than
29:30done a lot of times but the important
29:32thing is you you make sure you’re there
29:33for well that’s right because you know
29:35you could start to spread yourself then
29:37I know that we could probably spend an
29:38entire show on just anyone of those
29:41particular companies that you’re
29:43involved in but I think it sort of goes
29:45to you know how you’re a thought leader
29:48in this particular area and how other
29:51companies are sort of leveraging you
29:53know your background and your skill set
29:55so it’s fairly impressive you know who
29:58are your who are your main clients that
30:00you’re targeting so maybe just some
30:02larger bigger buckets and and maybe you
30:06know what you’re looking to do you know
30:08over the next five to seven to ten years
30:10with the company just generally speaking
30:12I think would would also help us as well
30:15yes so so who we target you know we work
30:19through financial advisory firms but
30:23they’re not our client
30:24per se we’re just giving them tools to
30:26better service their clients you know
30:28we’re actually you know our clients are
30:31the plan sponsors and that the employees
30:34so we’re primarily focused on that but
30:37we worked with the advisor channel
30:38because that’s what we know best
30:40so the independent you know registered
30:43investment advisors trust companies
30:45could even be broker-dealers to we we
30:48strategically decided not to target that
30:51segment immediately but I think over
30:53time we’ll probably approach that but
30:56the you know working with those types of
30:58firms that want to retain their
31:00independence and do what’s do its best
31:03for their clients and give them better
31:04solutions to do so if you know without
31:06having to worry about that the fiduciary
31:09oversight that typically comes with a
31:11lot of this as well as the overall cost
31:13that that’s associated with it so and so
31:15we could also include you know
31:17yeah with it would also include like
31:19Robo advisors whether it be better man
31:21or future advisor or were you know new
31:24types of advisors in this particular
31:26space as well as you know BB our
31:29partners who you know i I’ve dealt with
31:31before you know with the wealthy
31:33ultra-wealthy market yet you know it’s a
31:37good question eight so we’re not a robo
31:40advisor in that sense the only color its
31:42automated technology with it with human
31:44touches which is what we like to say
31:46because there are people there there is
31:48a phone number if you want to call or
31:50email us or whatever chat with us that
31:53is available through the platform we
31:55take it a step further to and I think
31:56they’re slightly different types of
31:58plants you know when I look at some of
32:00the Robo offerings there and I love with
32:02the Robo guys don’t get me wrong i think
32:04i think it’s phenomenal i think there’s
32:05a great market for that and they’re
32:08servicing people that need it and but a
32:11lot of those plans are you have new
32:13plans with these these firms don’t have
32:15any sort of four and care for three
32:17plant where we’re actually picking up
32:20the most traction with firms who have
32:22established plans and they want to put
32:25it some place that allows them to scale
32:28cost effective and more sound from a
32:30legal standpoint so our armies which is
32:34really kind of like the million 220
32:36million dollar plan
32:37five so i think it’s a little different
32:40than some of the the newer players that
32:42you see out there who they’re targeting
32:44sure no no it’s good and and again you
32:46can’t be all things to all people and so
32:49you know that question was more like you
32:51know what is your niche what is your
32:53area because you know again the markets
32:55big enough
32:56I mean you know to to have you know
32:59different players in different spaces
33:01and you know I think I have an idea as
33:04to you know which niche here you’re
33:06actually in you know in addition to
33:09business and family in life you know
33:11there are people that are they obviously
33:13are involved in causes as well not that
33:16not that there’s no room for so much
33:19other things in your life to be able to
33:21be doing but but you you are passionate
33:23about other things that you care about
33:25and what is your philosophy on that and
33:28and maybe just some quick groups that
33:30that you’ve been involved in yet you
33:33know it’s interesting so growing up I
33:35have incredibly loving family and
33:39parents and i was fortunate enough to be
33:40brought into and and I I learned a lot
33:44but frankly you know my password for
33:46very different and I don’t know if its
33:48nature versus nurture you know I was
33:50adopted at birth and just kind of built
33:53my own path through things I had to
33:55learn a lot on my own and fall down a
33:58lot and and pick myself up and I think
34:01that’s really helped shape me quite a
34:03bit as an individual and I try as much
34:06as possible to teach people whatever I
34:09can you know even if it’s just mistakes
34:11I’ve made along the way like hey don’t
34:13do this
34:14so with that you know it i do as much as
34:17I can from charity aspect i did and i
34:20have a lot of time these days to do so
34:22but that’s you know my next life that
34:23that’s really what I want to focus on
34:25but so I work with a buddy of mine
34:28started an organization called stoked
34:30which is a really focused on giving
34:34inner-city children the opportunity to
34:36you know to fail and get up and do it
34:39again and and learn how to to be you
34:41know mature young adults through there
34:44so we take take the kids skateboarding
34:46the spring surfing in the summer and
34:48snowboarding in the winter
34:50and it’s so fun to watch these these
34:52kids where they really don’t know what
34:55to do and they never been exposed to
34:56this and to watch them fall down and get
34:59up and have the confidence do it again
35:01and you’re not going to be perfect but
35:02you’re able to do it and they’ve they’ve
35:05taken every child they’ve had has gotten
35:08admitted to college so it’s great to see
35:11these kids just kind of grow up right in
35:13front of you and you know get out there
35:15and hopefully don’t make some of the
35:16mistakes that all of us made along the
35:19well you know I i did have an
35:21opportunity to go on and and that’s
35:22actually stoked dot org and we’re gonna
35:25have links back to the show notes of
35:27everything that we spoke about and and
35:30it really really appears to be a really
35:32really wonderful organization with a
35:35with a great mission and it’s just it’s
35:38just wonderful to see someone who’s so
35:40accomplished like you and business
35:42saying you know what I I’d like to be
35:44able to give back and I think that that
35:46says a lot about you as well



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36:51these are just some fast questions I’m
36:54if you can give us in a quick answers
36:57and it gives us a little bit more
36:58insight as as to you as a person can you
37:02tell us whether it be a business book
37:04family book or just an inspirational
37:06book that you can recommend to the
37:08audience about 15 my favorite book is a
37:13brief history of time just because i
37:15love the physics aspect but there’s
37:17there’s there’s so many books out there
37:19na politics that love any political book
37:23that you know money power politics with
37:25Bloomberg was a very interesting read
37:27but i wouldn’t say i’m an inspirational
37:29readers per se i just like I take
37:32information absorb it and and find a way
37:35that it relates to my life it is really
37:38how i read it’s all nonfiction and all
37:39just things that I can maybe related
37:42somehow different to myself
37:44sure how about a quote and I know that
37:47that you said that you’re not into like
37:49that inspirational stuff but again you
37:51know a lot of times quotes are powerful
37:53and and they could be a mantra that you
37:55basically say to yourself or something
37:58that is pity that that people out there
38:00can sort of you know gravitate towards
38:02and just kind of remember as the kind of
38:04going through being an entrepreneur or
38:07trying to start up
38:08yeah well I you know these are all
38:12derivatives of things that have people
38:15have said over time but what kind of the
38:16three things i live by you know always
38:20put yourself in the other person’s shoes
38:22and you know if you can do that is that
38:24it allows you to take in with a wider
38:28perspective what you’re trying to
38:30accomplish so I always try to put myself
38:32in the other person’s shoes put yourself
38:34in the other person’s shoes put yourself
38:37in the other person’s shoes and the
38:40things could always be worse can always
38:42be a lot worse
38:42ok and you are where you are because you
38:44need to be there right now I like that
38:47one that last one was really good
38:49something impactful purpose fault that
38:53you actually purchased for under a
38:55hundred dollars but it made the most
38:57impact you laptop charger there you go
39:00you know it you know it’sit’s
39:03more of a practical type of question
39:05it’s a fun question but it lets our
39:07entrepreneurs and are people out there
39:09in the audience know that sometimes the
39:11best things in life don’t have to cost a
39:13whole lot of money to sort of you know
39:15be very impactful and it teaches them to
39:18be sort of resourceful and a lot of our
39:21startups obviously have to be at least
39:23you know early on in the in the in the
39:26startup fav how about a fun fact about
39:29you that maybe not a lot of people know
39:31about but would sort of give them some
39:33additional insight as to who Aaron
39:35actually is yeah and and kind of briefly
39:37mentioned earlier i was i was adopted at
39:39Birth says was my sister and my brother
39:42was not I’m and I think that has really
39:45shaped me in a lot of ways you know for
39:48better worsen and help you know create
39:50who I am so I feel incredibly fortunate
39:54to have been adopted and be raised by
39:57you know great parents
40:00so and we can we eat oh and Aaron maybe
40:03some sometime in the future we’ll have
40:05you back on because we could probably
40:06spend an entire interview just on that
40:09one subject alone you know I i actually
40:12a fun fact that i actually found about
40:14you and I don’t know if you would
40:15consider it fun but I really love the
40:17creativity in the name and and just kind
40:20of doing this and then moving into the
40:22space that you’re now in but it says
40:24here that you were the CEO and
40:26co-founder and writer and producer of a
40:28red flavored records
40:31I love that name arm and and we never
40:34really found out like you know you had a
40:36first several years and then maybe
40:38something happened but but i just
40:40thought that was kind of neat about you
40:42oh yes that’s a whole another story i’m
40:46a a buddy and I had this grand aspect we
40:50were djing a lot and and it was again
40:52just a passion that kind of became a job
40:54like hey we should start a record label
40:56and we launched a record label of a
40:58successful isn’t a lot of fun but i
41:01think i got to the point where I didn’t
41:03the music industry it was not a huge fan
41:05I love music just not the industry
41:06itself and this is this and I this is
41:09not something I want to do forever
41:11and gave to my partner and and he was
41:14able to run with it and it still exists
41:16today this but you know we grow up and
41:18get busy with other aspects realize you
41:22know before we jump into our last round
41:24here the wrap up around it can you tell
41:26us just generally speaking because i
41:29think it’s you know it’s interesting for
41:32four other business people out there but
41:34other you know startup entrepreneurs to
41:37to think about not only starting off but
41:40i just had a pre-interview with another
41:42guest and we talked about scaling up and
41:45and so you know you know getting people
41:47to think not only basically thinking
41:50good to great
41:51so how do you actually design and build
41:53a scalable business or solution maybe
41:56some of the strategies across all these
41:58multiple industries and channels that
42:00you can sort of impart some some extra
42:02wisdom as we wrap up here you know you
42:06can impart on the audience
42:07sure yeah you know it’s very easy to get
42:10distracted so and there’s a lot you
42:13could do it when you see it and things
42:14are going and you’re like hey we can do
42:16this we can do this we can do this you
42:18really have to stay focused almost this
42:20kind of myopic view of what you’re
42:21trying to accomplish and the other
42:23things will come over time but you
42:25really have to be strategic as to what
42:27those steps are going to be and make
42:29sure you have you know several steps
42:30ahead thought out and don’t don’t be
42:33reactive you’ll always be thoughtful and
42:35think about how this is going to impact
42:37other aspects of your business and to do
42:40that will take you to scale but you know
42:43just kind of if you think about the
42:44whole world and what you’re trying to
42:46solve and then you saw the intersection
42:49points across that and to design
42:51something that can service across all of
42:52those intersection points you have to do
42:54them all right now but know that maybe a
42:56couple steps out you’re going to have to
42:58do that that will help you scale as an
43:00organization you know I hope people in
43:02the audience actually go back and play
43:04that a few extra times i know i’m going
43:06to because that is so meaningful and and
43:10so thoughtful that that that was that
43:13was really really powerful advice



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43:57graphic designer
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44:08fully-featured graphic editor that’s
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44:22you are fully taking advantage of their
44:24own in-house designer for now this is
44:27one big huge advantage
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44:33in just to click five save and organize
44:36your designs into folders and six
44:39schedule and share your graphics
44:40instantly on social media snap a
44:43resource head on over to Mitchell
44:46chatter dot-com / snappa that SN Appa
44:50again that’s Mitchell /
44:53Snapa and start your plan today



Aaron can
44:57you give us three main takeaways you’ve
45:00given us so much great advice and things
45:02to think about but just three main
45:04points three main takeaways that the
45:07audience can sort of think about as we
45:09as we wrap up here at the end of the



45:16you know a number one the number one
45:18would be you know a be thoughtful and
45:21once you do you know make sure it
45:24impacts people in a positive way there’s
45:26a lot of noise out there and you know I
45:29don’t think we’ve done our services as
45:31citizens of the world unless we’ve tried
45:33to make it a little bit better so be
45:35thoughtful about what you do and and and
45:37you know how that works plays out number
45:40two number to be passionate and you know
45:45if if you’re you’re thoughtful and
45:47passionate you have something that that
45:50that can work and and number three is
45:52just bust your butt to get it done at
45:55you’re going to fail you’re going to
45:56make mistakes it’s ok just hopefully not
45:59too big mistakes but I just pick
46:01yourself up and keep plugging away and
46:03it if you’re thoughtful compassionate
46:05and you’re working hard at it you will
46:07be successful



46:08I won’t be in it you can do it there you
46:11go and how can people stay in touch
46:13because everybody wants to follow the
46:15progress of this well and they want to
46:18see you know how you’re doing and and we
46:21want to be as supportive as we can be as
46:24you continue to scale up this business
46:28yeah I’m easy to track down always
46:30available because I love helping people
46:32Twitter this is aaron and
46:36LinkedIn is always a good one or you can
46:38just email me at Aaron at best wall
46:40dot-com any of those and I’m tied to my
46:44phone and computer and all hours
46:46Aaron I i have really thoroughly enjoyed
46:49this interview I mean you’re you’re just
46:52an incredible person and you’re really
46:54in a very interesting niche and you’ve
46:57done a lot of wonderful things that I
46:59believe that that people can really
47:01learn from you know for themselves in
47:04business and your story about how you’re
47:07able to balance all of that is this is
47:09certainly incredible so again we want to
47:10we want to thank you here on on the
47:12listen up show that the startup
47:14entrepreneur podcast and we want to
47:17thank you and please stay in touch
47:19we really had a great time yes thank you
47:22as well I really appreciate that this
47:24was enjoyable from is well
47:26hey you take care of good good good
47:27talking with you by now thank you to
47:29take a look if you have enjoyed the
47:31listen up show and startup podcast
47:34consider recommending it to others my
47:37listeners are looking for those special
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47:51shadow podcast and join my email list
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47:57lessons resources and tools provided for
47:59training education and to learn the
48:02startup system as a thank you i’ll send
48:05you an outline for the startup
48:07entrepreneur and the e-book 30 tools and
48:10resources to start up just for joining
48:13today it’s great weather are using it
48:15for business family or life so grab it
48:19today and guess what
48:21Hostgator and snappa are on that list if
48:25you have been a regular listener of the
48:26listen up show we thank you so much for
48:29all your support and please consider
48:31giving us a written review on iTunes it
48:34really does help encourage inspire and
48:37motivate others to start up and allows
48:40them to also find the resources advice
48:43and help they need as well
48:54your life

Entrepreneurial Leadership Stan Silverman Show 033


Entrepreneurial Leadership

PQ Corporation, Stan Silverman

On today’s show 033 


The post Entrepreneurial Leadership Listenup Show 033 Stan Silverman on Startup Entrepreneur Podcast first appeared on

Stan Silverman has spent decades serving in leadership roles and as a CEO as well as a board member of successful global corporations which provided our listeners with a unique perspective on leadership. As founder and CEO of Silverman Leadership and as a speaker, advisor and nationally syndicated writer on leadership, entrepreneurship and corporate governance for the Philadelphia Business Journal and 42 sister publications across the U.S., he shares his unique insights and techniques helping people and organizations to be more effective.

He is the former president and CEO of PQ Corporation, a chemicals and engineered glass materials company operating in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Currently he is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Drexel University and the former chairman of the board of Drexel University College of Medicine as well as the former chairman of the board of the Soap and Detergent Association. Stan has served on several boards of public company, private company, private equity company and non-profit boards.

He has been a speaker on leadership and governance issues at Private Company Governance Summits and at numerous other events. In addition, he has been a guest lecturer on leadership at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and at the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University. Further, Stan has served as a member of the faculty of Board Advisory Services of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

His experience and education are vast which has formed the basis of his successful career. His Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering and an MBA degree was earned from Drexel University. As well, he is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Stan can be reached at:

Google: Stan Silverman / Stanley W. Silverman
Twitter: @StanSilverman

The post Entrepreneurial Leadership Listenup Show 033 Stan Silverman on Startup Entrepreneur Podcast also appeared on



Graphic Design Photo Editor Software Canva Competitor Show 028

Graphic Design Photo Editor Software

Canva Competitors, Free graphics software, online companies, design companies established in 2012, media companies established in 2012, technology companies established in 2012, Internet companies of Australia, 500 Startups Companies


Create marketing graphics on a Canva.


In this episode, you’ll learn about Canva and their competitors:


1) The goal of Canva and their competitors

2) Canva is a free graphic-design tool website, founded in January 2012 in Australia. The website rapidly became popular, with more than 750,000 users in its first year. Social-media and technology expert Guy Kawasaki joined the company as chief evangelist in April 2014

It has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers as well as professionals. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics

3) Distribution Channels

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Productivity apps used by our guest: Calendly, Trello
See Canva and their competitors back at

Check out the book recommended by our guest via “Made in America” by Sam Walton (affiliate link)

Lean Customer Development by Cindy Alvarez. (affiliate link)


Graphic Design Photo Editor Software Canva Competitor

Graphic Designer Bootstrapper Canva Competitor tells us about:

1) The goal of his Canva competitor
2) How he went from finance and the Federal government to run his own graphic design startup
3) How he surveyed his customers of his stock image site
This helped our guest startup find out just how much graphic design was a pain point in content creation
4) How his stock photos work together to generate leads and create content
5) Content Marketing & Lead Generation web site
6) Distribution Channels
Graphic Design Photo Editor Software products that you and other marketers, startups and entrepreneurs around the globe should review. Join our sponsor and wonderful resource add it to your personal or business program.
As a Graphic Design user, you’ll review all the photo editor software companies so you can become a happy customer!
Here’s why
Our Canva competitor reviews are the fastest way for you to create good graphics. You want it to be incredibly easy to whip up graphics for your social media, blogs, ads, and more without the need of Photoshop or the help of having to hire your own graphic designer.
Here are just a few highlights of what a Canva competitor should offer you my trusted friends and loyal listeners:
1) A fully-featured graphic editor that’s incredibly easy to use
2) A stunning library of HD photos, graphics, and fonts
3) Professional quality templates already created for you by the Snappa team you are fully taking advantage of their own in-house designers
4) now this next one is huge – Magically resize your best graphics in just 2 clicks
5) Save and organize your designs into folders
6) Schedule and share graphics instantly on social media


Thanks for listening!

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Web App Developer, Joshua Davidson, Chop Dawg Show 027

Web Application Developer

Joshua Davidson, Chop Dawg


So what will we learn today


People use and need Apps to balance their business, family and life Joshua is a Web App Developer, & Founder of Chop Dawg


How does Joshua help Startups, entrepreneurs, business owners?


Joshua founded Chop Dawg in 2009 when he was just 16.


Super Monkey Ball was one of the most popular apps back in 2009 when Chop Dawg started out as a web design firm by 23 the company now provides entrepreneurs who have mostly non-technical backgrounds who need someone with the technicals needed to develop web applications.


They have over 180 startups clients and if I interviewed these clients they would tell me that Joshua is the go-to source for turning their web app ideas into actual products.


How does he do this through a variety of services, like web development, mobile development, user interface design, branding.


Some of our trusted friends in our Listenup audience are non-technical entrepreneurs but they have great ideas that may need crowdsourcing or outsourcing or need to hire a company like Chop Dawg and founders such as yourself


Our listeners want help turning their validated ideas into a reality


Let’s jump right into your personal story so people can get to know Joshua better


Tell us a little bit about your background and how it ties in to how you are helping people today.

He says, in the beginning, you could either label him either the most technical, non-technical person or flipping it around the most non-technical, technical person. His talent was building things that other people care about.

He recommends thinking about issues or problems you are dealing with to think about ideas for a business.

Tell us how you got started in business and what should be done in the first 30 days of business

Our last guest John Richards spoke to us about the importance of failing faster and pivoting early – looking back on your own startup what would you have done the first 30 days to startup better

On sales: Sell to those who want to be sold to. Sell on why my team is the best, educate them

Chop Dawg’s goal is to help entrepreneurs build their product that solves real-life problems, and then help them scale it.


What are the reoccurring themes that you experience as an entrepreneur that you can summarize for the benefit of other aspiring, startups looking for help and resources to either startup, and grow a business or get experience as an intern or find a job.

What do you think are the most common mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs or students interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?

Can you give us some of the essential understandings entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?

How successful are you? Joshua discusses his revenue, costs, and number of clients. He is even focusing on virtual reality and wearables.


How did you get featured on MSNBC, NBC, Fox, Technically, AOL, Mashable, EliteDaily, Huffington Post, CBS, the Examiner, and the list continues to grow! (And now, Listenup Show!)


You see many startups on the rise in incubators for example, Y Combinator, so when did the light bulb finally go off where you connected all the dots and saw this serious market opportunity to go beyond just doing web design and development for clients.


Was it like clients were just reaching out to you and your team? How did you get the media to cover the company ?


Q: How do you take those idea or concepts and build them for the client – what’s your process? crowd funding through kickstarter or indigo is a quick economical way to validate physical goods and products but how about apps / digital assets


Entrepreneurial education is important yet you decided to drop out of school – after only a short period of time –


Discuss the story of the drummer of Metallica to motivate, inspire.

Josh talks to us about education resources available to the startups entrepreneurs.


What type of revenue were you earning at that time?.


Lightening round is sponsored by


1) Best business advice you would put up on a bill board

2) Next the “audible inspirational book” what one book would you recommend as it relates to business family or life – Joshua names several throughout the podcast: Ben Franklin.

3) App that you use to help you in business, family or life

4) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate

5) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most – Joshua recently got a nine week old bull dog.

6) Fun fact about Joshua: Seven time plane jumper and upcoming tattoo to not only motivate but to always stay practical with a purpose.

– – – How did you use social media to build the company ?

—–I hear you have over 699,000 Twitter followers and you following some 200,000 people – thats over the top


—deliver personal responses to each and every one of his loyal “Dawgs.”

7) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today?

8) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind?

9) What one thing Contributes most to your success?

10) What one main process or system in business family or life do you use that has helped you the most?

11) Looking back on all you have done in business family and life are you happy have their been any regrets?


How can you get in contact with Joshua –




Twitter: @dasjoshua


Facebook: @dasjoshua


Linkedin: Joshua Davidson

Chop Dawg Website:
To Listen Up to our last Show with John Richards and get the show notes and resource links.


Additional sponsors for today’s show –



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Join our mailing list at get that ebook 30 Tools to startup

Before we say it’s your business it’s your family it’s your life now go out and live it


Lets ListenUp to Joshua as he summarizes his three main points – takeaways that he wants to inspire and motivate us with – Joshua


#1) Persistent

2) Consistent

3) Fortitude



Entrepreneur, educator, advisor, investor, John Richards, Startup Ignition, Show 026

Startup Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur, educator, advisor, investor

John Richards, Startup Ignition


John Richards  is an entrepreneur, educator, advisor, investor, John Richards, startup ignition. He has also been described as a mentor, angel investor, tenacious, helps others succeed and a connector of people. In his home state of Utah he is known as the godfather of Utah’s startup scene.

Currently he is co-founder of Startup Ignition with his son Tyler.

In 1994 the early days of the internet John Richards took his and the print business online/with the Yellow Pages later Info Space purchased his online business and he continued to work at Info Space until 2001.

John became founder and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at Brigham Young University, At BYU he was a professor of entrepreneurship and pursued angel investing.

What we will learned on the show was how his company Startup Ignition teaches entrepreneurs what they need to know to launch their startup. Its an entrepreneurship bootcamp. How he works with his sons and backed his son Tyler’s business DevMountain which is a coding bootcamp.

Prior to startup ignition he was involved with boom startup which was a mentorship bootcamp.

Recently he left Google late last year heading up their Business Operations for Fiber which was Googles entry into Utah via the purchase of the iProvo fiber network.

We learned his secret for building networks – and how he helps provide other entrepreneurs that special connection to other people.

Some of the things that contributes most to his success: honesty, hard work ethic, tenacity and perseverence.

His advice to those startups in their first 30 days you need to first validate your idea. Validate your market for your business, pivot until you arrive at a place that you know when to launch your service or product and then take it to market.

We do a deep dive into his personal story where he tells us a little bit more about your background and how it ties in to how you are helping people today. John tells us about the mission and vision for Startup Ignition boot camp. We discuss the common set of problems that startups face and that startup ignition helps to resolve. He provides valuable advice to those in the middle of their career who want to startup a business and speaks directly to young college age students who can take the risk in starting something new. What are reoccurring themes aspiring entrepreneurs face and he summarizes them to help provide resources.

We also do a deep dive into what happens when you have several shareholders in the business or partners that raise issues of control and management before you even startup.

Other covered subjects in our interview:

What is the role in higher education for entrepreneurship – Bringham Young University

John raises the concept of the Lean Startup model – lean startup process and how that model helps angel investors find companies to invest.

We have talked about crowd funding and using Kickstart and Indiegogo to economically valide an idea. Why raising capital to early can actually hurt the entire entrepreneurial process.

What do you think are the most common mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs or students interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?

What do you mean that entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for pains and problems.

What is the role of formal education in entrepreneurship?

“The best, best thing that entrepreneurs get about attending a university is the collisions with other peers and likeminded people, where they can have their ideas, get together and merge ideas, form teams and do great things.”

Raises a story of one of his students at BYU, Garrett Gee who was the founder of Scan, a QR code-scanning mobile app and sold company to Snapchat for $54 million.

Fast Round 


1) Best business advice that you would place on a bill board.
Authenticate your business idea before you go full force and launch your product or service.

2) name a book that has helped you in either business family or life


John Mullins – The New Business Road Test – Before you even think about writing that business plan validate your idea first.

3) App that you use to help you in business, family or life

A group of Google employees left the company to form Asana.

4) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate

motto “learn, earn and return”

5) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most –

Ever Contact – integrates well with gmail and keeps track of all your contacts in one place.

6) Fun fact:

John is an avid pickle ball player.

7) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today –

8) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind

John Huntsman

How can people stay in contact with John:

Learn more about Startup Ignition bootcamp

Today’s show is sponsored by two sponsors:

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As an entrepreneur, leveraging technology and resources is critical and you need to startup now! Utilize Resources and Tools to Startup your business Today! Leverage this technology which will help you in getting started.

So I’ve outlined the 30 tools that help other entrepreneurs and business owners startup in 30, and I’m sure they’ll help you too execute today as well, and,

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Technology Software Application Entrepreneur Jeremiah Joseph De Leon CEO & Co-Founder of Align App Show 023

Technology Software Application Entrepreneur

Jeremiah Joseph De Leon, Founder, Align App

What we will discuss on today’s show:

Technology software application entrepreneur Jeremiah Joseph De Leon is CEO and Co-Founder of Align App.

He says,  “It’s not about what you can do; it’s about who you know.” but “its who knows you.”

Growing up in foster care and how he calls his mobile app the tinder for entrepreneurs.

·    The ability to generate great ideas, making connections to move forward but the importance of executing.
·    Creating a product to give to anyone.

The release of their Mobile App this July, 2016 that uses geolocation to match with the exact people you need to make your startup dreams a reality.
·    Their goal accelerate innovation globally by connecting entrepreneurs.
·    How is the App Easy, Fast and Rewarding


·    what it means to find your why.
·    We explore Jeremiah’s personal story, the mission of the Align company, lessons he has learned that we all can learn from.

Discuss Success, issues he faces a long with their challenges and how to deal with them – We explore several entertaining points during our lightening round and staying in touch.

Now onto the show



Jeremiah Joseph De Leon – Jeremiah is the CEO and Co-Founder of Align
The full show and all the links can be found at
1) What one thing Contributes most to your success
2. Personal Story – Tell us a little bit about your background and how it ties in to how you are helping people today.
how does why give purpose and meaning, how why inspires.

how he Inspires people to never give up, no matter

how everyone should make their dreams a reality.

discuss his philosophy of the greatest hope was within myself

he was the only one with the key to my future the whole time.
Life taught him to pivot, adapt to new ideas and perspectives.

he utilized people and resources to attain outcomes that were thought impossible for him

Life has taught him the art of networking. Life has made him who he is today an entrepreneur.
3. Tell us about the mission and vision for Align


4. What are the reoccurring themes that you experience as an aspiring entrepreneur that you can summarize for the benefit of other aspiring, startups looking for help and resourcesto either startup, and grow a business or get experience as an intern or find a job.
5. What do you think are the most common mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs or students interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?
6. Can you give us some of the essential understandings entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?
7. Where does the drive come from to be successful and to make a difference in this world.
8. Tell us about your ACHIEVEMENTS
9. Resources for other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business – from UD or other things you have used
10. When did you discover you were a business leaders/that you wanted to help other members and be resourceful
11. tells us about a challenging moment as a business leader / (owner or entrepreneur)
12. failure that has influenced and shaped you to who you are today
Your biggest failure?

Fast Round – sponsored by

Looking for special resources to help start a business, generate ideas or help gain employment there are free premium resources – Newsletter, Subscribe for Your Free Premium Resources – to Start Your Business, LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation or a Non-Profit.


1) Best business advice that your organization has received at one of your events / If you had a bill board and could put anything on it what would it be –
2) Next the “audible inspirational book” which is sponsored by – name a book that has helped you in either business family or life

3) What flaws have turned out to be strengths


4) App that you use to help you in business, family or life


5) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate


6) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most –


7) Fun fact:


8) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today –


10) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind
11) What kind of systems do you have in your life
12) Two years from now what are you doing?

How can people get in contact with you:






great ideas, however, I didn’t have the connections to move forward. After watching my ideas come to life through others, I promised myself that I will attend college to create a product to give anyone, anywhere all the connections they need at their fingertips.”


inception of align, released this July, 2016, mobile app will use geolocation to match with the exact people you need to make your startup dreams a reality. The goal of align is to accelerate innovation globally by connecting entrepreneurs.



Skills & Expertise


Public Speaking Fundraising Nonprofits Research

Event Planning Team Leadership Customer Service Higher Education

Drexel University

Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, 2015 – 2018

Montgomery County Community College

Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies, 2012 – 2014
Activities and Societies: President of Student Government /Sports : (Capt.) Montco’s Soccer team National involvement : President of the American Student Association of Community Colleges (ASACC)

What we learned today
Now Lets Listen Up to Jeremiah as he summarizes the three main points that



No. 2

No. 3

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Mobile Phone Application Developer Programmer the Grizzly Labs Bruno Virlet, Genius: Scanner eSign Fax Show 019
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What we will discuss:

The mobile phone has been transformed into a genius plus scanner with a great application from the Grizzly Labs.

Bruno is an entrepreneur and programmer who loves building simple, easy-to-use products. He received his engineering degree from Supélec and a Master in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After graduating, he joined in Seattle where he worked on large-scale projects. He then moved to the Silicon Valley as a lead engineer for 1000memories which was later acquired by He is now working full-time on The Grizzly Labs focusing mainly on iOS (@bvirlet, email).

Numerous applications for use as a document scanner. The principle is simple: you take a photo of the document, the application then allows to crop, retreat the image and allows to export or send it in various formats including PDF.
People use these applications for expense reports or urgent shipments are generally chargeable. But it was important for me to interview Bruno Virlet the Founder behind the Genius series of applications.
Genius Scan: A scanner in your pocket. More than 20 million people have decided to trust Genius Scan for iOS to digitize close to a billion documents. It’s fast, simple in terms of ergonomics, it offers rotation, export in image or in PDF and effective in image processing.
Genius Sign: How often have you had to print, sign, date, scan and send back a document? Instead, just open the document to sign with Genius Sign and send it back a few seconds later with a signature.
Genius Fax: Nobody has a fax machine anymore. It’s expensive and you have to maintain a line. Yet there is always an emergency when you have to fax a document. Meet Genius Fax, friendly and easy to use.

Genius Scan is very simple to use. You simply take a photo, and and the app places an orange grid where it thinks the important bits are. You can then drag the boundaries around to crop off unwanted areas or to include areas where Genius Scan didn’t guess right.

From there you can rotate the image, if necessary, then render the scan as color, greyscale or black-and-white. I find that black-and-white works best for the type of documents I scan. This also sharpens up the text and makes it more legible. Overall, the app’s scan quality is very good, but a tradeoff I discovered is that the size of the files it produces are from 50 percent to 100 percent larger than similar scanner apps.

When your adjustments are complete, you can save your document either as a standalone image or—if you’re working with a multiple page document—to an existing document in order to stitch the images together.

If you want, you can upload your documents to a variety of cloud services, including Google Drive, and Expensify. Additionally, you can enable Wi-Fi sharing to copy documents directly from your device to a computer or, of course, you can print or email your scanned documents.

If you’d like to try the app before plopping down your $3, then you can download the free, Genius Scan app. Scanning functions are identical to Genius Scan+, but the free version includes ads and limits your output options.

We have been promised a so-called paperless office and home for many years, but it has never quite happened. Printers, photocopiers, scanners and even fax machines still play a role in many of our working lives, although they feel more 20th century by the day.

But with the right mobile apps, you should be able to eliminate some of that paper and use some of those devices less. Document scanner apps can capture an accurate image of a paper document, save it securely as a PDF, email it and in some cases even recognize the printed text.

The app automatically detects the edge of the paper, then rotates and straightens the image. Adjusting the image quality to make the text easier to read is easily done by changing brightness and contrast with simple sliders. When you are ready to save your document image, you can keep a color version, a grayscale version or a pure black-and-white version. Clicking the Done button creates an archived image file. You can share the image file by email, print it out, store it in cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive or send it to another app like a word processor.

Genius Scan, free on iOS, is very similar. Its interface looks different but it has the same straightforward and businesslike feel that Scanner Pro has. This app has a few extras, like the ability to tag documents with keywords to make it easier to search by type of document, like scanned receipts. It also has Wi-Fi sharing of scanned files, which makes it easy to transfer scans to a PC connected to the same wireless network.

Bruno and his business partner were roommates at the University of Illinois, and they wanted to do a project together, both were into compilers and optimizations and his roommate was also into image processing and so together they said let’s make an app.

The first step take a photo and to be able to detect the frame of the picture. However, the whole photo recognition was complicated. But they were able to create a good frame detection code, the main question was what could they use it for? The aha moment came in 2010, we they both started working on that question, and the fun part is that when Bruno was to fly to Europe for a friend’s wedding he got stuck in Chicago because of the volcano in Iceland. So Bruno bought a MacBook and started working on that question. That’s how it happened.

Medical Apparel Startup Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel CEO Founder Wear VTA Amira Idris Show 016


What we learn in this show:

Our guest, Amira Idris, is CEO and Founder of Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel (VTA) that integrates wearable technology with vibration therapy. The patent pending technology is being used to create a line of therapeutic apparels that improve blood/fluid circulation and tissue activity in the body.  This patent pending technology is a wearable therapeutic product that uses vibration technology to improve performance, health, and quality of life.
The Vibrosleeve, is a device that helps amputees to keep their limbs healthy through massage that increases tissue activity, blood and fluid flow.

Amira tells us that she is a tinkerer at heart who is constantly seeking ways to improve on products that she interacts with daily. She observes her environment to search for unmet needs, and she also enjoys user-centered research that serve those needs. Her passion is prototyping and designing new devices.

Amira earned a Master’s of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Design at the University of Delaware (UD), with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering, with minors in Biomechanical Engineering, and Bioelectrical Engineering from UD.

The Story behind VTA:

When VTA CEO Amira Idris was interning at a prosthetic clinic during her undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware, she came into contact with a disheartened amputee that would leave a lasting impact on her.

She saw how depressed he was and came to understand of the 2 million people in the United States living with limb loss, a large percentage also feel the same. Part of the 80% of amputees also experience a condition known as phantom limb pain (PLP).

Concerned, Idris worked closely with prosthetic clients and discovered that this severe pain can lead to insomnia, difficulty functioning, and a decreased quality of life.

Treatments for phantom limb pain include prescription drugs, massage and physical therapy, but these methods aren’t always effective. Idris also noticed that there weren’t any solutions designed specifically for amputees to alleviate pain.

Through research, interviews, and support, Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel was founded!

Wear VTA and Pitch Competitions:

Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel wins at the USASBE Student Exposition and Pitch Competition at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia. VTA competed with other schools around the Tri-State Area (NJ, PA, DE). The pitch was a business and entrepreneurship professional conference. They won the $5,000 grand prize, which will be going towards funding the research and continual development of VTA!

VTA is making great progress on product development!

Members of the team are collaborating with amputees to test and develop the vibrating sleeve. CEO Amira Idris and apparel technologist Danielle Dubay-Betters work together to fit and test a product prototype with a volunteer amputee. Idris explains how the sleeve works.

VTA works with clients in the development of the vibrating sleeve and depends on client feedback on the sleeves effectiveness, quality, and overall feel to assist her in making products and achieve the VTA’s goal to build products that meet the needs of their clients.

Resources from this Show:
University of Delaware Horn Program – on twitter – @UDHornProgram

You can contact Amira on LinkedIn by email business website and personal website.

On our next show 017 I interview Chris Lin inventor of Flip Wallet – now you know Chris as also going to the University of Delaware at the University of Delaware Horn Program and Amira you know him as being a fierce competitor during those pitch presentations – so we are really looking forward to that show 017. The University of Delaware Horn Program is really helping many Young and new entrepreneurs.

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E & J Gallo Winery Buys Iconic Brand Barefoot Wine Bonnie Harvey, Michael Houlihan Founders Show 010

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E & J Gallo Winery Buys Iconic Brand Barefoot Wine

Bonnie Harvey, Michael Houlihan Founders

Survive when your small
Turn debts into assets
How to grow into a national brand
How to make your values part of your success
Start small in a small territory
Spend less and monetize faster.
How you too can bootstrap your next business.
Coming up with a label concept logo.
Competing with big known brands.
Customer engagement, sales, and marketing - talk to everyone.
Ask questions from the bottom up.  Naturally, engage not only end users but suppliers vendors - Tell us your practical way you did this throughout the life cycle of your product
Practical lessons that can be implemented even if you don't have a lot of money or initially don't want to spend a lot until you try that idea -
How not having experience in your niche idea may be an asset.
Speak to as many people about your idea as possible including entrepreneurial students, teaching your entrepreneurship lessons from students, startups and growth-phase businesses.
Learn their Spend Less-Monetize Faster with the Entrepreneur’s Guiding Principles for Success (GPS) TM.
Inspiration and encouragement for all those contemplating starting a brand or wanting to improve their existing brand.
Whats on your mind: Success defined; Quote - Thomas Edison.

They co-authored the New York Times Bestselling Business The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand.  An entrepreneurial guidebook and lessons learned for building a popular national brand.  From their start up to taking the business to the next level their book chronicles the journey plus it's very entertaining.  It's become reading at several universities that teach entrepreneurship.

Bonnie Harvey & Michael Houlihan Founders of Barefoot Wine.  The entrepreneurial couple bootstrapped the business with next to no money, no wine experience and facing bankruptcy the first year in business.  They sold the iconic brand to E & J Gallo Winery but that is only the beginning of their journey.





Read the LinkedIn Article on this story.

Book:  The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America's #1 Wine Brand -Their other book The Entrepreneurial Culture: 23 Ways to Engage and Empower Your People, (is a companion to The Barefoot Spirit).

Robert Mondavi in Napa Valley:

E & J Gallo Winery:
Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl cocktail company started in April 2011 and later sold to Fortune Brands' Beam Global (now a part of Suntory) for an estimated $100 million.
School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
World Conference on Entrepreneurship; Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum

Thomas Edison: Their hero and influencer.  Find the success of each failure and mistake that you make.


Mobile Bank Moven Customers Bank Smarter Show 007

Bank Mobile

Moven Founder Mr. King


How customers bank smarter CEO & Bank Mobile competitor cofounder, he is a self proclaimed bank technology guru, author of a new book and also a Radio Talk Show Host and Bank technology News called him Innovator of the year 2012.

Our guest says, “In financial technology you have thousands of startups coming in and disrupting the distribution and the experience, and it’s just not possible for banks to survive this transition. The company motto “spend, save & live smarter”. Another guru in the credit and payments technology industry is Alex ‘Pete’ Hart that I interviewed in an earlier show.  Read my article with Pete here on LinkedIn.

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Next show career expert, businessman, leader, entrepreneur and one of the best New York Times Best Authors, Harvey Mackay.

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Twitter: Mitchell Chadrow



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Startup Podcast Host Mike Chen Show 004

Startup Podcast Host Mike Chen Show 004

Startup Stories about Entrepreneurs and Industry Leaders

Learn how entrepreneurs launch and grow their products and companies.  We also speak with industry leaders.


  • Co-founder of ribl, a real-time, location-based message board where you can share and discover the most relevant content about what’s happening around you.
  • Founder and Principal of MWC Consulting, a marketing and strategy consulting firm that helps startups and small businesses get off the ground and grow.
  • Co-organizer of Startup Weekend DC.
  • Formerly the Senior Director of Strategic Marketing for the Washington Capitals / Monumental Sports and Entertainment.

Mike is an avid fan of the New York Yankees, New York Giants, Washington Capitals, and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. He enjoys eating good food, drink good beer, whiskey, and gin, play and watch all kinds of sports, and laugh and make people laugh.

As for the higher education thing – he got his Bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University, a Master’s degree from Georgia Tech, and an MBA from NYU Stern. No more school for him.

Born in Queens, he grew up in Brooklyn and Old Bridge, NJ, lived in Atlanta, San Francisco, and NYC, and now resides in Washington, D.C.


30 Tools to Startup

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So I outlined the 30 apps that help you increase productivity, get started and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

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Mike Chan Founder and Host of the Go and Grow Podcast.

Listenup Show 001 Mitchell Chadrow Podcast

Execute, take action, start today! The first show Mitchell Chadrow's Podcast Listenup Show Podcast!

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Since this is my first show with you, I provide you an introduction to myself and how I define success and how I leverage technology and utilize it for my businesses and lifestyle.  Also, I go over the parts of the show and what you can expect from me and future shows.

Each show will have a structured format, and I will have several guests some will have special guests on a regular basis.

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