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Stephen Dash Founder CEO Discusses the Student Loan Online Marketplace Show 059

Stephen Dash Founder CEO Credible photo Listenup Show Mitchell Chadrow Podcast Startups Smarter

Student Loan Online Marketplace

Stephen Dash Founder Credible

Student Loan Marketplace Stephen Dash Founder and CEO Credible

Stephen Dash is 33 years of age, Australian Tech Entrepreneur.  At 28 Stephen left Australia for Silicon Valley. Prior to the company IPO Stephen raised 26 million and another $68 million from the IPO.  Now the company is valued at over $306 million and he owns 45%.  Truly an amazing story. But the story is just getting started, so many big things are in store for Credible!
Credible’s founding principle is to provide borrowers the level of transparency they deserve. As a multi-lender marketplace that allows borrowers to receive competitive loan offers from its vetted partners, Credible empowers consumers to take control of their financial futures. Borrowers can fill out one form, then receive and compare numerous personalized offers and choose which best serves their individual needs. Credible is fiercely independent, committed to delivering fair and unbiased solutions in online lending. Credible is based in San Francisco, California.





What does America's student loan market debt of $1.4 trillion mean to you.
How to benefit from the latest online student loan marketplace technology in the US.
How to really apply for loans and get help funding your education.
Family student loan options and education assistance.


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biggest tech IPO on the
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
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David Zamarin Detrapel Founder Appears on Shark Tank Show 058

Interview with David Zamarin on the Listenup Show Startups Smarter Podcast Mitchell Chadrow Host

David Zamarin Detrapel Founder Appears on Shark Tank Show 058

David Zamarin, Founder, Detrapel - Check first appearance on listenup show 025

David sold not one but two of the Sharks on his non-toxic, superhydrophobic spray that repels stains,

Shark Tank, the entrepreneurship reality show that has helped entrepreneurs, saw David on episode 916 of the opening of the show's tenth season. Like the Listenup Show and the Mitchell Chadrow podcast Shark Tank is a business-themed show and inspires all of us to execute on our business goals. 

David handled the tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoon Sharks well. The work David has done with Detrapel is an amazing story to listen up to and should motivate and inspire all of you in search of your own business goals. David has been given a great opportunity by The Sharks as he is chasing the American dream and did secure a business deal that now helps him become the next millionaire.



@davidzamarin or @detrapel

Shark Tank - Learning How to Raise Money


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Babson College - Entrepreneurial Studies
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Joel Schulman, EntrepreneurShares LLC
Mark Cuban
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Barbara Corcoran
Chris Fralic, VC, First Round Capital
First Round Capital - Josh Kopelman, VC
Retail Strategy
3M Scotchgard
Product Segmentation 
Shark Tank - second new episode of ABC's 'Shark Tank,' Sunday, January 7 "Episode 916" - David Zamarin, Founder of Detrapel, a young serial entrepreneur and past Listenup Show guest airing (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.





The Sharks on David's episode are Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Mark

Cuban, Lori Greiner and branding guru, Rohan Oza.

Startups Smarter Take Action Execute Your Goals Show 057

startups-smarter-take-action-execute-your-goals-show-057 photo

Startups Smarter Take Action Execute Your Goals Show 057

Mitchell Chadrow, Host Listenup Show - Check out



Check out my personal story show 001


Setting Your Goals
Having a Balance
Defining Your Why


30 Tools to Startup

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

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Startup Checklist
Startups Smarter
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RealtyShares Founder Nav Athwal Talks Future Real Estate Investing Show 056

Realtyshares Nav Athwal Listenup Show Mitchell Chadrow Podcast Linkedin post 1

Realtyshares Founder Nav Athwal Talks Future Real Estate Investing Show 056

Nav Athwal is a real estate investor and fintech entrepreneur.  Nav is the Founder and former CEO of Realtyshares.

Nav has published Articles on Forbes, he has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business.

Realty Shares is an Online marketplace for real estate investing with its 120,000 registered investors, surpassing $500 million in capital deployed with over 1,000 projects in 39 states.
. LinkedIn: in/athwal
. Twitter: @realtyshares

*How does realty shares work?

*How do you make a business more accessible, efficient, and transparent.

*What does it takes to build a leading online marketplace for real estate investing

*How Nav took the old real estate model and actually made it easier, simpler and more accessible to everyone and how you can use the same techniques in your own service industry for your own products and solutions

*We speak about the old models and fee structures and how he implemented the new models and thinking about what you will take away so you can apply these concepts to your side hustles, startups or businesses

*How did Nav first come up with the value proposition for his product service or solution and what you need to be thinking about as you Listenup so you can apply what you will learn here to your own businesses


Google Plus Article
LinkedIn Article
Sam Zell
Regulation A+
Passive Income
Crowd Funding
Accredited Investor
Cushman & Wakefield
Edward C. Forst
Goldman Sachs
Ron Suber
Lending Club
Napier Park Global Capital
Tech Crunch Article: Fintech Startups Navigate Legal Gray Areas
Farella Braun + Martel LLP
General Catalyst Boston VC
Menlo Ventures
Union Square Ventures
Equity Residential
Reality Mobile

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Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

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Financial Services Fintech Lessons Learned Rewirement Ron Suber Show 055

Financial Services Fintech Lessons Learned Rewirement Ron Suber Show 055

Ron Suber was President of Prosper Marketplace and is a Lending Industry Legend.  Ron has been called the “godfather of fintech” by San Francisco Business Times, and the “go-to” guy for fintech innovation.
. LinkedIn: in/ronsumber
. Twitter: @ronsuber

*what does it take to make things happen?

*How do you overcome hurdles and obstacles

*What are the new barriers to entry

*How do you constantly reinvent yourself, stay current in this ever-changing industry called fintech?

and *the Past, present, and future of fintech!!

Google Plus Article
LinkedIn Article
Lend Academy
Lending Club
Ant Financial Services Group
Alibaba Group
Super Normal - Resilience
Goldman Sachs

Friendly Transfer
Wayne Dyer - Power of Intention and Daily Intention.  Set your intention.
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30 Tools to Startup

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guests remind us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

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Apps Builder Brady Acton Show 054

Apps Builder

Brady Acton Founder Appdotly

Apps Builder Brady S Acton Appdotly Founder.

Brady is an Inventor, Entrepreneur
Villanova School of Business






Develop an app with little money and experience.
For absolutely no charge, how an experienced developer, entrepreneur, and experienced issue-specific professional can help you with your app and business.
Structuring an investment with Angel investors: convertible notes.
How to create web/mobile apps.
The three T's: Team, Tech & Traction
Start a technology company.
Grow/market an app.
Build an app on a budget.
Creating an artificial intelligence platform for your apps.



30 Tools to Startup

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guests remind us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

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Strados Labs Teams Up With Brinc IOT Show 053

Strados Labs Teams Up With Brinc IoT Show 053

Nick Delmonico, Founder, Strados Labs - Check out show 031


@StradosLabs /USA) or @WearStrados

Bay McLaughlin, Co-Founder, Brinc - Check out show 035


Usability Studies
Working Prototypes - Wearable Technology


30 Tools to Startup

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guests remind us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

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WeWork Creator Awards Winner
Temple BYOBB Grand Prize Winner
Hardware Accelerators in Philadelphia (NextFab)
Hong Kong (Brinc)
Investments from Crowd Funding and beyond


Orai Language Speech App Founder Danish Dhamani Show 052

Orai Language Speech App

Founder Danish Dhamani


Danish Dhamani founded Orai a language coaching app.  The app has been featured in Fast Company, Wired Magazine, and Venture Beat. Danish was born in Pakistan and was raised in Tanzania.

How to speak with confidence and speak more powerfully when on stage, in front of a room, or even in everyday life.

Learn to use on-demand speech and video artificial intelligence to boost sales, close more business from targeted insights on your speech by leveraging the machine learning algorithms which automatically evaluate a pitch on parameters such as content, confidence, clarity, tone, and energy.

How a first-time entrepreneur and college engineer, built an app.

Using both artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) how you can help people solve a problem like public speaking one of the largest fears in the world.


Leveraging and improve your speech and sales with machine learning enterprise software to improve your business sales with on-demand speech and video technology.


Improving your speech and sales with enterprise software


We talk funding raising through various competitions:

• Microsoft U.S. Imagine Cup 2nd Place Winner, May 2017

• Drexel Business Plan Comp, Nov 2016 - 1st Place

• GSEA Pitch, Nov 2016 - 2nd Place

• IBM SmartCamp, Nov 2016 - Finalist

• TechCrunch DISRUPT San Francisco, Nov 2016 - Presentation

• Shark Tank Auditions, Jun 2016 - 2nd Round

• PittJohnstown Live, Jun 2016 - 1st Place
• Baiada Business Model Comp, Jun 2016 - 2nd Place

• Oh-Penn Pitch, Apr 2016 - 1st Place

• Recess Pitch, Apr 2016 - 3rd Place

• Startupalooza, Mar 2016 - 3rd Place

• College Pitch Philly, Feb 2016 - 2nd Place

• Drexel Startup Day, Nov 2015 - 2nd Place

• PennApps Hackathon, May 2015 - Top 10
That's over $50,000 in cash, credits, and prizes.


He tell's us why he started his business.



How you can actually improve speech from content, structure to diction.


We talk sales his and how your speech can increase your sales.


We talk about the several articles published on Orai like Fast Company, which had international reach. Others included: has been featured in VentureBeat, Fast Company, (and) Wired, and that really helps build an international reach and customer credibility for users. We were getting thousands of new users every day, people from all sorts of backgrounds and people reaching out to me on LinkedIn, offering their services, offering partnerships.

These a sample of some of the articles written on Orai:

FastCompany: Learn How To Love Talking In Public (And Stop Saying “Um” And “Like”) With This New App
JUNE 05, 2017
VentureBeat: Orai app uses AI to help you become a better public speaker
MAY 06, 2017
Karissa Fleming: Orai App Review
MAY 06, 2017 A Microsoft contest could earn this Drexel speech-coaching start-up $100K
MAY 04, 2017
Microsoft: 2017 U.S. Imagine Cup Winners announced
APRIL 20, 2017
Drexel NOW: The Drexel Students Who Can Fix Your Fear of Public Speaking
APRIL 17, 2017
The Official Orai Blog: Why we created a public speaking app
MARCH 21, 2017
Philadelphia Business Journal: Spotlight on smartphone app Orai
MARCH 16, 2017
New Learning Times: Before You Make That Speech, Check Out Orai
MARCH 10, 2017
The University City Post: Meet Orai - Your personal speech consultant
FEBRUARY 15, 2017
Drexel College of Engineering: Student Develops App to Aid Public Speaking
FEBRUARY 01, 2017 Philly: The 20 most exciting startups in Philly right now
JANUARY 30, 2017 Philly: Pay attention to these 2 language-oriented Drexel undergrad startups
JANUARY 18, 2017


another article published in Wired, and that really built their credibility.


Startup Round


Partnerships - Toastmasters International


Orai 2.0 coming out at month end August 2017 - refining Orai and adding more benefits and features.


What is the big vision for Orai. In the next five years,?


Fast Pitch


Favorite book: Four Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris


who do you use to host your website: Square Space


We know your favorite app: now featured on
quote or mantra:


Who does he attribute his success:


The secret to his rise and what has contributed most to his success to date:


His best business advice that he has received:


Wrap up round


Three main take aways:


How can people stay in touch


what is your philosophy in business, family and life -


what guides you most on this entrepreneurial journey?


30 Tools to Startup

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guests remind us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

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Emergency Information Systems Product Designer Developer Jared Therrien Show 051




The post Emergency Information Systems Product Designer Developer Jared Therrien Show 051 was re-published on


We are interviewing Jared Therrien on today's Show 051


Jared is the founder of Emergency Information Systems, LLC
The company offers decal and hardware products which increase the situational awareness of emergency responders throughout incidents in high-occupancy buildings.


What are we going to learn:


1) How Emergency Information Systems designs, develops and sells their products.

2) The importance of reducing emergency response times by providing missing information during an incident to responding personnel.

3) How to see a problem then ask yourself specific questions that will help your end user solve their issues!

4) How to find your customer

Our startup round:


1) Jared - In real estate, we hear that mantra: Location location location but location is not just for real estate apparently it is also the single most important piece of information that emergency response personnel need to know. Tell us about that -


2) how does the company solve this problem?


3) Manufacture process ? THE BEST MATERIALS


4) What is the Wayfinder™ Safety System?


5) Window Appliquies?


Wayfinder™ Window Appliques are a stylish wayfinding option. Vinyl creates a modern look and makes a great addition to any renovation project. We use a reflective film to frost the entire window and then cut large numbers out of the film. This option also increases privacy on ground-floor windows.


Windows are great points of access and egress for school buildings, but without proper markings, they cannot be used effectively during emergency situations. Campus security experts around the country recommend placing decals in classroom windows, indicating which window belongs to each classroom. This helps response crews to gather important information about the incident location and increase situational awareness, speeding egress from windows and operations overall.


Reflective Numeral Decals?


Wayfinder™ Reflective Numeral Decals are highly visible. They are the only inside-glass mount/interior-installation reflective decals on the market. The high-intensity Prismatic film is used to increase visibility and durability, ensuring proper exterior wayfinding for your school for years to come.


Why Wayfinder™ Decals?


Taking into account the principles of Environmental Graphic Design, which blends elements of the interior, architectural, and wayfinding/navigational design, we have optimized our decals to best serve the functional needs of first responders and the aesthetic needs of the school customer.

High Visibility Reflective Vinyl

Unlike many other existing options, WAYFINDER™ Reflective Numeral Decals and Window Appliques are reflective, ensuring maximum visibility at all times of the day and night, and in all-weather conditions. Our decals are made of a premium-grade retro-reflective vinyl.


We proudly make all decal products out of the highest quality vinyl films and materials available on the market.

Durable & Attractive

WAYFINDER™ Window Appliques provide a modern look to your school while increasing safety. These beautiful decals often outlast their 10-year rated life, resisting damage and fading caused by constant sunlight exposure. Strong, permanent adhesives prevent peeling and vandalism.




Funding & Grant Opportunities


Our goal at EIS is to reduce emergency response times and save lives. We know budgets are tight and funding is hard to come by. To make our school security and wayfinding products affordable for everyone, we price our products competitively. Additionally, we have prepared a list of School & Campus Security grants and funding resources to help offset costs. Be sure to check with your local and state governments for grant opportunities.


Federal Resources

Department of Education

Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Dept. of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services
Grant Writing Resources

Grant Basics and Definitions - U.S. Dept. of Education

A simple guide to grant writing (with examples)




Emergency Service Department Grants
State-by-State Resources


- This list is updated as new funding opportunities become available. -


Fast Pitch:


Book recommendation -


What contributes most to your success


app productivity business finance

Best business advice you ever received


Who do you use to host your website


Wrap up round:


Three main take aways -


How can people stay in touch -


#: 860-539-9430


What is your philosophy on balancing business, family, and life


tags: product design, emergency information systems, product development


Guest Recommendation:


Inspirational + Motivational Show
By Jared Therrien


"I started 'listening up' when I heard a few Drexel classmates and professors were interviewed by Mitchell. After listening to their stories, I ended up listening to over 20+ episodes while driving to job sites for my own start-up. Hearing other entrepreneurs' stories and struggles are extremely motivating. The show makes you think critically about your own journey. I have applied the advice learned on this show to my business and will surely continue to listen."


Hamilton Perkins Collection Startup Manufactured Travel Bags Using Recycled Plastic Bottles Vinyl Billboard Show 050




Today on Show 050 we are interviewing Hamilton Perkins


Hamilton Perkins Collection uses recycled plastic bottles to manufacture travel bag canvas and recycled vinyl billboard material for the duffle bag lining.


Hamilton Perkins is the founder and President of Hamilton Perkins Collection, an e-commerce retailer, offering designer travel bags at an affordable price while holding the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


What are we going to learn today: how Hamilton came up with his idea, what problem he was solving and testing the product concept. We are going to talk sales and marketing and find out how he does it! From manufacturing to distribution.


The Hamilton Perkins Collection has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Money Magazine. Now on the Listenup Show!


Prior to starting Hamilton Perkins Collection, he was the winner of the 2016 Virginia Velocity Tour business pitch competition hosted by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


What other things do we learn -


How Hamilton came up with the business idea to solve this problem.


Hamilton Perkins was preparing to travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Madrid and Athens with classmates in his executive MBA program when he came across a problem: He couldn’t find the right carry-on bag.

They were either too flimsy, too impractical or too mainstream. So he decided to create his own.

How to build a successful crowdfunding campaign with kickstarter.

Hamilton raised: $14,329 of a $10,000 goal (as of July 14). The campaign began June 30 and ended July 30.

The unique bag making manufacturing process and his successful experience in creating an environmentally sustainable product and supply chain.

At Hamilton Perkins Collection the travel bags, line of duffel bags and backpacks are actually made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and lined with vinyl from repurposed billboards. Each bag is different, unique.

How Hamilton Perkins got his Collection into the Department stores.

How he tested the idea before launching.

Perkins began setting up focus groups with family members and friends to get their ideas about what they wanted in a bag. He also searched Twitter for ideas and combed through hundreds of one-star luggage reviews on to get a sense of common customer complaints. (Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder of, owns The Washington Post.)

“No one is as serious or as truthful about something until they’re mad about a purchase,” Perkins said. “Customer reviews are a world of their own. They contain so much information.”

Eventually, a theme emerged in his research: “The main things we kept coming up with were duffel bag and backpack, backpack and duffel bag,” Perkins said. “That, and people wanted something that was unique.”
He decided to combine those three things and designed a bag that doubles as both duffel and backpack. (Picture a traditional duffel bag with backpack straps on the bottom. The bag has a three-way zipper so its contents can be accessed from either the top of the bag or its side, and all straps can be zipped away when not in use.)

Perkins researched different types of material, too, and teamed up with Thread International, a company that makes fabric using recycled materials, for his first prototype. The fabric on the outside of the bag is made of recycled plastic bottles, while the inside of each bag is created from repurposed vinyl from old billboards. A factory in Oregon makes each bag.

“Personally, I think the days of everyone buying the same cookie-cutter product are over,” Perkins said. “People want things that are unique and special.”

Perkins has already invested more than $25,000 of his savings into the one-man company and says he was looking for a way to get the word out about his bag.

He set a $10,000 goal on Kickstarter and was surprised when the money began rolling in right away. Within a week, he’d met his goal.

“You really don’t know what’s going to happen on a site like that,” he said. “This could have done great or it could have bombed.”

Luckily for Perkins, it was the former. About halfway through his campaign, he has raised nearly $15,000 from 100 backers. A $95 pledge gets donors a duffel bag, while $295 gets them the company’s convertible backpack.


fast pitch


recommend a book: The Bible


What contributes most to your success


app productivity business finance


Best business advice you ever received


Wrap Up Round


How can people stay in touch


Three main take aways


What’s next?


In parting leave us with your philosophy in business, family and life


Perkins said it will take until December to manufacture his first batch of 1,000 bags for Kickstarter backers. From there, he plans to add four more colors to his line-up and eventually look into creating other products.
“There are a lot of interesting things going on with technology and fabrics, so we could look into integrating conductive fabric into our products or making it possible for them to communicate with smartphones and other devices,” he said. “Bags are just a starting point.”

Hamilton was an Investment Advisor at Merrill Lynch and, earlier, worked as an Analyst at Bank of America.

He has also served in a leadership capacity with various non-profit organizations and has been recognized for his volunteer work and service hours assisting low-income populations.

Hamilton is also a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post.

has hosted trunk shows at Bloomingdale’s

was a financial planner for Merrill Lynch.

Lives Norfolk, Va.

He is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a degree in Business Administration and he earned his M.B.A. from William and Mary.

Huffington Post
Turning Trash Into Fashion

The Problem

In 2014, I thought carefully about my quest to find a unique and socially responsible backpack. It all started when I was having a personal problem while earning my MBA at William and Mary. I was planning to travel on global immersion experiences to Asia and Europe and felt that my options to find a bag that I could be proud to carry were severely limited.
Before the vision to turn plastic bottles into bags at Hamilton Perkins Collection, we simply were not satisfied with the selections available in the growing global bag market. We came to the industry from a customer’s point of view and we sought to use this as an advantage.

In the beginning, we thought a lot about establishing a for-profit organization that would be driven by social progress. We thought that this could be the catalyst to support the vision for building a better bag. We surveyed friends, family, and prospects to understand the market opportunity and saw a big gap between the ubiquitous bags that sold for less than $100 and the high-end luxury bags that sold for north of $500.

Additionally, we were passionate about solving problems and noticed first hand the modern inconvenience of waste in the form of plastic bottles. At the time it just seemed as if the benefits of recycling were not fully addressing concerns in our everyday lives. Moreover, we saw how this affected social and environmental issues and we knew we had to start building our proposition around carrying a bag that looks good and that makes a difference.
A key finding from our research was that most bags were one dimensional, not giving the traveler the option to choose the version of the bag that was most suitable for them. We formed our thesis around the pain points that our focus groups were voicing to us and turned to one star Amazon reviews and algorithms for deeper unfiltered data.
The Solution

We developed the Hamilton Perkins Collection Earthbag, an all-in-one convertible backpack made out of recycled plastic bottles and lined with vinyl from repurposed billboards. The Hamilton Perkins Collection Earthbag features a 3-way zippered compartment that allows easy access to laptops, books, and travel documents.
The Value

Our bags are the perfect pick if you’re looking for the right blend of style and function.

1. Recycled Plastic Bottles - Hamilton Perkins Collection Earthbags are the world’s first impactful and transparent bags: made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

2. Repurposed Billboards - The Hamilton Perkins Collection Earthbags are lined with repurposed billboard vinyl. Each bag’s lining is different, each bag is unique.

3. Design, transparency, and impact - Hamilton Perkins Collection bags reduce waste, cut carbon emissions in the environment, and conserve water.

A New Perspective

Fast forward to 2016, Hamilton Perkins Collection earned its status as a Certified B Corporation® by offering designer travel bags at an affordable price, while holding the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Starting at $95, we are proud to make exceptional products that make a difference one bag at a time.

Design Thinking

Design and function are two driving forces behind our product line. Our approach to design has been customer-centric from day one. We take great pride in seeing the world from the customer’s point of view first and then taking it upon ourselves to be the change that we seek. We prototype and ideate dynamically to find what works for the traveler and what doesn’t.
We get excited about making something that doesn’t exist and seeing it bring change and make a difference. At the end of the day, it’s about people for us and when they trust us to design the bag that they carry we don’t take the opportunity lightly. Our level of care sets us apart in a market where there are so many options to choose from.
Hamilton Perkins Collection was born out of a simple necessity: the need for affordable designer bags that look good, perform well and make a difference.

Similar to many travelers in the world we had trouble finding a socially conscious bag that met our basic needs in a practical and responsible way. We researched the industry and found that most options were average quality. The majority of the bag makers maintain low prices with high levels of secrecy around how they can achieve it. Other bags are excellent quality and their cost is way too much for the price. What is available to the modern traveler looking to find purpose in every journey?

We founded Hamilton Perkins Collection to be an alternative.
We stripped down the traditional walls of the retail world and invited our customers to share their comments and thoughts with us in a way not previously feasible. We interviewed countless travelers to start new authentic relationships and they told us how we could best serve their needs when re-engineering a classic travel bag.

Most brands look at philanthropy and giving as an afterthought but we see it as an essential part of running a business today.

In collaboration with our workshops and suppliers, we are committed to supporting fair wages and delivering value to less developed nations by sourcing raw materials that divert thousands of plastic bottles, save water, add revenue, and create jobs in parts of the world that need it the most. We track our progress and submit to rigorous third party review to ensure accuracy and accountability.

With billions of plastic bottles thrown away each year, the average person still throws away as much as 180 pounds of plastic in the same period of time. It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade. We address these issues by partnering with organizations like Thread, to turn trash into fashion with every bag we sell.

When you buy our bags, together we reduce waste levels, cut carbon emissions, conserve water - and create jobs.
Final Thoughts

Change is a funny thing. We’ve experienced change and its many benefits by carrying the Earthbag in our everyday lives. We have sparked lifestyle adjustments that were not evident until examining a simple travel bag. Although we successfully funded our debut Kickstarter campaign in under a week and were selected a Kickstarter “Project We Love” you can still reserve a Hamilton Perkins Collection Earth Bag until July 29, 2016, and learn more about how our epiphany is changing lives.

Follow us on Snapchat: hamiltonperkins


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For the members of a generation raised on instant gratification, it can be difficult to see the benefits of recycling. After all, how do we really know where those plastic bottles go after we've separated them? Hamilton Perkins has an answer -- they go into designer travel bags that are as sleek as they are safe for the environment.

Reaching its Kickstarter goal in under a week, Hamilton Perkins and its 100-percent eco-friendly bags promise luxury at an affordable price, "while holding the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency."
Every bag from this green atelier is made from recycled plastic bottles, but that's not where the reusing ends. The lining of all Hamilton Perkins bags is made of repurposed billboards, and while each bag is unique and different (no really, look inside), they all share the same green DNA.

Designed to reduce waste levels, cut carbon emissions in the environment, and conserve water, these bags are a purchase you don't have to feel bad about. And because they start at just $95, your wallet probably won't be too offended either.

The company's signature Earth bag is branded as an "all-in-one bag that converts into a backpack or duffle bag." With its three-way zippered compartment, you can easily access laptops, books, travel documents, and more.

Noting that the average person throws away up to 180 pounds of plastic in a year, Hamilton Perkins looked to turn trash into fashion with each of its products. "In collaboration with our workshops and suppliers, we committed to supporting fair wages and delivering value to less developed nations by sourcing raw materials that divert plastic bottles, save water, add revenue, and create jobs in parts of the world that need it the most," the company says on its Kickstarter page. "We track our progress and submit to rigorous third-party review to ensure accuracy and accountability."

So if you're looking for a new bag for your vacation season this summer, Hamilton Perkins just may be your solution.

Special thanks to Daniel Zhu, Operations department for team Hamilton Perkins Collection. He told me that the company produces one of the world's first impactful and ethical designer bags made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles and billboard vinyl. The Hamilton Perkins Collection Earth bag reduces waste levels, cuts carbon emissions in the environment, and conserves water.

I'm writing on behalf of Hamilton, the company founder, to ask if you would consider having him as a guest on your podcast. He would love the opportunity to discuss the unique bag making process and his successful experience in creating an environmentally sustainable product and supply chain.


Wrap up round:


facebook page:
youtube video

Let us know if you are interested, and we can have a quick phone call. I've included my contact information below. Thank you for your consideration.

Phone: (626)-710-7432


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Caffeine Guru Javazen Health Entrepreneur Eric Golman Show 049


Eric Golman is the co-founder of Javazen, a brand of tea-infused coffee blends that combines the power of coffee with the health benefits of tea.


What do we learn:


We talk coffee, caffeine, green tea, zen, caffeinated mindfulness.


Eric talks how he met Arianna Huffington CEO of the Huffington Post.


2016 Cupid’s Cup Entrepreneurship Competition delivering a five-minute pitch for $75,000.announced by Kevin Plank, the Founder, and CEO of Under Armour, guess what he also won the Audience Choice award.


Mantra: “Javazen! It makes you feel good!”

 Startup Round


Fast Pitch


Wrap up round


Three main take aways:


How can people stay in touch


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DIY Fund Investing Fintech Tools Wendy Garfinkel Nissan Eric Nissan Cofounders Show 048

Startup Round:

Wendy and Eric are not only husband and wife have two children but after careers on Wall Street, Eric as a technologist working for a $10 billion dollar hedge fund and Wendy working as a Bond trader. Their co-founded company is called DIY.Fund providing professional investment management software fintech tool and resources for individual investors. Wendy Garfinkle Nissan and Eric Nissan were both Wall Street Veterans now with DIY.Fund they are ready to show you how easy it is to Do-it-yourself! It’s FREE #fintech.

The Nissan’s were honored via #BZAwards for their @Diyfund investment best #FinTech tools and resources “Level the Playing Field” award! Check them out on the Red Carpet!!.

What we learn on today’s show:

so you help people invest professionally using do-it-yourself tools?
how they left Wall Street to Startup, what their differentiator is in the do-it-yourself investment platform niche, how their web platform actually helps the average listener in our audience manage their own portfolio, understand risk, and keep track of their performance; Starter Studio Incubator, 6 easy, simple straightforward Steps: DESIGN A PORTFOLIO, SET INVESTMENT GOALS, MONITOR THE PORTFOLIO, SO WHAT IS RISK ANYWAY, OVERSEE ALL INVESTMENTS, HEY NOW – INVEST LIIKE A PRO!; holistic approach to managing money.

Fast Pitch Round:

Book recommendation:

Wendy: Lean Startup – Eric Reis
Eric: A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Gordon Malkiel, a Princeton economist,

App recommendation:

Personal Capital Net Worth Calculator

Wrap Up Round:

How can people stay in contact

The website, without a “com” at the end.
The blog at
Twitter handle is @Diyfund.

Three main take aways
1) Investments: Understand what it means to invest and how things work.
2) Startups:the ability to adapt, think what else can I be doing.
3) Customers: Foucs on what your customers want by constant feedback not what you think they want.

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Retireholi(k)s Plan Design Four01k Retirement Guru JD Carlson Show 047

Retireholi(k)s Founder JD Carlson

JD Carlson is CEO of Plan Design Consultants

JD is the host of Retireholi(k)s, Father, Husband, Surfer. Located in San Diego Carlsbad, California.

A former professional surfer and now focused entrepreneur. Proud and motivated to take this his family's company to new levels, he lives, breathes and sleeps retirement plans. He is leading PDC's charge of becoming a new kind of TPA that is disrupting the status quo and inventing a better client/advisor experience.









30 Tools to Startup

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guests remind us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

So I outlined the 30 tools that help you increase productivity, get started in business and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

So click Download Now! below enter your email to sign up and subscribe and get your free ebook 30 Tools to Startup and start being smarter today!



JD leads his team of PDCers into their 5th decade as a Third Party Administrator for retirement plans. They embrace a smart, easy process centered on the needs of our clients.

As an independent company, client advocacy is a major strength of our firm. We partner with Financial Advisors to offer our mutual clients the very best in options. A strong understanding of fees and services allows PDC to help clients find the perfect fit.

PDC is reinventing what it means to be a Third Party Administrator. We challenge the status quo by inventing new ways that improve and modernize the client experience.

He writes a retirement plan blog not like many others you might read, it's at

He also hosts a webshow called Retireholi(k)s, they are laid-back videos on 401k retirement plan industry topics. Geared towards Financial Advisors that are used to suffering through boring corporate webinars.

JD brings a youthful insight, energy and results to the company. He learned from his father quickly and over time the company went from joint control with his dad to now JD being fully in charge.

The Financial Advisors who call upon JD and his wife Tracy and their marketing/consulting team will get everything they need in proposals, competitive analysis and point-of-sale support to do a great job for their clients and prospects. JD is a walking encyclopedia of competitive industry knowledge.

Plan Design Consultants, Inc. is now being run by JD now that his father the founder has retired. JD's father started the business back in 1975 and today they have over 24 other seasoned retirement plan professionals.



Supply Solutions Distributor Leader Meredith Reuben Show 046

Supply Solutions Enterprise Six Sigma Business Success Planning Meredith Reuben Show 046

Start up Round

We discussed supply solutions, Six Sigma and Business Success Planning with Meredith Reuben, CEO of EBP Supply.

A quick glimpse into the legacy of her family business helps reveal why Meredith’s pull to lead it was so strong. In 1918, her grandparents, Samuel and Sadye Baum, started EBP Supply Solutions as Easter Bag & Paper in Bridgeport, CT.

BP Supply Solutions is a leading distribution partner that provides a broad range of cleaning and foodservice supplies and services for businesses that rely on best-in-class insight, products & tools, and demand custom, transparent relationships. The company services organizations in the eastern United States across buildings, institutions (including government and education), healthcare, recreation, and food service markets. Headquartered in Milford, CT, it operates out of three distribution centers (Milford CT, Tewksbury, MA, and Cranbury, NJ) and achieves national distribution in partnership with Network® Distribution Services. EBP is fully-owned and operated by Meredith Reuben, CEO; is classified as a Women’s Business Enterprise; and holds WBENC National Certificate Number 243449. For more information, listenup to the interview.

Meredith Reuben left her job as a lawyer to lead the family business, EBP Supply Solutions into its third generation of ownership. During her tenure, EBP Supply has grown from a local distributorship servicing a small area in Connecticut to a regional supply solutions enterprise. Meredith reveals how natural curiosity, undeterred perseverance and focus can help you achieve whatever goals you wish to reach.

Meredith was in her late 20s when she walked away from her law career to join the family business. EBP Supply Solutions, which was known as Eastern Bag & Paper at the time.

EBP continues to grow by making smart acquisitions like Salem Paper in the Boston area.

These continued smarter acquisitions strengthened their ability to service the entire State of Connecticut.

As Meredith worked to grow the business, she was also growing her family. She admits that it was a challenging time as she balanced the demands of the business and the needs of her young children and hard working lawyer husband.

“As a mother, you are in operational mode when your kids are young,” she said, “It can be stressful. But early on, learned to set an annual priority list. That really helped me to allocate my time between career and family. Sure, I felt the guilt, I was there to drive them to school, and I made it a point to be home for dinner so I could hear about their day and do homework with them. Making that the priority and aligning the rest of my activities around that helped me tremendously.”

While she credits having a Supportive spouse, she also started a walking group with other women in the neighborhood. This sisterhood helped offer support as she worked to balance the challenges of career and family.

Meredith led her EBP Supply Company a new 166,00 square foot facility in Milford Connecticut just 12 miles north of Bridgeport. This enabled them to consolidate operations into a centralized warehouse. They also have two additional facilities each with 166,000 square feet.

Meredith represents the third generation of leadership in the family business and now how son represents the fourth generation.

Looking back, she recognizes the many challenges she overcame during that period, including the difficulties of identifying how she wanted to approach her management and leadership style.

“Whether or not you are inheriting the company from your mother or father, or succeeding in your position from a strong manager, one of the biggest challenges- particularly, if it is going from male to female- is what kind of persona or style should you assume?”

Her father and mother had great names in the industry and quickly learned that she did not have to copy their styles or strengths. What she needed was to be congruent to her own personality and utilize her strengths, and surround herself with people who supplemented areas where she wasn’t strong, contribute all of her efforts in her own unique way.

That effort proved to be ambitious- she led the Company through several subsequent acquisitions and along with her team, grew EBP to be a regional distributor which now serves enterprises in all of New England and the Middle Atlantic States,

The desire to help people grow and success had helped drive EBP’s strategic plan. Recognizing that an organization can only be its best when driven by a diverse group of stakeholders with different voices and backgrounds, she is working with the leadership of EBP to set goals around diversity,

Meredith works to empower women through mentorship programs within EBP, Locally and internationally. She does this through local family business groups, the ISSA Hygieia Network, and through WIN, which is a group within Network Distribution, an international buying and selling organization. She wants to see more women in leadership positions throughout the cleaning industry.

She has surrounded herself with a highly capable team of professionals who have brought skill sets to continuously improve the efficiency, productivity, Culture and operations in place. Her son Andrew is currently the Vice President of Marketing,:

One of her favorite poems, which she keeps on her desk to inspire her daily, is “if,” written by Rudyard Kipling

On the best advice, she’s received: “Understand the objectives and ignore all the

noise.” – Jerry Rueben, her father.

Meredith on leading: if you’re going to survive and thrive, you need to read, be Curious, and constantly have a learning and open mentality. She surrounds herself with people who share this same quality. It’s whom she hires.

Fast Pitch
Islands of Profit in the Sea of Red Ink by Jonathan Burne
Connected - Nicholas Christakis the Surprising Power of our Social Networks

Wrap Up

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Digitized Asset Businesses Value Creator Fred Thiel Show 045

FRED THIEL - Advisor, Board Member, and Value Creator has offered the listeners of the Listenup Show Startup Entrepreneur Podcast a free 30-minute consultation so book your free resource today!

or connect directly with him -
website - Thiel Advisors
twitter -
linkedin -
medium -

Or click on one of my social links below..
Why take Fred up on his offer that is simple: Fred has spent his career creating and helping others create and grow their businesses. Along the way he has generated hundreds of million of dollars in shareholder value for investors and founders --

Thiel Advisors focuses their efforts on advising private equity and venture capital firms, investors, boards of directors, founders and management teams on trends and innovative avenues and strategies for growth and value creation.

Fred is also a frequent speaker and writer/blogger on the topics of business strategy, value creation, digital transformation, innovation as well as the disruptive waves of technology and how they impact all businesses regardless of size or location.

Some technologies that he is particularly focused on and that we discussed on the show include IoT (Internet of Things), as well as predictive, collaborative and autonomous systems.

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Corporate governance women directors Board Bench Entrepreneur Nancy May Show 044

Nancy May is President and CEO, The BoardBench Companies, LLC (, Greater New York City Area a woman-owned board governance consulting group focusing on the advanced development and execution of public, private and not-for-profit board organization, company board quality, continuity, board succession and director placement.

She is a member of the Economic Club of New York, the World Affairs Council and served on the Board of Directors of the Girl Scout Council of Connecticut. She also serves on the advisory council of NeuroSonics, Inc. and is listed in Who’s Who of Global Business Leaders and has been a guest lecturer for business and professional organizations, The Conference Board, National Geographic Films and numerous University graduate school programs.

BoardBench Competencies and Offerings:
– Board of Director succession planning, strategic board recruitment, and placement
– Board evaluation and assessment
– Board structure and development
– Business alliance development and exchange
– Director/Candidate advisory services
– Governance and director technology assessment

1) What is the one thing that contributes most to your success

2) What is Board Bench Companies
BoardBench ® gives companies a cost-efficient solution to manage the intricacies of their board succession needs. BoardBench helps companies plan and build custom teams of potential and qualified successors (benches) to fill board positions. It identifies, qualifies, monitors, and ensures the appropriate fit of these executives to each client company’s strategic needs and operating style. BoardBench supplies these services through yearly (or longer) strategic service plans. This delivers an efficient and highly cost-effective tool to manage a Board’s key continuity risks.
3) – How did you come up with the idea,

4) – who helped you with the launch and execution of her startup

5) tell me about your struggles with starting your own business –

6) who are your customers – your market strategy

7) distribution channel

8) The best business advice you ever received

9) Talk to us more about your personal story how you got started professionally

10) tell us about your past and current experiences with several other groups you are involved and
take us through from start to now what you experienced get that startup off the ground
– NeuroSonics, Inc. (Advisory Board)
– EconimicVentures (Chairman of the Board)
– International Women’s Forum
– Economic Club of New York
– World Affairs Council
– American Women’s Economic Development Corporation
– The Entrepreneurial Women’s Network
– Women in Management

11) what inspired the startup idea:

12) Lessons learned from running for

13) What it takes to Manage and operate

14) the mission and goals behind –

15) and your community involvement
– Girl Scout Council of Connecticut (Board of Directors, Executive Committee)
– U.S. Small Business Administration:
Honor as State of Connecticut’s Women’s Business Advocate of the Year
– Guest lecturer for business and professional organizations, including
– The Conference Board: guest lecturer
– National Geographic Films and numerous university graduate school programs

Board and senior level executives representing large, mid-cap and private corporations worldwide.

16) resources used

photos graphic design
– Invited to meet President Clinton as a Nation’s top business leader

17) team

18) Three main takeaways

19) How can people stay in touch

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Vegan Food Business Strategist Plant Based Solutions Agency Founder David Benzaquen Show 043

In this show 043, I interview David Benzaquen Founder of PlantBased Solutions, a Vegan Food Business Strategist, brand management, and marketing agency for plant-based consumer product companies, headquartered in New York.

David started out in the business working for an animal protection non-profit and as a natural products broker but in 2012 founded the plant based business.

The company offers a range of services for pre-market startups through to huge global brands, including opportunity assessments, business planning and forecasting, new product development, market research, brand creation and a full range of marketing planning and execution.

David has also brought together a large network of angel investors keen to support plant-based businesses.

In this show he discusses:
• marketing, branding, product development, finance, operations

• Push marketing v pull marketing

• broker v agency model (scaling), revenue, overhead/expenses,

• The pros and cons of working with distribution companies and brokers

• Digital marketing, social marketing, in-store samplings or events

• Outsourced chief marketing officer – branding, distribution strategy, packaging design,

• using employees v outside contractors.

And much more

Visit the PlantBased Solutions website

Brands mentioned in the show roundup:
plant based protein meal options chicken, beef, field marketing, PR, Events, social media – Gardein
Ocean Hugger Foods, LLC Parent Company of Tomato Sushi, LLC

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Divorce Expert, Small Business Incubator Startup Entrepreneur Karen Chellew Show 042

The post Divorce Expert, Small Business Incubator Startup Entrepreneur Karen Chellew show 042 first appeared on

Links & Resources

Divorce U Solutions

Per Diem Space LLC

Sisters U

email Karen

Book recommendation:
The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz

Sisters U uses Blue Host for hosting their website.

YouTube Channel Platform:

Video Resume Platform Startup Rezzio Camera Ready Show 041

Video Resume Platform

Rezzio was founded at the heart of Drexel University’s college of entrepreneurship, Close School of Entrepreneurship. The school provides students with the tools and knowledge to help bring their concepts to fruition. Rezzio started in a Drexel University classroom and today has helped Rezzio showcase their personality.

Jessica Sarkisian, founder graduated from Drexel University in June of 2015. Jessica knew there was more to getting a job than submitting a simple resume and application. Jessica played Division 1 soccer for four years at Drexel, leaving her resume full of nothing more than soccer accomplishments. Though she worked over forty hours a week dedicating her time to a sport, her resume did not reflect her hard work, devotion, and personality.

80% of people do not believe their paper resume reflects their capabilities or personalities.
Referring back to Life Strategies entrepreneurship class at Drexel University, video resumes were a class requirement. Though it was a requirement to create a video many students did not know where to start. How do I make a video resume that shows my personality and lands me the job? Thus, Rezzio was born.

Rezzio began as a video resume platform, showing candidates how to create a video resume that best depicts their personality. After a year of research and development, Rezzio has perfected its 3-step process to LAND THE JOB. Enhancing individuals personal profiles (such as LinkedIn) and changing the way people show their personality when applying for jobs.

Wrap up round:

YouTube Channel Platform:

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NFL Sports Entertainment Talent Advisor and Commercial Real Estate Agent James A McCormick IV Show 040



The post NFL Sports Entertainment Talent Advisor and Commercial Real Estate Agent James A McCormick IV Show 040 republished on


What do we discuss with James in this show 040:


Commercial Real Estate; deep ties to the sports & entertainment; time as league executive in the NFL national football league; experience as a director of all player & talent marketing initiatives for the league; time at NFL films; days at Valley Forge military college


James tells us about:


Troy Vincent – Executive Vice President of Operation for the NFL & the 2003 infamous Eagles NFC Championship year*


His three Motto’s in life and what contributes to his success: Be Prepared, Be Ready for the Opportunity, Over Deliver


His coined phrase: Outwork the work – for all the things that must be done you must be the last person standing.


Building his character at an early age from church, music and his family.


NFL Films – Steve Sable, mentor, Player Relations 80 producers, 12 networks: CBS, ESPN, HBO, NFL Network, the science of contacting current and former players, building trust and relationships, owners: Cris Carter & Bobby Taylor,


Lifestyle brand and setting up a digital enterprise – the media membership side and merchandise side.


Three take aways:


1) Look within an introspective;
2) Center yourself to focus;
3) Master the key to execute on your ideas.


Be your own visionary, knowing where you are going.


Wrap up Round:


How to stay in touch with James:


Instagram: Sauter Fly Society and also on Group Page Facebook.
Sperry Van Ness commercial real estate


*Brian Westbrook – returned that punt against the Giants and went on to win their next 9 games that season, Donovan McNab, Duce Staley
Playoffs Green Bay Packers 4th and 26th at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, no timeouts with the clock at 1:12 seconds pass to Freddie Mitchell David Akers made a field goal went into overtime Brian Dawkins intercepted a pass by Brett Favre returned it 35 yards set up another field goal for David Akers giving Eagles win 20-17 sent Eagles to third straight NFC Championship Game but they lost to the Carolina Panthers.


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Governance, Strategy Meets Growth, Sage Advice From Thomas L. Doorley, III Sage Partners, CoFounder, CEO, Chairman Show 039



Governance, strategy meets growth, sage advice from Thomas L. Doorley, Chairman, CEO, Cofounder.

Tom tells us it’s satisfying to help entrepreneur’s across the full cycle of Stage 0 (idea) through to Stage 4 (sustainable enterprise).All young companies have to face the daunting task of “crossing the Valley of Death”, also known in academic circles as “crossing the Chasm”. This is the fact that describes the competitive dynamics in a business sector where lots of small, high-growth, young companies exist and a few much larger, more established companies have scale and scope. The challenge: How to go from young/small (Stage 1-2) to the other side of the Valley (Stage 4) where they have enough process, structure, and scale in place to be ‘sustainable’


In the case of his first startup, Braxton Associates, a strategy consulting firm launched after the Boston Consulting Group defined the consulting space they named”Strategy” and Bain & Co followed suit, we were half a decade late to the game. They grew organically from their Boston base to a second office in London and a joint venture in Tokyo (he knew they had to be global). They grew rapidly to about 100 professionals. His Valley to jump was the challenge to be 10X the size to meet the competition in the battle for major clients. They were approached by the then CEO of Touche Ross (prior to their merger with Deloitte) to become their operational and IT consultancy into the sphere of C-Suite advisors. Two years after they joined the merger with Deloitte was consummated.


Tom has helped successful entrepreneur’s like Matthew Marolda who is now Chief Analytics Officer at Legendary Entertainment. He formed and runs Legendary’s Applied Analytics division, which uses data and analytics to drive strategic decisions across all aspects of the company. Prior to Legendary, Matt Marolda founded StratBridge LLC in 1999. StratBridge had two software solutions businesses: “moneyball” player analysis software used by many organizations in the NFL, NBA, European Football and Major League Soccer (sold to XOS Digital in 2012), and dynamic pricing and revenue analysis software used by many professional sports teams (acquired by Legendary in 2014, after Mr. Marolda had joined Legendary). He earned his MBA at the Tuck School at Dartmouth where he won the Adams Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. Matt Marolda graduated from Bowdoin College with Honors, earning majors in economics and mathematics and a minor in art history.


Tom’s other clients:

Northrop Grumman, Deloitte, and Abeam Consulting (Japan).

Most recently the New England Region of Deloitte for Retired Partners honored Tom in their Hall of Fame – this past December 2016. Tom spoke to a group of 2000 employees about a balanced life.


New England Region of Deloitte for Retired Partners Honored Tom in their Hall of Fame – this past December 2016.
Spoke to the group of 2000 employees about a balanced life.


Keep in contact with Tom on Twitter, Linkedin & back at his website.


Girls Technology Leader Techgirlz Founder Tracey Welson Rossman Listenup Show 038 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast

The post Girls Technology Leader Techgirlz Founder Tracey Welson Rossman Listenup Show 038 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast was first published on
engagement, education, and empowerment of girls who are passionate about technology. Create a support framework to help girls advance to a career in technology. Helping grow innovative girls entering into the high-tech industry and one-day building startups. Providing girls with an interest in technology, those who will startup providing a platform for learning and growing.
Facilitating learning and skill building through technology curriculum and programming. Utilizing the power of technology to bring girls together to shape their future and build leaders in the US.
Philly Startup Leaders
Chariot Solutions
Women in Tech Summit

CandiDate Philly Find a Tech Job and Date Founder Amber Wanner Show 037

CandiDate Founder Amber Wanner Show 037

The post Candidate Philly Find a Tech Job and Date Listenup Show 037 Startup Entrepreneuyr Podcast was first published on

Recruiting meets matchmaking. The Candidate Story:

CandiDate plays on your wants, needs, desires, goals, and more. Think Maslow Hierarchy of Needs from a candidates primary or physiological needs to ultimately reaching Self-Actualization in life. The company through their owners and board of advisors know the five stages well:

1. Biological and Physiological needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep.

2. Safety needs – protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, freedom from fear.

3. Love and belongingness needs – friendship, intimacy, trust and acceptance, receiving and giving affection and love. Affiliating, being part of a group (family, friends, work).

4. Esteem needs – achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, self-respect, respect from others.

5. Self-Actualization needs – realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.

CandiDate is taking a holistic approach to the way things are historically done. CandiDate has taken the craft of Recruiting and combined it with the art of Matchmaking. We use the same process and technique that we use to find someone a job, in finding them a date.

CandiDate is NOT exclusive to either service, but the idea is to fulfill the aspect of our candidate’s lives that has not been fulfilled yet, whether it is professional (job), personal (date), or both.

At the end of the day, our candidates are our main focus and working with the tech community in Philadelphia to attract, maintain, and build Philadelphia to be a place they want to work, play, and start their family.

What does this mean? Well, IF you are in the tech space and looking for a job OR you are in the tech space and are looking for a date, OR you are looking for both we are here to help. We are going to be holding fun tech events, and private mixers for our members, and free consultations so you can see exactly what CandiDate can offer you.

Amber Wanner Founder & CEO
Prior to starting the company, Amber spent 4 years working with the Philly tech community, to find and deliver exceptional tech talent to growing companies.

She founded the company on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with the goal to fulfill not only her candidate’s professional goals (jobs) but their personal goals as well (dates).

She is passionate about providing her candidates with the best possible opportunities, so they can have a fulfilling career, and also have a fulfilling life outside of work.

Find a Tech Job

Find a Date

Find Both

Startup Angel Robin Hood Ventures Temple University Ellen Weber Executive Director Show 036

The post Startup Angel Robin Hood Ventures Temple University Ellen Weber Executive Director Show 036 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast Listenup Show first appeared on
The post Startup Angel Robin Hood Ventures Temple University Ellen Weber Executive Director Show 036 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast Listenup Show first appeared on

Robinhood Ventures Executive Director Ellen Weber and she is also Executive Director: Temple University’s Fox School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute

In my interview with Ellen Weber I discuss:
– how she helps startups startup and the resources her organization provides
– steps she had taken to Build great companies
– what drives her passion to innovate and what are we going to see coming out of this tri state Philadelphia area over the next several years

Ellen – What’s the one thing that contributes most to your success?
Ellen is really active in the Philadelphia startup community:
and you are involved in so many organizations :

What are the reoccurring themes that you experience as an
entrepreneur that you can summarize for the benefit of aspiring entrepreneurs,

current startups looking for help and those looking for resources to either startup, grow or take their business to the next level or someone who just wants to get experience as an intern or find a job.

What is the one best piece of business advice you ever received?

so people can get to know you better
fill in the gaps a tell us more about your personal story –
Tell us a little bit about how this background and ties into how you are helping people today?
4. What do you think are the most common mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs or students interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?
5. Can you give us some of the essential understandings entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?
Q: Your Best business practices
Q: So what things do you delegate to others because your not so good at it

I know
(, as a leading angel group in the Philadelphia region helping startups scale and grow –
Since 1999,
Tell us about the process companies go through from initial startup through excite –
Robin Hood Ventures has invested in over 60 early-stage, high-growth startups, en route to building great companies. Our investments generally range from $250,000 to $1 million, and we syndicate with venture capitalists, institutions, and other angels in our network. We are passionate about using our expertise to build great companies. Our members boast a wealth of experience in a range of industries from IT to financial services to healthcare, and they are able to leverage their knowledge and networks to add real value to our companies.

These are some other organizations that you help – Philly Startup Leaders, Philly Tech Meetup, and the Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs.
Talk to us about the resources you provide them and what it takes to become a success

So how did you get started in business??
Co-founder several companies
also COO and VisionMine (, which provides a specialized Open Innovation portal to large corporations. VisionMine is a subscription service that allows corporate clients collaborative access to early start-up innovations, new technologies, and entrepreneurs that solve business problems.
You have over 25 years of experience creating strong teams and building strong leaders for emerging companies as well as Fortune 500 clients. Can you talk to us about specific names and what you did

Also Managing Director Antiphony Partners, LLC, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping companies create sustainable value through innovation.

I was involved in the growth of Investor Force, a provider of technology-based solutions for institutional investment professionals, where I created the company’s initial human resources department, facilitated strategic planning, and managed the organizational aspects of the company’s mergers and acquisitions.

Shared Medical Systems (12 yrs) where I was responsible for initiatives encompassing organizational development, customer support and corporate communications.
senior consultant for Andersen Consulting.
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Quote : John Quincy Adams: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”
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Temple’s Be Your Own Boss Bowl business plan competition is well on its way this year, and we have a record number of teams that have applied for mentors.
graduated Wharton School with a B.S. in economics.

So What are the key challenges you face

Fun fact:
Temple’s Be Your Own Boss Bowl business plan competition is well on its way this year, and we have a record number of teams that have applied for mentors.
graduated Wharton School with a B.S. in economics.

So What are the key challenges you face

We all go through adversity what actions did you take to overcome it

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Internet of Things Startups Brinc Cofounder Bay McLaughlin Show 035



Internet of Things Startups

Brinc, Cofounder Bay McLaughlin

Internet of Things Startups, Bay McLaughlin on Show 035.



You’re listening to listen up show podcast show 035 today we’re talking with Internet of Things startup founder of blank baby McLaughlin who actually helped start up start up their own internet of things your business if your family you’re like let’s get started.

Hey everybody Mitchell Chadrow here welcome to listen up show podcast if this is your first time listening and thanks for stopping by the listen up show podcast is produced several times per week for your entertainment and show notes are found at show 035 come back often and feel free to add the podcast your
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All links are in the show notes now let’s get into the show what are we going to actually talk about today well we’re going to talk technology we’re going to talk startups, Internet of Things and entrepreneurship.

Mitchell: How are you this evening

Bay: Well its first thing in the morning by
in Hong Kong, but I’m doing great.

Mitchell: Wow so so wait a minute you’re actually
calling us right now from Hong Kong.

Bay: That’s right .

Mitchell: Wow that’s really really cool. Right now it’s this evening here in
Philadelphia so you know we really appreciate you being outside the US and in doing a lot of traveling coming on the show where we’re really excited we’re we’re looking forward to jumping right in here covering quite a bit.

Q: So what’s the one best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

Bay: Wow so many I’m huge on mentorship so I like to take advice from a lot of people and get a lot of people have different opinions but i would say that one big thing from moving from originally close to the United States a group of Virginia that I studied abroad a couple times Germany Australia the west coast San Francisco almost 10 years now easy three years was one of my mentors my master’s program told me that you know it’s not just something fun for you to do question what you know where you grew up then all things believes that you’re given growing up as a kid but it’s actually almost responsibility and that you don’t need traveling around and uprooting myself actually given a lot of
opportunity to my family my friends because now you can one person do it before you only need one person only one example to know that something point definitely have upset a lot of people in my family and I definitely know that a lot of friendships strange kind of moving around that I’ve done but I do know that you have a couple of those people behind you saying you know what is actually really kind of positive tail went that you might not even understand but now my nephews my niece’s my next-door neighbors people that you see me online that opportunity you know if you did it maybe I can do it and I never really thought about that angle for i’ll give you a little extra motivation to keep

Mitchell: You know it’s really amazing and we’re gonna we’re gonna get into this and a little bit as we continue to ask you some questions here but I mean you’re quite a world traveler and you’ve been able to see a whole lot of different things and I’m sure that that sort of gives you a competitive edge in business can you can you talk to us a little bit about that i mean you know your your experiences in terms of traveling and seeing you know different countries and and working with different people all over the world

Bay: Really yeah i agree percent and you don’t really know that you know I definitely understand that the you know how scary might be the
message don’t know but just culturally you know right now although i live in very much a Western neighborhood reality is every single day I’m a foreigner and that’s a crazy mind shift that has to happen and it happened
4:32like family as they visit out here for
4:34our daily basis you know people who
4:36looked like you needed speak English or
4:38less than one and especially in mainland
4:42China you know a million or more but
4:45it’s it’s really important that people
4:48understand that this thing that I want
4:50to know about macroeconomics and the
4:51headlines in the news of their high
4:53school over whether you’re in your
4:54fifties this idea of globalization is
4:57not a joke
4:59this is super real and it’s happening at
5:01a pace now that the Internet is a
5:03conduit it’s happening so incredibly
5:05fast behind and people really don’t
5:08understand that you know a lot of my
5:09family and friends that are sitting in
5:11Virginia hours in the west coast and
5:13they actually don’t see the influence of
5:15China that in their backyard right now
5:17you know frankly speaking before they
5:20arrive will probably live in the
5:22building have a ball work for a company
5:24that hold the Chinese out and if you
5:27don’t understand that then
5:28really you’re not going to be
5:30competitive in the long term and that’s
5:31what I think
5:3230 and i will get people behind in their
5:3520 kids are going to high school I
5:37really think that if they don’t find a
5:39way to break out to get exposure to the
5:42way of doing things specifically China
5:44that you’re really not that it’s almost
5:47like Microsoft Word and all the kind of
5:50basic literacy and now coding without
5:54the expectation I think that
5:56understanding business culture
5:59specifically Eastern cultures more
6:01specifically Chinese is going to be the
6:03new baseline expectation in the next
6:0620-30 years so for me because now that
6:08you know my wife and i think that there
6:11are 30 doing this is just massive
6:13advantage but that’s why were you late
6:16forties fifties this will be dis
6:17completely not more than expected

Q: So the world the world really is flat and and that kind of takes me into you know you actually help people with this internet thing things founders go from you’re actually helping founders go from concept to
launch you know in this world where you know eventually everything is connected so when someone actually acts you pay so what do you do like what do you tell them and we’re starting i think that the biggest thing that was going on is Valley almost 10 years you know this is unfortunate i don’t know well i found this is real I like it but there’s a sort of force that is telling people that you need to be a founder that started and there are aspects of your bosses graded job you know doing 95 maybe that’s what the reality is working in small business whether you’re shopping company or whatever it is it’s just hard and I think this is one of the biggest fight of our founders you don’t just jump on the bandwagon because it’s cool hardware on top of all the other types
of build one of those challenging things you’ll ever do in your entire life and you know a lot of the biggest successes failures in my friend and it’s little
7:47and you have to stuff so you know it’s
7:50okay to want to get into the world but I
7:53was telling you you better be ready
7:55distracted for this because no matter
7:57what you do this the 23 year journey and
8:00it’s going to be challenging so that’s
8:03the first personal cheque I do because
8:04the biggest problem is not usually the
8:06product in technology list market risk
8:09is always the rich because being founder
8:12in this particular type of company
8:14hardware ID is taking yourself out of
8:17that comfort technology new economy the
8:19Western Way of doing things
8:21smashing yourself into the origami and
8:23easier way of doing things and
8:25challenges now you have cultural
8:28challenges physical challenges like how
8:30long it takes to get votes across the
8:31world different 30 40 countries import
8:36export taxes physics you know how your
8:39material standard shape break over the
8:42travel and temperatures so I really help
8:45check their commitment first business
8:49but for others that factor more
8:51challenging than others you know being
8:53in the finance world we measure all
8:55different types of rest and I and I
8:57heard you mention a real unique one and
8:59that’s called founder risk i mean it
9:01isn’t for the faint at heart and like
9:03you said it it takes its grueling and
9:06and when you start off especially in
9:08this particular space you know there’s a
9:11lot of challenges 222 certainly go
9:14through before we get into our next
9:17our next question to start up around is
9:20actually sponsored by hostgator now have
9:23you ever heard of hostgator obey
9:25yeah i went back to the states they
9:28heard about them a lot but I yeah no no
9:32certainly well you know for for all of
9:35our startups out there and for people
9:37who are just looking to sort of build a
9:40presence online and get started
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9:45your website from web hosting to domain
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9:55entrepreneur podcast if you head on over
9:58to Mitchell chatter dot-com /o skater
10:00you can actually start your plan today
10:02up day two of your startup’s actually
10:06fared we we talked a little bit about
10:08some things that could be successful but
10:12but you’ve also had some challenges and
10:14some failures can you can you tell us
10:16some of the lessons that you actually
10:18learned from those failures and the
10:21takeaways for others out there either
10:23just starting up or thinking about
10:25getting started as they continue to sort
10:28of pivot until they actually get it
10:32sure I don’t you shoot made from the
10:35first one is all around customer
10:36development and listen to your customers
10:38and the second one is about starting out
10:41help me a little bit too early so that
10:42the first one was i joined the startup
10:44right after my matches program I got
10:46lucky actually looking for apple in
10:48college and then removed
10:49West Coast one way truck over there the
10:52best friend and the couch and start of
10:54the California Dream and hard for
10:58start-up this base berkeley california
10:59and headquartered in Scotland and it’s
11:03really challenging we’re doing higher
11:06educational sale
11:07I was also doing Irish company was
11:10traveling west coast 20 days monsters
11:12are constantly and I just got so
11:15frustrated because i couldn’t find a way
11:17to break down and explain to them the
11:19product that they thought was gonna do
11:21and do really well you know that was
11:23doing okay in Europe in the state’s just
11:25sticking and so I was a face the
11:28customer development interviews it’s
11:31realizing that this thanks
11:33this product is just not going to work
11:35we have to change it but not for
11:38whatever so they don’t try to listen to
11:40me and it was really frustrating because
11:42today’s market care about you you have
11:45to if you are willing to change the
11:48product features and positioning or
11:50whatever then what’s the point in having
11:52company you’re not just going to show
11:54you feel like downmarket expected to
11:56take it doesn’t work like that i do that
11:59at 23 work with guys were much much
12:01older than me super irritating
12:03unfortunately I told Mike later they
12:06sending a banker to liquidate the whole
12:07company sound as president everyone was
12:10fired myself that was a good lesson
12:13learned someone else’s dollars which
12:15always help you go start up games that
12:18start to jump-start cash because we had

Q: how did you how did you then begin to
12:25start to implement some of these lessons
12:28that you learn from that first failure
12:30how did you then take what you learned
12:33there and start to really I guess you
12:37were really going to pivot until you’re
12:39really into your next startup but how
12:40did you start to then implement those
12:42things from from from the lessons that
12:45you learned there in a failure

Bay: well it worked nicely actually the next
12:49part of a joint is actually two brothers
12:51technology that they had used they’d
12:54written actually run their business they
12:56thought it might’ve been his own company
12:57i got what you know I’ve introduced to
13:00Frank Loesser
13:01cisco and so we started that you and
13:04that was nice because it took those
13:05weapons that hey listen to your customer
13:07iterator features work with them to
13:09build the product so we did that we have
13:11to back up that was when but the next
13:14lesson learned was from the person at
13:16that point was 25 and at that point I
13:20thought Francisco all the pressure tell
13:22media tells me that I’m already behind
13:24the game you know I’m 25
13:26I’m late starting a company passion for
13:29building location-based support any
13:33athlete outdoor activities and I was
13:36just me and all my money always hiding
13:39my friends to work nights and weekends
13:40developers a whole thing and it was to
13:44learn but at the end of the day 25 and I
13:48felt like I was supposed to I was the
13:51word should short average I thought I
13:54was supposed to start helping first is
13:56actually the right time so that was a
13:59huge lesson that I learned another
14:01everyone is you’ve got a long time you
14:04know under 20 additional figure out the
14:05basics you don’t need to start just
14:07start a company and started company you
14:09are willing to bet everything on it you
14:12probably shouldn’t be found that and I
14:14think unfortunately negative to sourcing
14:18field and it applies a lot of pressure
14:21people to start companies when they
14:22probably just shouldn’t probably just be
14:24an early stage employee startup company
14:27but that was a lesson learned but i
14:29actually got a little bit lucky i made
14:32the investment of about two years ago
14:34here Frank was able to bring you some of
14:36my technology out in that business and
14:38put it back into this new apartment
14:40about eight years later so it wasn’t too
14:41bad but definitely big loss to me too
14:44well we’re gonna we’re gonna definitely
14:46get into break my I have obviously
14:48several questions about that because
14:50obviously that’s that your new company
14:52that’s been in existence now for a
14:55little bit more than two years but what
14:57what is the one saying that has
15:00contributed most would you say to your
15:02success probably discipline
15:06I’m very very regimented I’ve got the
15:10military family and all of that they
15:12were in the military
15:14my family our teachers so I’m really
15:17really have a pretty harsh discipline
15:18myself and extra hours the extra
15:23disappointed work that you put in the
15:24daily basis adds up so 33 months old but
15:28I think I want more time and learning
15:30and execution that most people do you
15:33know you probably every day and in 14
15:36hours 16 hour days every day so I love
15:39it don’t you
15:40great work so i think i started this
15:42when I was my first portable company
15:45that created a lawn mowing and i’m
15:48picking up in company with my friends 12
15:50and I think that mentality just cried
15:54all the time because the only thing you
15:56can’t get back in your life is your is
15:58time you can be able to get secondary
16:00companies even get divorced yet another
16:02you know what you can’t get any minute
16:04back in the day of your life so he’s
16:06going to be as good as you can using the
16:08actual kind of job
16:10it almost seems like you’re in the
16:12moment at each each each step of the way
16:15as your as your sort of going along
16:16you’re really turning you know
16:19leveraging it like you said you’re
16:20you’re you’re disciplined as it relates
16:22to your time time management is your is
16:24your strength is what you’re saying
16:26yeah and i think is I don’t know when
16:31this was definitely my twenties I think
16:34for a long time a lot of people look at
16:36the media telling you with your friends
16:39family tell you what book value whatever
16:42and I think I learned at some point
16:44things like the twenties that everyone
16:46has an opinion and it’s just that it’s
16:49only their opinion until you decide to
16:51internalize it and do something about it
16:53and that’s what the others are just out
16:56of your opinions and I learned around
16:59six that I have a really good got
17:03instinct on most things in my life when
17:06I second-guess that instinct I generally
17:09get burned and so I just stopped
17:11second-guessing myself now that doesn’t
17:14look every time I do a lot of research
17:16and apply logic and Jerry’s right you
17:18two but overall they feel that 99% of my
17:22it’s the long time so I’m just wanted to
17:24trust my instincts too so it’s really
17:26listening to that for lack of a better
17:28word that inner voice that people have
17:32that intuition that they have about
17:34what’s going on internally with
17:36themselves and entrusting in themselves
17:39as well correct yeah we might be a
17:42business associate might be a business
17:43deal it might be advice from a family
17:46member it might be about she’s not
17:49supposed to take this job like all those
17:52did you really really allowed signals
17:54from the motion all right level of body
17:56is always hearing all this stuff should
17:59probably try to justify using checklist
18:02thing will hear the pros and the cons is
18:04fifteen percent more decisions
18:06yeah that’s great but at the end of the
18:08day you gotta feel that it’s right thing
18:11well you know it’s interesting because a
18:13lot of our audience are you know not
18:16only are they new startups but some of
18:18them are actually an entrepreneurial
18:20type of studies within the college
18:22setting and you know they’re they’re
18:25trying to decide whether to continue on
18:28with their startup or to start of
18:30something new or to pivot or to do a a
18:34co-op for example or get more experience
18:37before transitioning back to start up
18:40and it it sounds as if what you’re
18:43saying is they they really need to be in
18:44tune with that inner voice you know that
18:49that’s calling them to go that certain
18:52way I mean am I correct yeah it’s really
18:56it’s really hard to check list your life
18:58you know you really do need to listen to
19:00more of knowing yourself and intuition I
19:05i really i really dunno I think we
19:08phrase the new word here you know you
19:09can’t really check list your life away
19:11and I and I and I think that there’s a
19:14lot of wisdom in that and I and I like
19:16that you know I i want to jump in here
19:21of course with with break I mean that
19:23that’s your new baby though the one that
19:25you’re you’re kind of working on right
19:26now and I just want to make sure that I
19:29actually understand fully
19:31what break is and and so it it appears
19:35that it’s hard when it’s like it’s like
19:37a hardware investment fund you’ve got a
19:39platform there you’re trying to bring
19:42the next wave of connected technologies
19:45to basically people shelves all around
19:48the world because from what I read on
19:50your website you’re literally in all
19:52these various countries so can you tell
19:54us specifically some of your 2016
19:58accomplishments which i think will be
20:00helpful in explaining to the audience
20:02just specifically what you guys are
20:06sure so I definitely appreciate the
20:10complexity of this is a new space you
20:12know IG and connecting the physical
20:14world that very new track and overall
20:17it’s still incredibly decent but the
20:21most important thing to understand about
20:22what we’re trying to do is based on our
20:24vision and the reality that we see is
20:27that every physical object in the world
20:30in our lifetime will become connected
20:31and i don’t mean you know all the light
20:33bulbs and all the cars i mean the dirt
20:36and I mean the cement and I mean the
20:39word in your floors and tights under the
20:42ground and everything and that sounds
20:46scary and dystopian to some people but i
20:49don’t think i think is happening as
20:50ability and I think that if you look at
20:52the positive that once we have
20:54everything connected we’ll finally be
20:56able to understand the data that’s
20:58around our lives so it could be our
21:00environment our bodies anything will be
21:03able to make informed decisions for the
21:04first time ever because the reality is
21:06one of our major vertical to focus on
21:08which will transition to help technology
21:11what we think about our bodies and you
21:13know how we interact with the world are
21:15doctors are really just trying to be
21:18magicians in the daily basis they’re
21:20actually getting your health anything
21:24about when you see a doctor and all
21:26different things about 15 minutes to see
21:27the doctor they know you a little bit
21:30about your blood pressure and child
21:33labor accurately diagnose you know how
21:35you’re feeling and that’s all you get 15
21:37minutes but the future where you have
21:41all the data about yourself over time in
21:43the health and their environment that
21:46you live in and out here that is very
21:49you are outta Philly through the water
21:53content that you’re drinking all the
21:56things they actually have a chance for
21:58the first time and that’s a really
22:00positive future
22:02yeah I was gonna say is the challenge
22:07however knowing whether or not you’re
22:09you’re sort of too early to sort of move
22:13in a particular area of particular space
22:15it’s fascinating is it’s going to be so
22:17for example someone listening right now
22:20might have an idea in this particular
22:22space in this particular area and how do
22:25they know whether or not they’re they’re
22:27too early to the market where are you
22:30know sometimes being a leader is good
22:33but sometimes maybe not so so I guess
22:37how does the average person out there
22:39are no know whether it’s right or not
22:42besides just listening to the room two
22:44ish intuition i think one of the three
22:48part of how we look at founders we
22:51talked about earlier now you’re talking
22:53about market risk and market risk is
22:55exactly the down that it’s hard and
22:58physical because its software you can
23:00ship a product in two days for two
23:02months we’re talking about a two-year
23:04cycle almost minimum for the best
23:06product to the market and get into
23:09retail so that takes a long time making
23:12up that today that you’re not gonna know
23:14anything about whether it’s going well
23:16or not for about two years and people
23:18you know about crowdfunding and
23:20everything else reality is getting
23:22fundraising like a one of our team South
23:241.5 million and then we have tells role
23:29that raised three million and catalyst
23:31for change your rating no capital it’s
23:33not a problem but they’re also doing
23:35well in crowdfunding and neither one of
23:37those things is proof that is not accept
23:40that is just a small step in the long
23:42process but when you have other people
23:45around you like other investors not sure
23:48there’s retailers and then finally you
23:49look at the technology that’s available
23:51right now we can start trying
23:53relating and get a sense of wow no this
23:55is way too early you know this
23:57technology this way of sending these new
24:00behaviors this just isn’t going to make
24:02any sense next two years now you can get
24:05this perfectly every one of us is
24:06getting so much that you can at least
24:09put a bit of a framework around it now
24:10the founder you might have access to all
24:13the information but you can really start
24:14talking to investors that know what
24:16they’re talking about you can at least
24:17start looking at like Apple you know
24:20that you want to silence all the time
24:22and find them online google doing
24:24watched yes you can go to trade shows
24:26you can get a sense of where the market
24:29currently is and try to extrapolate okay
24:31in two years I think this is reasonable
24:34or maybe after late was also have a
24:37fitness tracker if you show up and apply
24:39to break with a wearable and the rest
24:41for general fitness but you must be
24:42kidding right i still see people to do
24:46that I’m gonna certainly can really
24:49relate you know you you mention
24:52crowdfunding we actually had an entire
24:54show or specifically crowdfunding and
24:57crowdsourcing and I know that the
25:00company just from looking at your
25:02website obviously finances some of these
25:05and I know that you offer accelerator
25:07programs where the companies are
25:09actually giving up equity but but you
25:12also charged per project in terms of
25:15cost so can you can you talk to us a
25:18little bit more about the type of crowd
25:21funding that you’re doing like what
25:23you’re doing to help the companies and
25:26and the the cost versus then giving up
25:29equity in the company that that in terms
25:32of how you’re getting paid
25:34yeah let me clarify a little bit so we
25:37started out only an accelerator so that
25:39was standard we give you cash and
25:41services and support for equity that
25:43there was a little bottle that everyone
25:45happens we then started realizing
25:47because super smart because we literally
25:51had team showing up with millions of
25:53dollars of crowdfunding money or
25:54outdoors in China and they were leaving
26:00I’m not jumping about that people think
26:02it’s like really great example having
26:0534 million dollars in pre-order campaign
26:08just walk out to going bankrupt last
26:09week you know I know that a night of the
26:11investors that gave them more mine and
26:14the fact that the company raised 34
26:16million dollars in pre-orders couldn’t
26:19deliver a product tells you that that’s
26:21what money is not the real problem so
26:23what we look at this we had seen coming
26:26to our offices really like the founders
26:28but they didn’t know what they were
26:29doing and they’re going to China money
26:31and they were coming back completely
26:33bankrupt and finally start saying well
26:35we’re dumb ones that we have teams
26:37walking in our door but they’re too late
26:39for our accelerator but we know that
26:41what they’re about to do they’re gonna
26:43do wrong
26:43probably do something about that so we
26:46started building our studio and our
26:48studio is services company like anyone
26:50would expect right now we have 17 a
26:53multimillion-dollar properly campaign
26:55probably heard of but they’re really
26:57just needing help with the physical
26:59product development manufacturing
27:01sourcing essentially China and we always
27:04have teams like we appreciate that you
27:06will learn what is the founder you have
27:08limited time and limited resources so
27:10how you said that is really really
27:11critical and actually says a lot about
27:13your ability to leave the business so if
27:15you’re the one that’s sitting there
27:17working on a prototype in a factory in
27:21China really ask yourself am i doing
27:23what’s right now you can outsource
27:24everything you need to understand some
27:26of it but we really think the best way
27:28to do that is to learn alongside expert
27:31what the experts do their job gets
27:33frankly you’re not the right person to
27:34be doing that china is always going to
27:36be better so we have a studio that
27:38supports on everything china-related
27:40validating develop materials and their
27:42concepts to help you engage your
27:44contract manufacturers making sure that
27:46you get your product on time on price to
27:49specification our last part of the
27:51business is our growth in distribution
27:53which means that can manufacture like
27:56our portfolio that for product shipping
27:58right now and we help them scale in the
28:01physical world scaling post crowdfunding
28:04post manufacturing into retail is a
28:06whole new challenge because it’s not an
28:09online sword shipping tens of thousands
28:11and thousands of products around the
28:13world and then what they get to retail
28:14make sure they sell through
28:16so there’s a whole set of challenges we
28:18look at three distinct life cycle stages
28:21and what do you need to evolve frankly
28:23as new problems will emerge and all we
28:26want to do that support that’s really
28:28exciting future that we see which the
28:30only way to do that is healthy founders
28:32exist you know it’s amazing i heard you
28:36actually say after telling us the
28:38example of the business that just went
28:40bankrupt last week at after raising 34
28:44million and the quote that I heard from
28:46you say was money wasn’t the problem and
28:50you know for for the average person
28:52hearing that in the audience the average
28:55startup the average student entrepreneur
28:58because there’s a lot of universities
28:59here within the Philadelphia in the
29:01tri-state area they’re probably thinking
29:04and saying to themselves GI need to
29:07raise this money money is the problem
29:09money is the issue and what I’m hearing
29:12very loud and clear from you is at least
29:14in the hardware space with a two year
29:17life cycle to market that that that
29:20isn’t the case can you can you just
29:22address that very very quickly here just
29:25because your mom that really kind of
29:28jumped right out at me when you said
29:30yeah of course you need money but i
29:32think that people really get situated
29:35about fundraising i always tell people
29:37like look that you’re starting a company
29:39to get your name on techcrunch there’s a
29:41lot of the way to do that you don’t just
29:44have to raise millions of dollars around
29:48to do that so you have to really
29:50understand that you need money to run
29:52the company however if you’re trying to
29:54start a business with my favorite thing
29:56for hardware so it’s a little different
29:58you know eventually well-documented
29:59there’s lots of great programs mentors
30:02hardware is so holy undocumented for the
30:04most part and you’re actually going back
30:06in time terms of learning how to do
30:07business in the offline old economy so I
30:11was a founder is anyone on your team has
30:14anyone ever launched and mass
30:16manufactured and distributed physical
30:18product and ninety-nine percent of the
30:20time the answer’s no you have you
30:22actually help them sort of integrate
30:25that with so
30:26we’re because you know you know nowadays
30:28you know we’ve had so many different
30:30entrepreneurs come on with apps and
30:33there’s various downloadable software
30:34and you know and and and that’s the sexy
30:38thing and yet there’s a lot of
30:40opportunity in this particular space one
30:42of the main reasons why I wanted to have
30:44you are because it’s just so fascinating
30:46and not everybody you don’t you don’t
30:49see the big rush that everybody is
30:51moving into with software so how do you
30:54help the clients the customers the the
30:58startup sort of integrate both together
31:00so we put an expert at every single step
31:05of the process
31:06our company is very very senior in terms
31:08of the people we hire so every person
31:10sits over a particular stage of the life
31:12cycle so our head of software would
31:14support the integration our head of
31:16hardware supports the communication
31:18between the east west and the west and
31:20make sure that the whole process is
31:22overseen had a distribution and make
31:24sure that we’re thinking about the right
31:25price point when you’re actually working
31:27on the concept stage way before you
31:29launch I had a validation ensure that
31:31you’re actually building an audience of
31:32christ 1cr correct your actual launch
31:35strategy is going to make sure that you
31:36hit your numbers up distribution price
31:40points all the trade networks you have
31:41to build so we look at an integrated
31:43end-to-end process and software and
31:45hardware obviously have to come together
31:47with my knees is that software sold
31:50really well documented and even though
31:52it’s not perfect when it comes to the
31:53world we generally find that most of our
31:56founders comment fairly good baseline
31:59understanding of the software world so
32:01we’re not going back and doing a
32:02one-on-one but we need to have you know
32:06I i read your bio and there’s a lot of
32:10there’s a lot of stuff there too to
32:12unpack and we talked about not only
32:15business but balancing that with family
32:17and life so as i was reading through I
32:20thought to myself how does day actually
32:23balance running a business like drink
32:26when you’re actually been maintaining
32:28equity positions in 20 different
32:30companies across nine different
32:32countries ranging from b2b to SAS
32:35platforms to the number-one surfing web
32:37site like
32:39there’s only so many hours in the day I
32:41know that time management is really good
32:43for you but how are you doing this
32:47I mean it’s certainly not perfect but i
32:51think that you look at yourself first
32:54and actually running a series on media
32:56blog great day today on video is life
33:00hacks for entrepreneurs because i have
33:02to constantly evaluate this and i
33:04usually break my life down into quarters
33:07just like my businesses because most
33:09people get into their life and it’s a
33:11run-on sentence but it’s reality you get
33:14kind of graduate college and after that
33:16there’s no more milestones are kind of
33:19benchmarks just life forever and you
33:23know maybe you get married have a kid
33:24that kind of it but really you have to
33:27find a way to break down that long
33:28duration into smaller manageable chunks
33:31so it doesn’t become overwhelming and
33:33you also don’t always tell people that
33:35you have not made a decision is also
33:37making a decision you know that’s people
33:39generally just aren’t in tune and
33:41conscious about developing their life
33:43itself the world around them and just
33:45kinda like happens to that house you
33:47become self-aware
33:49I mean you know I i like i like the
33:51concept that you talk about you say
33:53break your life down into quarters
33:57you know I mean Here I am almost fellow
33:59that has a tax background alone taxation
34:02so I’m a finance guy and so I’m always
34:04talking about fiscal calendar years and
34:06things like that but you’re actually
34:08suggesting to do that with your own life
34:10and be very very introspective as to
34:16what’s going on to the point where
34:18you’re you’re kind of looking at it like
34:21from that perspective
34:23yeah i’m actually going to be releasing
34:25a framework that i created about 5-6
34:28years this year and polishing it up
34:29right out but it’s really basic you have
34:32to leave yourself first before you can
34:34already to anyone else
34:36I’m very serious about that if you are
34:38consciously controlling and dictating
34:41and and developing your own device then
34:43you don’t deserve to lead other people
34:45period and if you’re not gonna be
34:48serious about that then again but you
34:50shouldn’t be taking on that
34:51responsibility of being
34:52founder so for me being a founder of
34:54founders you know I build businesses
34:56it’s really critical hope that I think
34:59that super seriously and i just created
35:01a little breakdown frameworks like about
35:03this everyone wakes up and says I’m
35:05gonna lose 20 pounds but that’s not
35:07right but you’re not going to just
35:10randomly we’re talking about what you
35:11can do you let you know three months a
35:14small quarter of doing something like I
35:16will absolutely do some physical
35:19activity five days you can start there
35:22that might mean it might mean you do 40
35:24pounds but you can control is you wake
35:27up in the morning and doing what you say
35:28you’re going to do controlling the
35:29outcome in any capacity is really
35:32stressful and generally so all you can
35:34do is control what you can do on a daily
35:36basis which is where your kind of feet
35:39going today is sort of you find and add
35:41value whatever I do is clearly what I’m
35:44assigning value to and if i do what i do
35:48i have a chance of an outcome i want but
35:49i certainly can’t control that outcome
35:52so I think it’s a little bit of letting
35:53go of the control feeling at the same
35:55time creating a framework where you
35:57actually feel successful first getting
35:59case all the time feeling like I could
36:01be doing better I should be doing more
36:03that is really challenging to balance
36:05but I think you’ve got to work really
36:07hard at it because unfortunately don’t
36:09the world of piled up on you you know we
36:14we’ve really covered a whole lot just in
36:16that last three or four minutes I mean
36:18there’s there’s a lot of wisdom actually
36:21and in all the show notes are going to
36:22be back at Mitchell chatter dot-com /
36:26o03 side because you know what you’re
36:29saying is very deep now when you come
36:31out with this you’re saying its life
36:33hackers that you’re putting together i
36:36mean when because i’d like to be able to
36:39obviously have a link to that as well
36:41and maybe at the end of the show you let
36:44us know because i think that that people
36:46in the audience would which certainly be
36:48interested in that and you know so
36:52anyway yeah but I see if everyone
36:54follows me on medium is / at de
36:59de de de ta da why am I it’s usually a
37:02weekly series i’m running out right
37:04the part about five starts walking
37:07through the day-to-day basis from your
37:09culture changed my financial focus to my
37:13communications framework like all the
37:15things I’ve learned and things that I
37:17know how but I also i need to reassess
37:20them every quarter because i get off
37:22track to get off track for two years and
37:26find out that my health is completely
37:27together i need actually reassess you
37:30know regularly to make sure that I’m
37:32consciously deciding where I want to go
37:34and looking to get the priority this
37:35quarter and not you know when people in
37:39the audience are are looking to work
37:41with a company like yours like break
37:43they’d like to see that’s why I asked
37:46you about your accomplishments in 2016
37:49and as i was reading the one company
37:52glassy pro which is really one of the
37:55number one surfing you know websites out
38:00there in terms of technology startups
38:03can you tell us a little bit about how
38:05you got involved with them and a little
38:08bit about how they came to their success
38:09shore so there’s a little bit of a
38:14mix-up and in the notes here but I walk
38:16through it so number one website i’m
38:18referencing the inertia which actually
38:20has a seven-year anniversary of talk to
38:21the founder two days ago so that the
38:25founder of that company is now created
38:27the number one platform for surfing snow
38:29and outdoor lifestyle on the internet
38:31but going back to the company that I
38:34created myself about 25 that I folding
38:38and then the technology we met the
38:41founder of glassy pro in spain at the
38:45Mobile World Congress two years ago and
38:48he was creating already had created a
38:50platform of users and they were
38:53communicating and supporting each other
38:55and find the best search around the
38:56world and was the number-one top-ranked
38:58you know app in the App Store the whole
39:00thing and so I told him about my
39:02background in the company i created that
39:04hey if you want to go to bring a
39:06physical device
39:07I think you could really take over this
39:08market in a much deeper way and stop
39:11competing in the app store which is
39:12super challenging and really he fall
39:14back to the backpacking
39:16no one will ever hear about you again so
39:18you know he joined our program and we’re
39:20actually in the final stages of the rng
39:22of the of the final prototype before we
39:24pull the trigger on manufacturing on
39:25that because that’s the way for a lot of
39:28listeners are doing digital to think
39:30about is there a way to interact on a
39:33more intimate basis with your user the
39:36physical world additional world as i
39:39always tell people no hardware founders
39:41you know it’s super challenging but the
39:43risk-reward is really different
39:45so if you win you win really big if you
39:48lose you feel miraculously publicly
39:51where is it software if you fail you sit
39:55in the back of the app store and the
39:5610,000th rank or someone downloads you
39:59which is a great start but they don’t
40:00use the third home page and you know the
40:0314th folder on the third page of that
40:05folder and no one ever use your app so
40:07you have to understand the difference in
40:09the physical world you’ve got a chance
40:11on that person sees you and buy that
40:13product in their physical life now and
40:16it’s an opportunity to create a much
40:18deeper emotional connection and
40:21interaction and boil without user then
40:25yeah I could see where the the you know
40:28the rewards are big but the challenges
40:30are so different and the the way that
40:33you handle risk and approach it and how
40:37comfortable you are with it is quite
40:38different you know you had mentioned
40:41about your involvement in earlier in
40:43your career with apple and I know that
40:46people are obviously very interested in
40:49how you you know became a founding team
40:52member of apple for therefore their
40:54global lot SMB channel maybe you can
40:57tell us a little bit about that and i’m
40:59sure you have some pretty interesting
41:01stories they’re sure so i was fortunate
41:04enough i started working on Apple was in
41:06college I how did them in college
41:11just because someone doesn’t have a job
41:13doesn’t mean you can’t make that make
41:15you a job so at Apple there was no space
41:18for me in college
41:20however i was just convinced that my
41:23college of that much the college Lady
41:25Mary in Virginia for my undergrad and
41:26masters and find attacks and also my
41:29but I couldn’t understand why a
41:34university was going to sign a contract
41:36and require their users to have lenovo
41:40or IBM laptops when we were paying to go
41:43to their school and they want to support
41:44me as a Mac user and I just lost my mind
41:47I can’t believe it just started causing
41:49huge turn on campus and I went to talk
41:51to the CIO I talked to the Dean of the
41:55School of Business School I was just
41:57super frustrated and so I kept how the
41:59Apple because i heard they have this
42:01thing called caller is your campus
42:02reference college prep program that you
42:05can actually work for a while you’re in
42:07college obviously that’s not like you’re
42:09in job at that line so I just how did
42:11them they kept saying what we don’t have
42:13a place to place so I kind of gave him
42:15an ultimatum and I said look either
42:18you’re gonna give me a name card
42:19business card
42:21I’m doing this anyways and help me look
42:23okay we can’t pay you but we’ll put your
42:25foot down but we can’t head count your
42:29card we can get you all the gear and hey
42:31you out here just getting to work
42:33anyways and so I went around and I was
42:36finding out is actually iTunes
42:37University and the whole podcast fairly
42:41the second way that got signed up but i
42:45guess i just put enough pressure on the
42:47system bunch of different parts
42:50university decided separate contracts to
42:52the point with the whole you know he had
42:53a fold and finally find out that was
42:55kind of an apple I cool this isn’t
42:57making stuff up and put me on the
43:00payroll at that point and then let me
43:01run with it a couple years
43:03expand my territory actually joined the
43:05global advisory board for the VP John
43:09couch education colleges myself so that
43:13I get some exposure but unfortunately
43:16there wasn’t any way to transition from
43:18the college program into the corporate
43:20programs that’s another thing for you
43:21know students don’t get down to walk if
43:24your past doesn’t just smoothly find its
43:27way like perfectly dream job for 22
43:29against number don’t know what to work
43:37and get through that and so instead
43:40planing and hoping that Apple like the
43:43top rated in the top five the world and
43:46the program and I couldn’t find a way
43:48into the corporation’s she’s been saying
43:50on their box not make that easier but
43:53either way I don’t care so i got my
43:55heart my master cross-country position
43:59on the couch i just showed up like well
44:02I’m gonna be here anyways
44:03and then you know four years later funny
44:06enough i ended up going back and that’s
44:08what the next chapter went where the
44:10small/medium business channel much
44:12longer story and do if you want but I
44:15got lucky enough to have the kind of
44:17dream moment which goes back to the
44:20intuition recognizing patterns talked
44:22about earlier is when you when you’re
44:24looking at your career you’ve got to be
44:26patient but you also have to wait and
44:28watch the pattern when you see it you
44:30have to take the shot
44:31so you know I was probably about 20
44:33Section 107 getting interviewed people
44:36at Apple that made no sense like their
44:39titles were waitress senior their
44:42histories were way to senior to be
44:44talking to me and so I finally just call
44:46them out on it and i realized that i
44:48stumbled into something much bigger than
44:50I anticipated what I thought it was
44:51interviewing for ended up you know
44:54having interviewed for a brand new
44:55division that was unlisted no one’s
44:58talking about it i didn’t have a title
44:59for the first time it was very special
45:02and so would you would you say that that
45:05was like serendipity would you say that
45:08that was locked with you
45:09I mean obviously you have to be at the
45:11right place at the right time but you
45:13know we’ve talked to other entrepreneurs
45:16before and I know that you have to
45:18obviously make your own lock but things
45:21really needed to sort of lineup for you
45:23to actually be in that meeting is this
45:25what you’re talking about the the
45:26Entrepreneurship yeah so yeah that is
45:29the channel it is that the same one with
45:32Guy Kawasaki with the art of the start i
45:34mean is that I mean is that the same
45:36type of area that he was in or is this
45:40something totally different
45:41no this is different this is an
45:43opportunity and because your concept of
45:46a i completely agree
45:47I i really really believe that if you
45:51want to look for
45:52the world you will have a pile of crap
45:54on your cable all day long right life
45:56will not work out if you can find the
45:58positivity and continue to do the grind
46:01you have a chance that i was like being
46:03in motion is the most important part
46:05which are stirring up opportunity to
46:07think about when the storm comes over
46:10the ocean the water gets really murky
46:12all the sand and sediment from the
46:14ground and mixed up and thrown back into
46:17the water and i always think about that
46:19is the more emotion the faster-moving
46:21more i’m doing the more I’m getting out
46:23there the more opportunities are going
46:25to come across my plate and have that
46:27Apple opportunity not happen i wouldn’t
46:29just that my god well that’s it I
46:32would’ve just kept going i saw that
46:35opportunity i could see it and I just
46:37realized it’s like magic by people for
46:40this title what’s going on
46:42wait I can’t read this no one knows
46:44about this and just ask them and I
46:46realized wow this is actually pretty
46:48special and I didn’t know what was going
46:50to the colony and there’s 52 thousand
46:54people in a billion-dollar business I
46:55mean it was pretty successful might have
46:59known that i couldn’t have known that
47:00but I just do that i was getting a shot
47:02that was way above my age or ability
47:05everyone is super senior Kansas to kill
47:09myself and see what came of it and ended
47:12up doing all right for me you know that
47:14that’s awesome you know I i read in your
47:16bio that that you talked about you know
47:20some of these these world-class founders
47:23and venture capitalists and incubators
47:25and accelerators that you actually were
47:27working with in helping over at Apple I
47:30mean are these some some names that
47:32we’ve heard of I mean can you can you
47:34talk to us a little bit about that
47:35because people are interested in not
47:38only that but what you kind of did and
47:41what you learned through that whole
47:42experience as well
47:44sure so the first two partners that have
47:47helped me figure out a theory more
47:49building a small business channel that
47:51there’s a lot of repetitions actually
47:53have a foundation that everything I do
47:55now is I kept seeing founders in
47:57Francisco that were making the same
48:00mistake and these are not found that you
48:01have heard of meetings are you know jack
48:03dorsey swear this is jammer
48:05dropbox Airbnb twitter but they were all
48:09my customers
48:10i I didn’t see it like a little bit i
48:12saw all of it and what were some of the
48:15common thread of some of the things that
48:18all of these very well accomplished
48:22people in their own right but yet you
48:24you could kind of see the common thread
48:26of the same types of things repeating
48:30over and over over again almost like you
48:32said patterns that you could see in your
48:34own ways but patterns in their lives
48:36that they were doing that wasn’t quite
48:38right well so I don’t know about from
48:42the personalized for that was quite
48:43young when I was saying that you know
48:45are just so good at what they’ve done
48:48with it comes out my scores but i was
48:50looking up from the operation which is
48:52my passion both from the people fighting
48:54operations as well as assistance I’d of
48:56operations so i was looking at the
48:57inside first and then how is affecting
48:59the actual employees that rose pattern
49:01the financing i was looking at that
49:04thinking man I know all their investors
49:06and I know all these the startup company
49:08and I don’t know why they’re not talking
49:10and sharing those because they’re being
49:11shot box right now get the backside of
49:15the dots and so going to investors so I
49:19started out with first round capital and
49:21true ventures your treasures of the
49:23first investors that I just said guys
49:28I’m seeing all of you know all your
49:31investments are coming to me anyways I
49:33would love to sit down and figure out
49:34how can Apple play a role and better
49:36support you and the startup that
49:39building our platforms make apps and use
49:41our technology so i started rolling with
49:43them and you know all those literally I
49:46don’t think probably an investor or
49:48start with the valley that wasn’t my
49:49customer or partner so all of that like
49:52no other startups kleiner perkins mad
49:56Ron freestyle I unit they were our
50:00partners and what were some of these
50:02common errors or mistakes operationally
50:04since that’s that was your passion I
50:06mean that you saw that you everything
50:08convey to some of the other people that
50:11that it was going to be helpful to you
50:13pointing at that stuff out to them so
50:16going back to pattern recognition it was
50:18very specific
50:19this particular vertical so when you’re
50:22talking about vc-backed businesses a lot
50:24of a lot of people don’t understand
50:26especially the startups will you decide
50:28to pick going your mom and dad asking
50:30for a loan
50:31crowdfunding and your pre-orders for
50:33going to venture capitalists which
50:35remember they’re taking money from
50:37someone else
50:38it’s not their money they want to
50:40essentially a bank took money and
50:42they’re loaning out money to you and
50:44they need to get a return so you’ll
50:46never get that confused sounds don’t
50:48understand the economics of venture
50:50capital and the end up getting into
50:51trouble but if you think about the
50:53pattern recognition startups that are
50:55building with vc dollars are attempting
50:58to build a hundred-year company in under
51:02ten years that’s so what you’re doing is
51:06you’re breaking all conventional wisdom
51:08of what it means to build a really
51:10durable and sustainable business over a
51:13hundred years and most don’t last 25
51:15years more like a hundred but when you
51:17see that you see these businesses that
51:19are let’s say you know where something
51:22for example so i wasn’t squares office
51:24with their hands altering their first
51:26you know card readers and they were down
51:29in third mission and the new in the
51:32temperature chronicle building and there
51:34was the two co-founders literally and
51:36shouldering like Jack 14 devices
51:39themselves right he’s the founder
51:40Twitter and he said in there and working
51:42on hand making their own little devices
51:44and I i was laughing thinking this
51:48company is going to blows
51:50first off it’s Jack’s secondarily I just
51:53saw a huge opportunity they can be a
51:55huge market and what does that mean for
51:58the business and you go from having four
51:59people six people and then a year to us
52:0250 60 years where you have 300 and your
52:05for you have a thousand that is not
52:08normal and that’s what’s trained on
52:12every dimension of the business not just
52:14the operation and the physical card like
52:16you always start end up flipping offices
52:19every year that their sign funny to your
52:21leases and that breaking pitch you
52:22locate all the way to our Airbnb was
52:25calling your internet japan with broken
52:27so silly but
52:29this is that you just see happening over
52:32and over again and I’m like okay look
52:33you guys learn from each other because
52:36these types of behind-the-scenes
52:38operational lessons are not sexy and
52:41you’re here to go tell your VC that you
52:43don’t know how you and so we’re going to
52:45create a system that helps you scale
52:47your business over 10 years it doesn’t
52:50break the system because you’re spending
52:53money everywhere your employees like
52:56this is not smart and so that was kind
52:58of my pieces and that thesis has proven
53:02to be far more effective in the hardware
53:04world in the software world taking that
53:07same mentality developing brain
53:09interesting yes so you were able to
53:12obviously use the delete from Apple 222
53:16the internet of things with hardware in
53:18terms of where you’re at now that’s how
53:20you were able to sort of make the
53:21transition you know because I’m thinking
53:24okay how did you get from Apple to where
53:25you are today but it seems as if you’ve
53:29used those life lessons that you learned
53:32there to what you’re doing now would
53:36that be accurate
53:37yeah I i learned my personal passion for
53:40physical devices with that I don’t know
53:42any pc that I ever fell in love with but
53:47I remember my first mac very clearly and
53:50I remember most by Max and both my songs
53:53and my iPad and Apple watch and all the
53:55things i fell in love these objects but
53:56I didn’t have a background in the
53:59physical world so I knew that in order
54:01to learn that I had to leave San
54:03Francisco because if this trend we’re
54:05going to be true in my operations
54:06ability of my ability to develop leaders
54:08and founders built great culture and
54:11businesses that’s gonna actually applied
54:13the physical world
54:14I can’t sit in san francisco and read
54:16about it you go to China and so my wife
54:19is a great opportunity fund able to
54:22transfer her she never seen it frankly
54:25it never actually been here but she said
54:27you know I’ve always wanted without
54:28their what you want to do that within 24
54:31hours we are packing we were on the road
54:34and meaning Francisco and tell the tale
54:37end because I knew that this windows
54:40change that
54:41the world is common and you’re not going
54:43to learn that sitting in philly or New
54:45York or Chicago or la San Francisco you
54:48need to be here so been here almost
54:50three years in march and i would say
54:52with all humility if anyone thinks that
54:55they understand how this one works after
54:57three years they’re incredibly
54:59artistically i feel like i am just like
55:02colin has a very I mean we know a lot
55:04more than a lot of people but you know
55:06my boundaries his family’s been in China
55:08for 40 years manufacturing distribution
55:11right so I don’t know about but i’m
55:14still learning for sure when it comes
55:16you know you know it’s amazing before i
55:19was going to jump in here to RR
55:21fastpitch which is our next our next
55:23round i was going to say it just seems
55:27as if you have to have that certain
55:29personality that you’re willing to sort
55:31of up and leave with you in this case
55:34with your with with your life to go all
55:36the way across the world 222222 a
55:40different part of the region of the
55:41world whether it be hong kong china and
55:45but from that you’ve learned quite a bit
55:48and you continue to learn and realize
55:51that you really don’t know as much as
55:54you think you know because you know
55:57there’s all these different cultures and
55:59then and the globe is is so huge
56:02yeah it’s not right or wrong and it’s
56:06just different strategy but i know that
56:08there are certain things that you cannot
56:10learn by reading you cannot learn how to
56:13deal with business deal negotiation in
56:15China reading the book that tells you
56:18about China how to work you can’t learn
56:20about the cultures and how you do
56:23business in the middle east by sitting
56:25and Texas it’s not gonna work but you
56:28have to actually go immerse yourself in
56:30the culture and that’s again up to you
56:32if you think that’s important or not but
56:34I do know what’s going back to our
56:36earlier topics that as the world gets
56:37smaller as become more global this will
56:41be something that makes you not
56:43competitive if you don’t do it if you
56:44sit in your town and you don’t travel
56:47and you don’t go stretch yourself and
56:49get uncomfortable
56:51ok maybe in 30 years like you’ll be able
56:54to stay and you know you’re sober
56:57Avengers do that job that’s ok maybe but
57:00i know that people in my family are in
57:02their 50 is and they’re getting their
57:05lives disrupted already they are
57:07competitive anyone that’s scary
57:10and if you’re in your twenties or
57:12thirties and you still haven’t traveled
57:16or you haven’t gotten out of that
57:17comfort zone and you think you’re going
57:19to just sort of like a duck and cover at
57:22the globe comes closer to you and you’re
57:24just going to be able to be fine to the
57:26next 30 years problems are living longer
57:27to you’re going to be working on your 75
57:30or atl not retired 565 you need to at
57:35least know what’s going on so do get a
57:38flight you know what first flight to
57:40China right now like five dollars and
57:42just so don’t be there and see how it
57:45feels and get uncomfortable a little bit
57:47question what you know there’s so many
57:49value bombs and what you just said right
57:51there and I know that everybody in the
57:53audience is going to be listening up to
57:54it plus the show notes will be back at
57:57my blog so in this round the fastpitch
58:00these are like really quick questions
58:02with some fast answers it just kind of
58:04gives some additional insight in you as
58:07a person
58:08it’s sponsored by audible which of
58:09course is an amazon company people can
58:12head on over to Mitchell Chad /
58:14audible i mean i love bulk sure you love
58:18books to write although you know you got
58:21it not only read it but you got
58:22obviously do it they have a hundred
58:24eighty thousand titles you know you can
58:27sign up for a free trial you get one
58:30free download so you know people head on
58:33over to Mitchell chatter dot-com /
58:35audible can you tell us they like a book
58:39that you really thoroughly enjoy it
58:42could be a business book a personal book
58:43which is something that that you can
58:46recommend to the audience
58:50listen to audiobooks far more than I
58:51read because i can get more childlike
58:53but one of my favorite things that
58:55people watching the founder is get them
58:57this book which is the hard thing about
59:00hard things I listened to that on autumn
59:03amazing and if you don’t know much about
59:06sales and marketing which if you don’t
59:08get what you have a choice
59:09so you better learn that there’s a
59:11really really great old book that will
59:13last today called influenced by calvini
59:17so i said to my favorite
59:19well that’s also know great how about a
59:21quote or mantra that that is basically
59:24either motivated or inspired you or just
59:26something that you kind of lived by wow
59:31so many i’ll flip it on you and I’ll say
59:34from the hustle 5 i’m all about the work
59:37so at the end of the day you know I was
59:40a lot of motivational people just know
59:41one thing that the world doesn’t give a
59:43crap about you
59:44so you know this is probably the quote
59:51yeah right that’s the reality but i’m
59:54here to make it more and more positive
59:57don’t vote like get up get started off
60:00literally there’s no one in the world
60:02sitting around feeling bad so what’s
60:04going on in your life yet but I also for
60:08me all the pressure on myself what you
60:09said earlier all things to try to manage
60:11i really like burn a brown it’s a lot
60:14about you know their emotional
60:15intelligence the introspection that
60:17helps you balance these things and she
60:18was a great quote that I repeat myself
60:20every single night to make sure that
60:22after all the stress and everything else
60:24don’t let it get to me is that no matter
60:26today no matter what was done or what
60:29was left undone and that I say that to
60:34myself every night because I I can’t
60:36turn my brain off more or less
60:37overwhelmed with i just–literally get
60:40anything going in my head I have to
60:42remind myself that it’s just another day
60:44tomorrow and I no matter what I have to
60:48be happy with myself no matter what that
60:50check personality accomplishment
60:51whatever is stacking up so i said to
60:54myself about every night really cool
60:56that’s that’s very cool day how about an
60:59app that really helps you in business or
61:02your personal life with family or just
61:05an app that you can recommend to the
61:09I mean just keep straight on Evernote
61:14ok whatever whatever you need to get out
61:17of your head both times it’s not nearly
61:19as important or that ingenious as you
61:21think it is the fastest way to get it
61:23down and the last thing I stay on that
61:26is right now trying out new platform so
61:28a scale by Justin Collins a new platform
61:32I just in my ma with them and one day
61:34it’s a new way to communicate and
61:36connect and learn from some of the most
61:37influential people in the technology
61:39world so I definitely get on a scale and
61:42definitely feel free to add me at beta a
61:44very very cool
61:46two more in this fast round how about
61:49something that you’ve purchased that’s
61:52the most impactful but it actually
61:54caused under of hundred dollars who my
62:00toys are not shaped you know that this
62:05question kind of goes to those
62:07bootstrapping entrepreneurs startups
62:10people who need to be obviously
62:12extremely resourceful to to let them
62:15know that you don’t need to spend a lot
62:17to get a lot and you know and so I think
62:20it’s a fun question but but but again it
62:25kind of let you know you know you know
62:28that the one guest he he rescued a dog
62:31and the dog only cost 25 bucks and yet
62:34the dog is worth millions to him and so
62:36you know that the point the point of
62:39that was that he didn’t need to spend
62:40hundreds and thousands of dollars on the
62:43pet in order to get something you know
62:46that had quite a bit of value i
62:49unfortunately my last I don’t have any
62:55probably toys or physical things like
62:57that are years that are looking around
62:59my house but actually everything but
63:01that’s the conversation we’ve been
63:03having if you don’t have a passport
63:05spend a hundred dollars on the passport
63:07okay fair enough that’s good that’s good
63:09and and the last question in this round
63:12is a fun fact about you that maybe not a
63:15lot of people know about but it will
63:17certainly tell the audience a little bit
63:19more about you
63:22just the other day to as you get older
63:25people may or may not know your
63:27background i have been a musician my
63:29whole life and I just found out i can’t
63:32believe i didn’t know this that one of
63:33my album is actually in spotify itunes
63:36for a long time we trained pianist I’m
63:39gonna producer and DJ and hold and so
63:42what’s that album called I don’t tell
63:46you come on we gotta we gotta put a link
63:49to it come on you know people are going
63:51to be downloading that day really know
63:54how to get the world he’s often anyways
63:56but just look for my name
63:58okay fair enough in this in this wrap up
64:03around you know it’s sponsored by
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64:28different social media for that it snaps
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65:26literally will take two minutes for you
65:28to give a written review and I really do
65:30a pre
65:31they enclosing for this wrap-up can you
65:34tell the audience three-name takeaways
65:38that you can provide to us to wrap off
65:40first and foremost it’s all about your
65:42own personal responsibility so be
65:44yourself take accountability and
65:46responsibility for every day every hour
65:49and don’t try to blame anything on
65:51anyone else again the world just doesn’t
65:54I would say is that you have to be open
65:57to the patterns and sometimes you may
66:00not have that perfect plan for that
66:03perfect job so be open to the search on
66:06your life because sometimes you just
66:08have to be floating that actual pattern
66:10number with number three I would say is
66:15absolutely make sure that if you haven’t
66:18found the thing you love to do
66:20don’t give up hope on that make sure to
66:22put yourself in position three and
66:24motion like i said earlier and you will
66:26stir up the opportunities but sitting in
66:29your home or your dorm room on the couch
66:30or the daily 95 it’s very unlikely that
66:34the passion for whatever you want to be
66:36doing is going to randomly fall into
66:38your lap he’s gotta get out there put
66:40yourself out there and start doing stuff
66:42and how can people stay in touch i know
66:44that we’ve talked a little bit about it
66:46but but maybe right here in a pissy kind
66:49of way
66:50although all the quick ways that people
66:52out there in the audience are going to
66:53stay in contact with you and and and
66:57continue to follow you and and reach out
66:59to you as well if you want to talk when
67:01I want fast and on Twitter beta baby ETA
67:04baay if you want to ask me a question
67:06video responses on bail application in
67:09Iowa ask away all the same thing today
67:12if you want to read recommend comment on
67:15articles i right there on media also day
67:19today or you can search my name is a
67:20mclaughlin on Forbes contributor there
67:23and that ultimately I want facebook
67:25there but generally speaking at the
67:28place was great interviews like this i
67:30want to talk to people so please reach
67:32out and actually messaged me don’t just
67:34follow and like that’s great but
67:35actually I was going on in your life too
67:38hey this is the first time that were
67:39speaking and I know that
67:41I have thoroughly enjoyed it i am so
67:44thankful that you came onto the show I
67:46really got a lot out of it i know the
67:47audience will as well and we’re
67:50certainly going to keep in touch where
67:51we’re so happy that you’re part of the
67:53listen up show family and I just want to
67:56thank you again wholeheartedly for
67:58coming on and really talking to us about
68:01so many important things and also
68:04providing so much advice and wisdom and
68:06resources for the audience we’ve got a
68:09lot out of it we want to thank you again
68:11my pleasure i really had a good time
68:13thanks so much hey you take care we’ll
68:15be in touch real soon alright thanks
68:17take care bye now be good

Fintech Entrepreneur Aaron Schumm Show 034

Fintech Entrepreneur

Vestwell, Founder Aaron Schumm

Fintech Entrepreneur, Aaron Schumm on Show 034.

Aaron is an accomplished fintech entrepreneur with a proven record. He is the Founder and CEO of Vestwell.  I asked him what the one best piece of business advice he has ever received. His response:  he truly believes in what you are doing he never looked at himself as an entrepreneur but someone who was passionate about a few things and wanting to solve a problem he is passionate about.

Designing technology used by advisors trust side transferred to tech side turnkey solutions to better serve their clients 401k 403b defined benefit contributions remove barriers when small to medium offering to their employees make it easier for advisor to do so offer a plan a remove all friction points turnkey touch point financial advisor owner and employee flows quick and eloquent so it's not confusing reduced cost name you as entity responsible for doing all this help from a fiduciary point of view they are comfortable an architect what it looks like and good for all of them owners employee plan sponsors there is a need
How he provides financial advisors with a modern platform which reduces fees, increases transparency and ensures compliance in a quickly shifting regulatory landscape.

believe in what you are doing never looked at myself as an entrepreneur passionate about a few things look at it as a person who wants to solve a problem I am passion about

Startup sponsor Hostgator

So what contributes most to his success:

refusal to fail highly competitive side that drives him if I didn’t have to sleep with wife and a newborn so driven business is a success that it benefits every person it touches

Aaron’s new company Vestwell is all about knowing which part of the market is underserved

Aaron discusses the key challenges that he faces market as whole advisory world two bucks financial advisor understand retirement advisors to company owners other side don’t service them but company owner has a relationship with advisor vestwell comes in advisor want s to service but not always easy for them so remove options to just walk away or just take something off self like John Hancock risky for company owner high cost employer doesn’t like or can find components recordkeeping admin custody broker investment and piece together solutions but can be laborious and expense advisors want to service their client but not that easy so we will put it together to better serve the customer

Prior to Vestwell, you Founded, FolioDynamix.

FolioDynamix was sold for $199 million sold to Actua who had a market value of $600 million back in 2014( ACTA)

Aaron’s payday? It was Ok still wants a few more dollars in the bank before he retires

People are interested in what the entrepreneur does but reasons to go into business goes to his personal story

Prior to joining FolioDynamix, he was vice president at Citigroup focused on global asset manager solutions.
how it made the shift

Checkfree/FISERV early 2000 he ran product MSP multi-strategy portfolios then unified managed account he ran product side moved to new york on trust side ERISA and moved to NY to be investment manager had no APL program cumbersome platform dos company who build it hired him thinking he would be investment person but started in tech side he is some developers UMA world his boss ran all different product segment his last day quit Fiserv two hours a night of sleep for a few years last day having a drink with his boss last day at Fiserv was in grad school wrote it out on a bar napkin concept draw up concept

Few months later he was moving to London to launch mutual fund wrap program boss called do you want to do this he was ready to leave pulled him in Bisys this company could help us sandbox wealth management solution outsource to wealth side it became his sandbox for folio dynamic have autonomy it was sold to Citi they slid out did it on their own.

Other past positions include the head of wealth solutions products at BISYS (now part of Citigroup) and product manager at CheckFree Investment Services (now part of Fiserv).

Amazing story what do you tell people with fear on last day want to go forward

You have to have a stomach for it it’s a roller coaster ride those early days at folio we struggled couldn’t make payroll been in very dark days could pay employees couldn’t pay rent and said I don’t think we can do this and you have to pay employees and they need money for their family nothing sexy glorious about it boots on the ground spend time doing things you didn’t want to do at a bigger company you would delegate you must be pushed in the pool and find a way out roller coaster we good days it’s a rush and bad days while someone just kicked you down make sure you spouse understands they are in it as well because their in it as well

When he ran out of cash in early days of folio wasn’t married it is a timing thing - had a successful exit and learn a lot what to do what not now with Vestwell he says I must do this create this and wife now knows if I don’t do it I would be miserable in corporate knowing I could make an impact she said I will give it one year if not she said you are getting something more stable

Not sexy in the investment world everyone wants to do investments your niche don’t know it don’t want to do

Jazy idea maybe idea is not so sexy ideas can come from anywhere he was interviewing someone for a position why retiring side what drives you why w0nt it be boring - he says distinct knowledge giving them an advantage all the moving parts you can dig in but you can take the time little nuisance in seeing it knowing war stories to piece it together

Department of Labor / Securities Exchange Commission: Investment advisor fiduciary
balance it all on boards he says it's exhausting just from reading it how is he doing it married new born big interest both he and his wife high energy sleeps well in small spurts

Companies he is passionate about Board member advisor helps out Quova account aggregation performance analytics dashboards out to advisors - full wallet they have as an investor he is passionate about met founders before they launched met and someone introduced them and help them is important to
Vestorly - content marketing financial services industry cool articfillial intelleige platform content market to communicate dialogues more receptive to investor
One wish in this world extend the days 36 hours days time and maturity figure out whats important and balance that the important things you are there for - thought leader - other companies are leveraging

Larger clients he is focusing on 3-7 years out - target work through financial advisory firms we give them tools for their client plan sponsors and end user employee but work through Trust Company broker-dealers RIA firms want to retain independent do what's right to clients fiduciary oversight cost not robo advisor automated technology with a human touch people phone number to chat through platform take it step further robo offerings great market for that service people that need it but new plans they are working with those who have existing plans scale from legal 1-20 million plan size different
Q: Causes Aaron cares about: passionate about other things growing up loving family brought into parents were very different adopted at birth build my own path learn a lot of my own fall down get up on my own mistakes along the way teach so not a lot of time for charity but buddy started inner city children to fail and get up and become mature to become adults snowboard in winter and skateboarding in summer have confidence to be knocked down and get up and they have been excepted to college and not make
Animal Welfare

Arts and Culture

Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

Economic Empowerment




Human Rights


Audible sponsors the Fast Pitch Mitchell’s Book Club

Business / Family or Inspirational book - Brief History of Time loves physics aspect loves political books money power politics Bloomberg, not an inspirational book reader likes nonfiction take information and see how it applies in my life and relate it to me

Quote - “Always put yourself in the other person shoes” “things can always be worse” “you are where you are because you need to be there right now”
Impactful purposeful under 100 bucks laptop charger -

Fun fact : He was adopted at birth and so was his sister but not his brother and that has really shaped him and raised by great parents, CEO, Co-Founder, Writer/Producer

Red Flavored Records DJ passion became a record label music but he didn't like the industry so he gave up the business to his partner and the record label still exists today.

Startup but actually thinking about good to great how to build a scalable business over multi channels - wisdom - it's very easy to be distracted there's a lot you can we can do so much stay focus myopia other things will come over time but be strategic know several steps ahead be impactful out don’t be reactive think how this will impact other aspects and this will take you to scale inner section points don’t have to do them now but down the road

Snappa sponsors the Wrapup

3 main Takeaways

1) Be thoughtful in what you do and make sure it impacts people in a positive way and how that plays out in the world how it impacts other people in a positive way because there is a lot of noise out there so leave it a little better

2) Be passionate: if your thoughtful and passionate then you have something

3) Work hard to get it done, your going to fail and make mistake but just pick yourself up, so if you thoughtful passionate and work hard you will be successful

Aaron on Twitter

Email Aaron

Aaron on LinkedIn

Entrepreneurial Leadership Stan Silverman Show 033


Entrepreneurial Leadership

PQ Corporation, Stan Silverman

On today’s show 033 


The post Entrepreneurial Leadership Listenup Show 033 Stan Silverman on Startup Entrepreneur Podcast first appeared on

Stan Silverman has spent decades serving in leadership roles and as a CEO as well as a board member of successful global corporations which provided our listeners with a unique perspective on leadership. As founder and CEO of Silverman Leadership and as a speaker, advisor and nationally syndicated writer on leadership, entrepreneurship and corporate governance for the Philadelphia Business Journal and 42 sister publications across the U.S., he shares his unique insights and techniques helping people and organizations to be more effective.

He is the former president and CEO of PQ Corporation, a chemicals and engineered glass materials company operating in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Currently he is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Drexel University and the former chairman of the board of Drexel University College of Medicine as well as the former chairman of the board of the Soap and Detergent Association. Stan has served on several boards of public company, private company, private equity company and non-profit boards.

He has been a speaker on leadership and governance issues at Private Company Governance Summits and at numerous other events. In addition, he has been a guest lecturer on leadership at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and at the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University. Further, Stan has served as a member of the faculty of Board Advisory Services of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

His experience and education are vast which has formed the basis of his successful career. His Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering and an MBA degree was earned from Drexel University. As well, he is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Stan can be reached at:

Google: Stan Silverman / Stanley W. Silverman
Twitter: @StanSilverman

The post Entrepreneurial Leadership Listenup Show 033 Stan Silverman on Startup Entrepreneur Podcast also appeared on



Content Marketers, Software Company Boost Linguistics Jeff Nowak Show 032


Content Marketers

Software Company, Boost Linguistics, Jeff Nowak, Cof-Founder



On Today’s Show 032

Jeff is the co-founder of a neurolinguistics software company that empowers content marketers to create more impactful content faster through the use of emotionally charged text.  He recently graduated from Drexel University in the Close School of Entrepreneurship. The company is called Boost Linguistics.


What we will discuss on today’s show:


Jeff Nowak is from Boost Linguistics on this Show 032 – get all the show notes and Jeff’s special offer by going to


Boost Linguistics is building an awesome writing tool text editor designed to create and automatically edit marketing content, provide audience engagement.


Their software helps persuade and analyze your templates to help suggest changes make your writing more appealing to the reader and more impactful by

Improving the way people write marketing material.

Other key points of discussion: Entrepreneurship, startups, content strategy,marketing, copywriting.

Lessons learned in today’s show:


Don’t just focus on SEO and keywords Focus on the Google Quality Score – SEO is becoming saturated with keywords so they are banking off the quality score pay per click by raising quality score it lowers your pay per click

How to use software to re-writing content provide emotion joy trust on your website to connect with your audience and help in your rankings using google analytics.

Drexel Startup Day and the Close School of Entrepreneurship is not just a startup entrepreneur competition it might be a different way to help entrepreneurs bootstrap


If you missed our last show with Nick Delmonico his company is creating wearable technology to manage asthma and on our next show it’s our year in wrap up.

We talk to Jeff and his company involvement in Drexel Startup Day where they help other young entrepreneurs launch their ideas to build business opportunities.

Bootstrapping – they skip family and friend rounds to raise money by entering into competition to win money for funding, they do things themselves to save money they will actually go out and get the certifications and learn how to do it themselves for example programming or bring someone onto the team to do it.  They acquire the skills themselves and then execute.



Fast Round fast pitch

1) Best business advice – If you are overthinking it too much and need to startup again and Content is king if you’re not on the internet you need to be.  Learn to listen, take it slow and keep it simple.

2) Business book – Jeff Reid The Alliance LinkedIn & Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz

3) App that you use to help you in business, family or life: Slack, Trello, Google suite Why – these apps provide the needed self-motivation social pressure everyone can see what you’re doing.

4) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate: keep moving mantra

5) Fun fact: Jeff hate’s solitude extroverted so he welcomes you to just come over and have a conversation about startups.

6) Best purchase under 100 bucks: Boise Headphones you can use your iPhone and Mac and work anywhere in the world Starbucks in Austria or in San Diego you don’t need a big office.


3 main takeaways lessons you have learned along your journey

Culture – no need for titles.

Don’t block ideas no fear to express themselves.

Keep it simple.



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Snappa – The Wrap Up Sponsor

Other Resources mentioned in this episode:


Offer trial 2017:  Jeff makes an offer the Listenup audience should take him up on there were be a link toward the end of the show and providing a concept marketing class.

Baiada (Bi-odd-ah) Institute for Entrepreneurship (Incubator)Chuck Sacca at Drexel it’s not just about resources and office space but being with other startup entrepreneurs where everyone may have different goals but it’s a community of business minded people seeing that fact others are doing it provides the knowledge and wisdom that you can as well. Reference to other companies within the Institute: Booksmart, Turn Water.

Keep in touch


Boost Linguistics

Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University: Deans: Donna Marie Decarlo & Damian Salas (show 014)

Healthcare Wearable Technology Solutions Asthma Management Nick Delmonico Strados Labs Show 031

Healthcare Wearable Technology Solutions Asthma Management


Execute, take action, start today! The first show Mitchell Chadrow's Podcast Listenup Show Podcast!

You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the website, Click here to subscribe in iTunes

Developing smart asthma management patent pending technology.

You can subscribe to the show on iTunes several platforms, you can also subscribe to the blog and get all of my material (blog posts and podcast) by clicking here.

Nick is developing a smart asthma management patent-pending technology. He is currently getting a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare at the Fox School of Business and Management Temple University.

Sales and distribution channels and the strategy for building it out in the future and raising money, pivoting from the initial design, how to commercialize the device and various go to market strategies.

Targeting end-user customer and making key changes to the device based on consumer feedback.

With the original prototype, he needed to pivot and made changes. His team consists of a biomedical engineer now an MD, neurologist at Jefferson Hospital and lead technologist. A software engineer from the hardware side.

It's not a diagnostic test like sounds of your lungs for asthma management. Nick did online asthma surveys as well as in person. Determined that a necklace with an adhesive type of device was not going to work but a chest strap idea would work better as it was able to stay clean so the process of iteration and leverage and focusing on what the end user really wanted was key as they came up with rapid prototyping.

  •  Patenting the technology and raising money

Strados came in second only for Nick to lose to his professor.

Ellen Weber is the Director of the Temple University Institute for Entrepreneurial Innovation who work with other venture capital firms like Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners , Robinhood, Mid-Atlantic Ventures who work with startups

We discussed the prototype and patent as well as  how the company will get the technology to their end users, distributing and selling the technology.  They anticipate having the provisional patent filed by the end of this year.  Once the provisional patent has been filed  with their end claims which give them first file rights if someone else comes up with the concept the first to file has a better claim to the idea.  Strados Labs will have 12 months to spend finalizing the software and hardware algorithms -

When dealing with a patent it's important to note what a company can say and what they keep secret

It comes down to what is proprietary or internal v what they can mention to the public.  We know the company is developing a wearable device but they keep the sound capture feature private.

Their goal is to provide extra value in this narrow niche. Focus on those end users to help them manage their asthma, provide advice and feedback from the device,

survey done signs symptoms of an asthma attack of wheezing - sometimes wheezing starts slowly in lungs and you try through your own will to identify those signs and alerting them it's not a diagnostic but alert something is happening to them alert to phone and message to parent or someone else take inhaler stop exercises breath deeply its an alert monitor track and monitor on back end but focus now is on front end - how they are bringing in people to do research - test it - market service - white papers how asthma needs to be better managed and that 2/3 can be prevented by not medicines but just managing it better - market research targeting asthmatics online forum Reddit American asthma foundation aaii - healthcare, MBA take quick survey for feedback to validate get qualitative information on people's condition some type of technology to better manage people's disease work with asthma research in NY how environment effects and how such technology would help doing focus groups up in Harlem pre-testing phase using this technology get feedback early then use it for testing.

We asked about some of the challenging moments the company has faced as a new startup and Nick being a business leader  - they are entering a high regulatory, high barrier, high capital intensive business and also managing individuals.  Nick working his day job and doing this at night and on weekends also while he was in California during the summer while the doctor neurologist was back in the Philadelphia area.  Nick had to find the time and make sure he was communicating effective and quickly needed to find the right people and manage the work stream and also maintain his current job.

What wanted to know what contributes to his success - he said a relationship with his co-founders the neurologist and although Nick is the face of Strados Labs his co-founder makes things smooth when running ideas past him or acting as a sounding board for being a devil's advocate which balances the good with the bad.  Its good to be positive but things are not always rosy so his co-founder is a good balance keeping him well grounded.

Insurance reimbursement of the device for asthma management.

The problem is that once a year people with asthma can be admitted to the ER with cost of $2500 and where it costs $20,000 a device for their solution $150 bucks can reduce risk to go to hospital and reduce those high-risk individuals by 60% less reduce asthma and reduce potential death or going to ER.  The plan on having the insurance company reimburse  through ins company and promoted by doctor hard time managing we will provide you pluma ware system reimbursed end users, not the person using it but doctors new business development force
Build a relationship with insurance area health technology comp who work with Medicaid and chronic diseases - use reminders to become more engaged with asthma management to leverage their device to partner with health systems improve health understand educate them innovation partnership spoke at hackathon non-hackathon sponsored by BCBS.

Advice for others he gives - to startup overwhelming most common mistakes students or preventing them from starting - coming up with a rockstar idea best idea and they stop if they think it's not the best - for him ideas change so much focus on problem and improvement upon those issues or problems - he started with wanting to solve the problem now is developing the solution focus on problems v ideas -

Recurring themes resources - help - people here to help - at top-ranked entrepreneurial program Philadelphia meet ups network events talk to them about ideas - Philly startup leaders - new in CC - new tech meetup Philly - leverage through temple Univer entrepreneur network summer studio incubator reach out to those you know in entrepreneurship - intellectual property hardship creating things v creating apps people want to invest in electrons v atoms -

Fully functional is challenge for things apps that is coding but here you have to build it and test it so more difficult to get funding federal grant challenging to get through Kickstarter IndieGoGo developing things medical devices - if he knew about these resources 6 months ago - doesn’t want to fail but will now know them federal funds natural science foundation SBIR funding process dept of engineer institute of health all have funds for small business who want to start businesses

who will help him write the grants trying to leverage innovation partnership through the small business association dev a tech national science foundation and they like your idea resources pre-proposal key components of stuff and how to develop commercialization of it
Voucher stipend to write grant, someone, to help SBIR agency to send to -

Lightning round sponsored by audible.

A book Nick recommends - The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho de Souza - It's about an individual on his journey to find a treasure. His entire motivation as a shepherd is to be rich but he goes on journey not where you get but how you get there he ends up the same - for him, it's about the journey what he has learned and get to place he wants to go and help asthma

Three take-aways from show:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions even as a new entrepreneur just talk to people about your idea to many people get caught up it being secreative or having to much concern about signing NDA, your idea will get stronger if you talk more about it; Focus on who you are working with, some people want to work with their friends but be careful who you work with and who you bring onto your team they might have a certain skill set but focus on the person beyond just their skill set and make sure it's aligned with your vision; Have fun it's an exciting journey, it's risky but just be smart.

Last show:

To listenup to our last show with Steve Bazemore and get all the show notes about career advice, personal development head on over to

Strados Labs is incorporate his business an LLC in DE but operates in PA in an incubator space at temple



Career Advice, Personal Development Coach, Steve Bazemore Show 030

Career Advice, Personal Development, Coaching, Legacy Planning Habits

Steve Bazemore, Senior Manager, Capital One

Career Advice, Personal Development, Coaching, legacy planning, habits with Steve Bazemore on today’s show 030 where he tells us about his personal story, provides career advice, personal development coaching and tells us a wake up call story.

It’s all about startups, entrepreneurs, business owners and those with careers who deep down inside really do want to startup

What we discuss on today’s show:

Steve talks to us about his personal story enjoying life, find your calling and his wake up to call in 2012.

He tells us about the process he developed as a how-to guide for individuals working on their own transformations. He calls it 36 Days to an Extraordinary Life.

The reoccurring themes that he experiences as a Coach and someone in a long term career that he summarizes for the benefit of other aspiring side hustle entrepreneurs, career transition-minded or those looking for help and resources to either startup, and grow a business or get something going as you call your side hustle.

So what is personal development coaching

What he thinks are the most common mistakes other career minded or people trying to startup on the side interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?

All about career advice.

The essential understandings entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?

This is our Fast round

So the Next fast round question is sponsored by “audible” your inspirational book” what one book would you recommend as it relates to business family or life

Start your Free 30 day trial and get one free download with your free 30 day trial.

1) Best business advice you would put up on a bill board

2) Give us a Book in business, family or life :

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

3) Your Best business practices

4) Everyone wants to know what’s the secret ingredients to your success

5) App that you use to help you in business, family or life

6) A quote or mantra that helps you be purposeful and practical – you use to inspire and motivate

7) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most –

8) Fun fact:

9) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today –

10) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind

11) What one thing Contributes most to your success


snappa saves you time, no need to hire a graphic designer, no need to use photoshop, provides beautiful graphics for social media ads, blogs, newsletters, invitations, family and holiday events.

what I now recommend it as a resource at

easy and simple to use Pre made templates and all you do is add their hi tech photos text graphics.

Guess what there is a feature that allows you to Resize your images for all different social media is that cool or what

As a Non designer myself I now use snappa to make beautiful graphics

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology Online Shopping vFit Show 029

Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology Online Shopping

Startup Student Entrepreneur’s, vFit

What will we learn today

How to startup.  Process and steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

The vision for vFit.

Founders background, the role of team and coming together.

I speak with Savanna Leavitt, Co-Founder, and her other four Co-Founders of vFit an online shopping technology for shoppers.  Savanna is a student enrolled in the Biomedical Engineering program at Drexel University with a focus on Biomechanics and Human Performance. She was raised in a very rural area of Maine.  Savannah’s mother is entrepreneurial and runs her very own beauty salon with a line of makeup she has branded, Savannah learned a great deal about entrepreneurship and being passionate about what you do from her mom. Savannah has always been intrigued by the sciences and how things worked and she found her interested in a medical degree at a young age, that’s when she discovered biomedical engineering and as they say she was hooked. Since beginning at Drexel, her interest grows in her major. She feels blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with this diverse group of individuals for the development of vFit. The idea is something the group of five co-Founders has dreamt about since they were young, and now the excitement rises as they will bring their idea to the public for use.  You should all keep up with their progress of the online shopping design and technology for shoppers like you.

The CMO will be overseeing the marketing, graphics and client relations department. This role guarantees that the application is well advertised, designed as well as aesthetically pleasing and maintains a rock solid reputation for meeting the user’s criteria.

Startup Entrepreneurs, Online Shopping for Shoppers.

vFit: sizing charts, online shopper, guessing the size of clothes across different brands and styles. the best way to decide on an article clothing is to try it on, and let’s be honest trying on clothing can be exhausting and impossible if you’re buying online! has recognized the frustration most people feel when it comes to choosing the right size and style and is trying to change that.

create 3D models of human bodies, technology will use the anthropometric dimensions of the user and create an avatar like a model

The idea is to help resolve a problem:

Use existing photographic technology to create realistic images with legitimate dimensions.
With these images create three-dimensional models of an individual’s body from the accurate photographs taken
Create holographic projectable images with the 3D models.
Long-term beyond 10-week span
Create a better shopping experience
Reduce theft
Save customer time and trouble
The vFit design will use body scanning technology to scan the body of the user and create a 3D model of it along with dimensions. By using this technology the user will be able to project the holographic image into a mirror to display how an article of clothing will appear in one’s body.

With this technology, the process of trying on clothing can be properly simulated to make it more efficient for the online shoppers. With the time spent shopping in stores greatly decreasing, online shopping will be more user-friendly with the technology available to be able to simulate trying clothing on from home. vFit is expected to make the process of finding a clothing size easier as the sizes in stock and best fit for the body dimension projected will be provided. So, if you are tired of non-fitting clothes and constant returns, this is the right solution for you, a stress-free experience!


vFit is the revolutionary new application that will change the way people shop forever. Have you ever ordered clothing online and then received it in the mail only to find out it wasn’t what you thought it would be or just didn’t fit in general? Or have you ever been in the store and unsure if you should purchase something because you didn’t know what it would look like paired with something you already owned? Well vFit can do all that for you. Using virtual reality and metrics software this app can tell you exactly what that cute sweater will look like on you, because we are not using avatars, but instead take a video or picture of yourself and that piece of clothing will be displayed so you can see yourself from all angles and have confidence that what you are buying online will look the same when you receive it at home. Not to mention you can browse multiple catalogs and mix and match it with clothing that already exists in your closet. Never be afraid to buy clothes online again with vFit.

Resources relied on by startup entrepreneurs: GoPro, Autodesk,
Holographic Imaging, Adobe, SmartPhone, Anthropometric Measurements


Riddhi Ameser, Co-Founder: freshman computer engineering major at Drexel University from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Born into a family of computer engineers, from day one technology, innovation, and thinking.  One day aspires to be a leader who can manage her employees and effectively communicate from a technical and mechanical standpoint. She is honored to be a part of this team.

CEO is also responsible to oversee the board as well as develop and maintain relationships with business partners.  To ensure the business side of the application is prosperous by developing the best strategies to make sure that vShop is able to compete with similar apps on the market and take a hold of the total market share.

Juliana Kocibelli, Co-Founder:  born in Germany and raised in Albania, a small and beautiful country in Southeastern Europe. She is currently studying Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University with a concentration in Tissue Engineering. Always been fascinated by science and technology. Since I was very young I wondered how the heart pounds continuously and how the brain can control the body and make it function. With the years passing, the interest for science grew even more, especially when she was first introduced to Biology and Chemistry. That was the point when she started to realize that she loves studying the human body and serving the society by developing technology that would help people live a better life. Being part of a project like vFit she says is very exciting to her because it is a technology that she has always wanted to have access to, so why not create one!

So you should like and support the idea of vFit design as much as they do.

The CFO will be overseeing the finance and legal teams.Must manage the company’s finances to keep the operation afloat as well as searching for new outlets and sources of revenue allowing for future expansion and development of the application.

Joti Saha, Co-Founder: freshman enrolled in the Biomedical Engineering program at Drexel University. She plans to major in Biomechanics and Human Performance. Born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to a small suburb outside of the Philly area at a young age. She is passionate about dance and trained in an Indian classical dance form, called Bharatnatyam, for ten years.  Her team fundraised for underprivileged kids in India with their annual charity shows. This experience has brought me closer to my future aspiration of making a difference in the world and helping others. Aside from dance, I became fascinated with math and science during my years in middle school. Around that time, my dad was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and needed a pacemaker implant. The surgery was successful and he gradually recovered. Since then, the marvels of this heroic device forever piqued my interest. With more research, I found a deeper appreciation for the amount of time and effort put into this intricate, yet small device. It was fate when I discovered biomedical engineering. During my time here at Drexel University, I have become more aware of global and household problems. With that being said, I look forward to developing vFit with my team and eager to see where this project will take us. I hope you find our design useful and interesting.

The COO’s role is crucial to the day-to-day operations of the application as well as overseeing the human resources department. The duties of this role include setting up meetings, making sure that things run smoothly among the different departments as well as internal and external deadlines and goals are being met.

Ada Wang, Co-Founder: currently a freshman enrolled in the College of Engineering program at Drexel University with a focus on Mechanical Engineering.  She was born in Newburgh, New York and moved to a very suburban area in Lancaster, PA.  Growing up she enjoyed watching and playing sports, such as basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, and golf. Her parents are co-owners of a Chinese restaurant. Because this was a family business, Ada grew up at a very fast age, mentally. Through the work experience and through the constant hardship that her parents had to suffer, as well as the fact they did not have the option to go to college, she fully devoted myself to take advantage of the opportunity to go to school and to choose a major that I felt fulfilled not only my interest in designing but also to make my parents proud. Through the courses that she has taken at Drexel, Ada slowly begun to find what really made her special and thus given the amazing opportunity to attend college, she also feels truly blessed to have met such an amazing group of women engineers who not only share the same passion as her but as excited to present their design: vFit. So join them on a journey that will change the way you shop today!

The role of the CTO is to work with IT and R&D departments and to make sure that the app is working and giving the user the best experience possible by using the most cutting edge technology. Initially, the CTO will be in charge of the massive data migration that will be taking place between the partnered clothing companies and the application’s platform.

Mission Statement

While some may consider shopping to be one of their favorite hobbies, others dread just the mere thought of being in a department store for more than 5 minutes. Over the years, online shopping has provided some relief to those who hate stepping into the mall; however, it has yet to fully satisfy all of its customers. With over 25% of all items bought online, returned, nearly 80% of that being clothing, it seems as if trying to pick a size on an article of clothing shouldn’t have to be a gamble for your money. With the wide variety in sizing charts among different brands, some with more generous size charts and others less so, it is almost impossible for an online shopper to feel confident guessing the right size across different brands and styles. Not to mention, in-store shopping can take up too much time and energy. But if there was a mobile application that ensures both fit and quality, would you believe it? LAWKS Graphics is proud to introduce vFit, an application designed to accommodate the needs of consumers and the gap within the clothing industry. As of today, there are virtually no applications that allow an individual to see how a piece of clothing would look on them in real time. vFit brings the live shopping experience to you, whether it be in the office, home or public. vFit is the way the next generation will shop. *

How to keep in touch with the Co-Founders of vFit:

Stay in contact with Savannah Levitt, Co-Founder  :
Juliana Kocibelli, Co-Founder :
Joti Saha, Co-Founder  :
Ada Wang, Co-Founder :

Graphic Designer Photo Editor Software Snappa Founder Christopher Gimmer Show 028

Graphic Designer Photo Editor Software Snappa Founder Christopher Gimmer Show 028

Christopher Gimmer, Founder, Snappa - Check out show 031


@cgimmer or @snappaio


SEO Strategy
Using Free Stock Photos
Using Keywords
Bootstrapping your business

30 Tools to Startup

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guests remind us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

So I outlined the 30 tools that help you increase productivity, get started in business and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

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Google's Keyword Planner
Reddit Research
Free stock photos article
Breaking The Glass Ceiling Of Search Through Acquisition by Matthew Barby on Search Engine Land.

Web App Developer, Joshua Davidson, Chop Dawg Show 027

Web Application Developer

Joshua Davidson, Chop Dawg


So what will we learn today


People use and need Apps to balance their business, family and life Joshua is a Web App Developer, & Founder of Chop Dawg


How does Joshua help Startups, entrepreneurs, business owners?


Joshua founded Chop Dawg in 2009 when he was just 16.


Super Monkey Ball was one of the most popular apps back in 2009 when Chop Dawg started out as a web design firm by 23 the company now provides entrepreneurs who have mostly non-technical backgrounds who need someone with the technicals needed to develop web applications.


They have over 180 startups clients and if I interviewed these clients they would tell me that Joshua is the go-to source for turning their web app ideas into actual products.


How does he do this through a variety of services, like web development, mobile development, user interface design, branding.


Some of our trusted friends in our Listenup audience are non-technical entrepreneurs but they have great ideas that may need crowdsourcing or outsourcing or need to hire a company like Chop Dawg and founders such as yourself


Our listeners want help turning their validated ideas into a reality


Let’s jump right into your personal story so people can get to know Joshua better


Tell us a little bit about your background and how it ties in to how you are helping people today.

He says, in the beginning, you could either label him either the most technical, non-technical person or flipping it around the most non-technical, technical person. His talent was building things that other people care about.

He recommends thinking about issues or problems you are dealing with to think about ideas for a business.

Tell us how you got started in business and what should be done in the first 30 days of business

Our last guest John Richards spoke to us about the importance of failing faster and pivoting early – looking back on your own startup what would you have done the first 30 days to startup better

On sales: Sell to those who want to be sold to. Sell on why my team is the best, educate them

Chop Dawg’s goal is to help entrepreneurs build their product that solves real-life problems, and then help them scale it.


What are the reoccurring themes that you experience as an entrepreneur that you can summarize for the benefit of other aspiring, startups looking for help and resources to either startup, and grow a business or get experience as an intern or find a job.

What do you think are the most common mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs or students interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?

Can you give us some of the essential understandings entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?

How successful are you? Joshua discusses his revenue, costs, and number of clients. He is even focusing on virtual reality and wearables.


How did you get featured on MSNBC, NBC, Fox, Technically, AOL, Mashable, EliteDaily, Huffington Post, CBS, the Examiner, and the list continues to grow! (And now, Listenup Show!)


You see many startups on the rise in incubators for example, Y Combinator, so when did the light bulb finally go off where you connected all the dots and saw this serious market opportunity to go beyond just doing web design and development for clients.


Was it like clients were just reaching out to you and your team? How did you get the media to cover the company ?


Q: How do you take those idea or concepts and build them for the client – what’s your process? crowd funding through kickstarter or indigo is a quick economical way to validate physical goods and products but how about apps / digital assets


Entrepreneurial education is important yet you decided to drop out of school – after only a short period of time –


Discuss the story of the drummer of Metallica to motivate, inspire.

Josh talks to us about education resources available to the startups entrepreneurs.


What type of revenue were you earning at that time?.


Lightening round is sponsored by


1) Best business advice you would put up on a bill board

2) Next the “audible inspirational book” what one book would you recommend as it relates to business family or life – Joshua names several throughout the podcast: Ben Franklin.

3) App that you use to help you in business, family or life

4) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate

5) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most – Joshua recently got a nine week old bull dog.

6) Fun fact about Joshua: Seven time plane jumper and upcoming tattoo to not only motivate but to always stay practical with a purpose.

– – – How did you use social media to build the company ?

—–I hear you have over 699,000 Twitter followers and you following some 200,000 people – thats over the top


—deliver personal responses to each and every one of his loyal “Dawgs.”

7) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today?

8) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind?

9) What one thing Contributes most to your success?

10) What one main process or system in business family or life do you use that has helped you the most?

11) Looking back on all you have done in business family and life are you happy have their been any regrets?


How can you get in contact with Joshua –




Twitter: @dasjoshua


Facebook: @dasjoshua


Linkedin: Joshua Davidson

Chop Dawg Website:
To Listen Up to our last Show with John Richards and get the show notes and resource links.


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Before we say it’s your business it’s your family it’s your life now go out and live it


Lets ListenUp to Joshua as he summarizes his three main points – takeaways that he wants to inspire and motivate us with – Joshua


#1) Persistent

2) Consistent

3) Fortitude



Entrepreneur, educator, advisor, investor, John Richards, Startup Ignition, Show 026

Startup Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur, educator, advisor, investor

John Richards, Startup Ignition


John Richards  is an entrepreneur, educator, advisor, investor, John Richards, startup ignition. He has also been described as a mentor, angel investor, tenacious, helps others succeed and a connector of people. In his home state of Utah he is known as the godfather of Utah’s startup scene.

Currently he is co-founder of Startup Ignition with his son Tyler.

In 1994 the early days of the internet John Richards took his and the print business online/with the Yellow Pages later Info Space purchased his online business and he continued to work at Info Space until 2001.

John became founder and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at Brigham Young University, At BYU he was a professor of entrepreneurship and pursued angel investing.

What we will learned on the show was how his company Startup Ignition teaches entrepreneurs what they need to know to launch their startup. Its an entrepreneurship bootcamp. How he works with his sons and backed his son Tyler’s business DevMountain which is a coding bootcamp.

Prior to startup ignition he was involved with boom startup which was a mentorship bootcamp.

Recently he left Google late last year heading up their Business Operations for Fiber which was Googles entry into Utah via the purchase of the iProvo fiber network.

We learned his secret for building networks – and how he helps provide other entrepreneurs that special connection to other people.

Some of the things that contributes most to his success: honesty, hard work ethic, tenacity and perseverence.

His advice to those startups in their first 30 days you need to first validate your idea. Validate your market for your business, pivot until you arrive at a place that you know when to launch your service or product and then take it to market.

We do a deep dive into his personal story where he tells us a little bit more about your background and how it ties in to how you are helping people today. John tells us about the mission and vision for Startup Ignition boot camp. We discuss the common set of problems that startups face and that startup ignition helps to resolve. He provides valuable advice to those in the middle of their career who want to startup a business and speaks directly to young college age students who can take the risk in starting something new. What are reoccurring themes aspiring entrepreneurs face and he summarizes them to help provide resources.

We also do a deep dive into what happens when you have several shareholders in the business or partners that raise issues of control and management before you even startup.

Other covered subjects in our interview:

What is the role in higher education for entrepreneurship – Bringham Young University

John raises the concept of the Lean Startup model – lean startup process and how that model helps angel investors find companies to invest.

We have talked about crowd funding and using Kickstart and Indiegogo to economically valide an idea. Why raising capital to early can actually hurt the entire entrepreneurial process.

What do you think are the most common mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs or students interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?

What do you mean that entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for pains and problems.

What is the role of formal education in entrepreneurship?

“The best, best thing that entrepreneurs get about attending a university is the collisions with other peers and likeminded people, where they can have their ideas, get together and merge ideas, form teams and do great things.”

Raises a story of one of his students at BYU, Garrett Gee who was the founder of Scan, a QR code-scanning mobile app and sold company to Snapchat for $54 million.

Fast Round 


1) Best business advice that you would place on a bill board.
Authenticate your business idea before you go full force and launch your product or service.

2) name a book that has helped you in either business family or life


John Mullins – The New Business Road Test – Before you even think about writing that business plan validate your idea first.

3) App that you use to help you in business, family or life

A group of Google employees left the company to form Asana.

4) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate

motto “learn, earn and return”

5) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most –

Ever Contact – integrates well with gmail and keeps track of all your contacts in one place.

6) Fun fact:

John is an avid pickle ball player.

7) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today –

8) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind

John Huntsman

How can people stay in contact with John:

Learn more about Startup Ignition bootcamp

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Young Serial Entrepreneur: David Zamarin Sold his first startup Lick Your Sole At 15, Now he is Founder and CEO of Detrapel Show 025


Young Serial Entrepreneur

David Zamarin, Founder & CEO Detrapel

Young serial entrepreneur series. David Zamarin is Founder & CEO of startup Detrapel. David sold his first startup Lick Your Sole when he was 15. As a result of his success  Jeremiah Joseph De Leon recommended that I interview David for my Young Serial Entrepreneur startup series.

I then read more about him through different media outlets like Philadelphia Business Journal, CBS Philly, Fox 29 Philly and more. Therefore, I decided to feature him on my Young Serial Entrepreneur startup series.  Most noteworthy, was my interview with  Scott Pecoriello Founder of Know Snow App and Meterology Optics.

The Detrapel formula protects your fabrics and materials from getting wet and dirty and helps them appear as they did when you first purchased the item.  David tells us that the spray is hydrophobic which uses nanotechnology to repel almost anything off of almost every surface from water to mud.  The company is once again selling their bottles for retail to consumers.  The product is sold to several industrial business clients and although we didn't get into any great detail I'm sure consumers could get wholesale prices if they purchased a large enough quantity. DetraPel is 100% eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, Water-based, Portable, and in the past provided consumers a 1-year money- back guarantee. It is also Non-flammable, 100% non-toxic, Non-corrosive, UV resistant, Rustproof, and Ice- proof.

Detrapel works well in a stain-free world no more spilling something on your shirt and you can't get the stain out - no more ruined shirts.



Lick Your Sole rapidly grew with establishing several distribution channels and hit a peak in revenue after partnering with the different sports teams of Temple, Penn, Drexel and other Universities in Philadelphia. Zamarin made a risk decision often faced by many entrepreneurs, whether to continue or not. Zamarin eventually decided to sell the company to someone who was interested in taking over.

Lick Your Sole was a professional shoe detailing service that specialized in cleaning, conditioning and repairing every type of footwear in an original way.
David's objective at that time was to deliver quality service while providing customer satisfaction. His business acumen was to combine this service with cleaning technology

The opportunity was in restoring the first fresh look and feel of those out of the box shoes you first purchased.

At 15 he got into a youth entrepreneurship program called Startup Corps.  Zamarin was a star student of the Philly Startup Corps program that helps high school students start their own ventures and create something real.  At some point he realized that his business was scalable.

DetraPel came out of this ah ha moment and yet another new opportunity. Listenup to the rest of this amazing story of a young serial entrepreneur at my website.


---Lessons of a young entrepreneur.

----Programs for high school entrepreneurship.

---The best business advice he has received

--- Philosophy on crowdfunding.

---With so many cleaning and drying products on the market, how has Detrapel broken into the market?

---- How he learned to balance business, fun and a long list of extracurricular activities.

----- The key to working with mentors and a board of advisory group.
How to balance business, fun and a long list of extracurricular activities.  The key to working with mentors and an outside advisory group.



30 Tools to Startup

Grab Mitchell's e-book – “30 Tools to Startup!”

As an entrepreneur, our guests remind us that time is our most valuable asset and you need to maximize your efficiency and productivity. And technology can be really helpful in doing that.

So I outlined the 30 tools that help you increase productivity, get started in business and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

So click Download Now! below enter your email to sign up and subscribe and get your free ebook 30 Tools to Startup and start being smarter today!


Schoolyard Ventures

One thing that contributes most to his success?
graphic designer
A fun fact about him?
worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today is?
Successful person
Two years from what will he be doing?








Motivational Speaker Zephan Moses Blaxberg Create Your Life on Purpose with Show 024

Motivational Speaker Zephan Moses Blaxberg, Author, Life Re-scripted, Podcast Host, Year of Purpose

Zephan helps small business owners, entrepreneurs or online marketers who need a professional videographer and video editor. His name is Zephan Blaxberg, he is a self-employed videographer and he has worked with some of the top companies in the world including (but not limited to) AAA, Merrell Shoes, The White House, Netflix, Uber and more.

Zephan provides high quality, fast turn around edits and filming so that professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers can get their message out to your viewers. One of the major benefits that you get to enjoy when you work with him is that his background is in direct response marketing. His experience is that he has worked with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer (two of the top copywriters and marketers in the world) and now Zephan brings that same unique marketing strategies to help businesses through video!

You probably ask – what is direct response marketing? Direct response marketing is a type of marketing that elicits a specific, measured response resulting from a consumer’s direct response to a marketer. Direct response marketing facilitates the delivery of a call to action and outcome via direct or online interaction for immediate feedback and response. Basically, I make awesome videos that encourage your customers to buy from you.

If you’re looking for a videographer and editor, look no further than ZMBmedia. Whether you need a VSL (Video Sales Letter) for your marketing or a promotional video edited for your business, Zephan can help!

ZMBmedia is a Baltimore based video production company providing online marketing videos a promotional content to high end clients including AAA and Merrill Shoe Company. We have been invited to the White House and the Senate floor to provide photography and video services and produced animations that display at the Philadelphia Eagles Lincoln Financial Field and the Philadelphia Flyers Wells Fargo Center.

Backed by marketing experience from his employment with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer as the producer of NO B.S. Live TV and videographer for all of the GKIC (formerly known as Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle) events and conferences, I have built a skill set of invaluable high converting marketing tactics that will allow you to see new leads, new clients and more customers. Using my marketing background and my experience as a cinematographer, I provide top-notch services to marketers nationwide including Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, Mara Glazer, Michael Lafido, Pat Mussieux, and many more.

ZMBmedia has also provided services including promotional headshot photography, wedding and event photography, WebTV show production and more.


Zephan Moses Blaxberg is also the Author, of Life Re-Scripted (Available On Amazon) on this show 024


He is the Host of The Year of Purpose Podcast (Available on iTunes)


Zephan, tells us What Every Happy Person Has In Common


Why people take risks?


Reasons You Should Re-Write Your Story starting Today


  • Zephan says, over the past two and half years he has been travel hacking his way around the country*, couch-surfing in strangers homes and redesigning his story (to build a highly successful business and turning a dream life into a reality).


he also says, that travel, exploring new places he says is only one of the ways you can live on purpose…


He works with amazing coaching clients who love what they’re creating in the world.


Zephan started from scratch and made $15,000 in his first six months after quitting his job…and close to $60,000 with a little elbow grease and patience (less than 2 years later)


  • He was able to “hack” over 25 FREE flights around the country and still run his business from the road (in fact, he booked just as much work on the road as he would at home)


  • Zephan has created a free course:


“Find Your Purpose in 8 Days“


so at the end of the interview we will tell you how you can Check out Zephan’s course, remember he shows you the right way.


  • the next lesson a unique tactic that entrepreneurs use to generate millions in revenue…and he is going to tell us how to use it for your purpose driven life.
  • He tells us the juicy, insider-secrets of lifestyle design (he says, there are many …and he promises to share several of them with you in on his podcast), but he needs you to do two things: so you will have to Listen Up today to find out what they are


  • A single tool that will change the way you approach life and tough decisions (I’ve

adopted this from Elon Musk and it works wonders for every aspect of your life)

& How you can apply this single tool to your life…



1) What one thing Contributes most to your success

  1. Personal Story – Tell us a little bit about your background and how it ties in to how you are helping people today.
  1. Tell us about the mission and vision for your company
  2. What are the reoccurring themes that you experience as an aspiring entrepreneur that you can summarize for the benefit of other aspiring, startups looking for help and resources to either startup, and grow a business or get experience as an intern or find a job.
  1. What do you think are the most common mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs or students interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?
  1. Can you give us some of the essential understandings entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?
  1. Where does the drive come from to be successful and to make a difference in this world.
  1. Tell us about your ACHIEVEMENTS
  2. Resources for other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business – from UD or other things you have used
  1. When did you discover you were a business leaders/that you wanted to help other members and be resourceful
  1. tells us about a challenging moment as a business leader / (owner or entrepreneur)

Fast Round – 

1) Best business advice that you have received / If you had a bill board and could put anything on it what would it be –

2) Next the “audible inspirational book” which is sponsored by – name a book that has helped you in either business family or life

3) What flaws have turned out to be strengths

4) App that you use to help you in business, family or life

5) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate

6) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most –

7) Fun fact:

8) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today –

10) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind

11) What kind of systems do you have in your life

12) Two years from now what are you doing?


How can people get in contact with you:

What we learned today

Write down stuff you always wanted to do for 30 days and circle those items that constantly come up.

Make yourself a resource and become more resourceful.

Develop an awareness and notice and receive those opportunities that present themselves to you.

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So many lessons learned on today’s show 024 so check out the full show and all the links.

To Listen Up to our last Show with Jeremiah Joseph De Lion and get the show notes and resource links.



Technology Software Application Entrepreneur Jeremiah Joseph De Leon CEO & Co-Founder of Align App Show 023

Technology Software Application Entrepreneur

Jeremiah Joseph De Leon, Founder, Align App

What we will discuss on today’s show:

Technology software application entrepreneur Jeremiah Joseph De Leon is CEO and Co-Founder of Align App.

He says,  “It’s not about what you can do; it’s about who you know.” but “its who knows you.”

Growing up in foster care and how he calls his mobile app the tinder for entrepreneurs.

·    The ability to generate great ideas, making connections to move forward but the importance of executing.
·    Creating a product to give to anyone.

The release of their Mobile App this July, 2016 that uses geolocation to match with the exact people you need to make your startup dreams a reality.
·    Their goal accelerate innovation globally by connecting entrepreneurs.
·    How is the App Easy, Fast and Rewarding


·    what it means to find your why.
·    We explore Jeremiah’s personal story, the mission of the Align company, lessons he has learned that we all can learn from.

Discuss Success, issues he faces a long with their challenges and how to deal with them – We explore several entertaining points during our lightening round and staying in touch.

Now onto the show



Jeremiah Joseph De Leon – Jeremiah is the CEO and Co-Founder of Align
The full show and all the links can be found at
1) What one thing Contributes most to your success
2. Personal Story – Tell us a little bit about your background and how it ties in to how you are helping people today.
how does why give purpose and meaning, how why inspires.

how he Inspires people to never give up, no matter

how everyone should make their dreams a reality.

discuss his philosophy of the greatest hope was within myself

he was the only one with the key to my future the whole time.
Life taught him to pivot, adapt to new ideas and perspectives.

he utilized people and resources to attain outcomes that were thought impossible for him

Life has taught him the art of networking. Life has made him who he is today an entrepreneur.
3. Tell us about the mission and vision for Align


4. What are the reoccurring themes that you experience as an aspiring entrepreneur that you can summarize for the benefit of other aspiring, startups looking for help and resourcesto either startup, and grow a business or get experience as an intern or find a job.
5. What do you think are the most common mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs or students interested in business make that delay or prevent their success?
6. Can you give us some of the essential understandings entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?
7. Where does the drive come from to be successful and to make a difference in this world.
8. Tell us about your ACHIEVEMENTS
9. Resources for other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business – from UD or other things you have used
10. When did you discover you were a business leaders/that you wanted to help other members and be resourceful
11. tells us about a challenging moment as a business leader / (owner or entrepreneur)
12. failure that has influenced and shaped you to who you are today
Your biggest failure?

Fast Round – sponsored by

Looking for special resources to help start a business, generate ideas or help gain employment there are free premium resources – Newsletter, Subscribe for Your Free Premium Resources – to Start Your Business, LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation or a Non-Profit.


1) Best business advice that your organization has received at one of your events / If you had a bill board and could put anything on it what would it be –
2) Next the “audible inspirational book” which is sponsored by – name a book that has helped you in either business family or life

3) What flaws have turned out to be strengths


4) App that you use to help you in business, family or life


5) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate


6) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most –


7) Fun fact:


8) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today –


10) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind
11) What kind of systems do you have in your life
12) Two years from now what are you doing?

How can people get in contact with you:






great ideas, however, I didn’t have the connections to move forward. After watching my ideas come to life through others, I promised myself that I will attend college to create a product to give anyone, anywhere all the connections they need at their fingertips.”


inception of align, released this July, 2016, mobile app will use geolocation to match with the exact people you need to make your startup dreams a reality. The goal of align is to accelerate innovation globally by connecting entrepreneurs.



Skills & Expertise


Public Speaking Fundraising Nonprofits Research

Event Planning Team Leadership Customer Service Higher Education

Drexel University

Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies, 2015 – 2018

Montgomery County Community College

Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies, 2012 – 2014
Activities and Societies: President of Student Government /Sports : (Capt.) Montco’s Soccer team National involvement : President of the American Student Association of Community Colleges (ASACC)

What we learned today
Now Lets Listen Up to Jeremiah as he summarizes the three main points that



No. 2

No. 3

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Go To:



Young Nonprofit Leader Tiffany Canjura, President, Latino Professionals for America, Association, University of Delaware Show 022

Young Nonprofit Leaders

Tiffany Canjura Latino Professionals America Association

Young Nonprofit Leader Tiffany Canjura, President of the Association of Latino Professionals for America and student at the University of Delaware.

What we will discuss on today’s show:


Tiffany Canjura is President of the Association of Latino Professionals for America at the University of Delaware.

How the organization helps its members either get internships, jobs or start businesses. The resources the organization provides.

The companies it partners with to get its members interviews. The various events the organization plans to provide their members for success in the business world.

We discuss the other activities Tiffany is involved that help her balance her leadership role. Her day to day at the Association and what she does in her role as President. We explore her personal story, the mission of the organization, lessons she has learned that we all can learn from. She discusses success, issues the students face a long with their challenges and to deal with them. We explore several entertaining points during our lightening round and staying in touch.

It’s exciting to note that several of the organizations members and the executive board are either thinking of or are in the process of starting their own business.

Looking for special resources to help start a business, generate ideas or help gain employment there are free premium resources at – Newsletter, Subscribe for Your Free Premium Resources – to Start Your Business, LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation or a Non-Profit.

The association also prepares its members for the Business world in a number of ways.

helping with the interview process, coordinates networking events with companies like EY, Baker Tilly, J.P Morgan Chase, Bloomberg, Deloitte, KPMG .

Honest and raw business advice, holds a number of panels with individuals from various companies to share valuable lessons and success secrets. In the midst of at these events members are required dress either Business Casual or Business Professional Attire.

The Association teaches its members proper etiquette, formality, professionalism, networking skills as well as valuable lessons that prepare them for business life.

Tiffany is in the Lerner School of Business at the University of Delaware with a concentration in International Business, Business Management and Business Administration a minor in Advertising.

Its all about a balance as we focus on not only business but family and life – Tiffany is also extremely involved in her work as a lifeguard, Zumba instructor, social media ambassador, and marketing representative.

She is also actively involved in UDress Magazine, Entrepreneurship club, Women in Business club.

As President of the Association of Latino Professionals for America Tiffany Supervises the organizations Social Media accounts; Organizes Fundraisers and Events; Coordinates and collaborates with other on-campus organizations and helps Sponsers other campus events; Recruites new members; Engages with her staff and members; Organizes weekly club meetings; Posts club updates and notifications; Advertising Association events.

Insomnia Cookies – Campus Marketing Rep.

What we learned:


Tiffany I am sure you have an amazing story to tell all of us – so everyone its time for me and all the Trusted Friends out there to Listen Up – Tiffany

1. Personal Story – Tell us a little bit about your background and how it ties in to how you are helping people today.

2. Tell us about the mission and vision for your organization

As it relates to your members, prospective members or students either looking for internships, their first job or help starting a business:

3. What are the reoccurring themes that you experience as a young leader that you can summarize for the benefit of other aspiring, leaders or members looking for help and resources

to either startup, and grow a business or get experience as an intern or find a job.

4. What do you think are the most common mistakes your members or prospective members or students/(entrepreneurs/or students looking for internships or jobs) make that delay or prevent their success?

5. Can you give us some of the essential understandings members/entrepreneurs/students need to have the proper mindset to deal with the daily challenges they face?

6: Where does the drive come from to be successful and to make a difference in this world.

7: Tell us about your ACHIEVEMENTS

8: Resources for students to start their own business – from UD or other things you have used

9: When did you discover you were a business leaders/that you wanted to help other members and be resourceful

10) tells us about a challenging moment as a business leader / (owner or entrepreneur)

11) failure that has influenced and shaped you to who you are today

Your biggest failure?

Fast Round

1) What one thing Contributes most to your success

2) Best business advice that your organization has received at one of your events / If you had a bill board and could put anything on it what would it be – Be Yourself

3) Next the “audible inspirational book” which is sponsored by – name a book that has helped you in either business family or life

4) What flaws have turned out to be strengths

5) App that you use to help you in business, family or life

6) A quote or mantra that you use to inspire and motivate

7) Less than $100 purchase that has impacted your life the most – business suit

8) Fun fact:

9) Worse advice being given to young entrepreneurs today –

10) When you think of the word successful what first name comes to your mind

11) What kind of systems do you have in your life

12) Two years from now what are you doing ?



starting a business llc, S corp. C Corp. non profit head on over to – or – For All Your Personal Relationships. or – For Alternative Banking Needs.

You can get all the show notes and links at show022.

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How can we discover more from Tiffany Canjura and the organizations that you lead (websites, offer URL’s, etc.)?

Digital Real Estate Expert Michael Giangiordano II, Founder and CEO at Rental Rater Show 021

Digital Real Estate Expert

Michael Giangiordano, II, Founder & CEO Rental Rater

What we will discuss

Digital Real Estate Expert, Michael Giangiordano, II Founder & CEO of Rental Rater born and raised in South Philadelphia

He provides community involvement through the various schools that he has attended and church.

He grew up around his father’s real estate business.

We discuss the mission and vision for Rental Rater and launching the company.

How Michael came up with the idea for Rental Rater and registering the domain name.

What real estate apps or websites are out there which are easy to navigate and use, are universal and simple to operate where all you have to do is just  type in where you live and put a review up.  Determine the right ingredients to make such a real estate platform successful.  The website is not just for landlords, it discusses the property and neighborhood and informs prospective tenants before they rent the place.  Tenants want to know what others think like students want to know about their professors or services from Angies List thus the real estate market wants  Rental Rater.  This will include  rental properties – both at the macro and micro level not just row home, duplex not just commercial read review from all of that.

Dean Salas Show 014 – Resources students have on campus LeBow Business College what type of resources on Drexel campus but in your community – discuss my idea with them passion – Close School

Ian assistant Dean providing connections, people, developer, free legal services – legal aspects must be thought of – lend helping hand to get venture off the ground – Phil & Bonnie


What we learned

Ready willing and able to face challenges and be willing to fail and people will push back and you need to be ready to answer them or find the answers.

Talk to other people get their opinions from as many people do research must know what your talking about before you start.

Answers to questions from the Audible Fast Round

Sponsors – Newsletter, Subscribe for Your Free Premium Resources – to Start Your Business, LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation or a Non-Profit. – To Listen to the Show with Michael Giangiordano II and get the show notes and resource links. – Provide an honest written review of the Listen Up Podcast in iTunes. – Shop Amazon for all your shopping needs. – I love books and so do our guests.  Start your Free 30 day trial and get one free download with your free 30 day trial. or – For All Your Personal Relationships. or – For Alternative Banking Needs.

Resource Links


Drexel University Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship
witter: rental_rater


Instagram: rentalrater


Two Young NonProfit Leaders, Sobel & Rojas, Co-Founders, Lazarus Rising, Solutions For Combating Homelessness Show 020

Young Nonprofit Leaders Sobel & Rojas

What we will discuss:


Starting a Non-Profit and structuring the organizations.

Mission and Purpose of Lazarus Rising.

Creating a Volunteer College Network of Students.

Challenges faced by the organizations.

Building up resumes for start up profit v homeless and at risk individuals for non profits.

Power of bootstrapping.

Outside involvement to build leadership, character and values.

Partnerships formed to expand organizations. From board of advisors, to local chapters at other college campuses.

Utilizing free resources.

Skills learned from outside involvement in other organizations that contribute to the non profit success.

What we learned:


Lazarus Rising is a non profit organization that helps provide  job interview skills, online job portals, on-line application resume building and formatting to those who are at risk and homeless.

Sobel and Rojas are the two young leaders and Co-Founders behind the Lazarus Rising.  College students are constantly applying for internships and jobs online so those skills can transfer to helping at risk and homeless individuals and families.

The two Matthews  complement each other by providing there own expertise.  They met on student government.  Together they combine business acumen, smart minds and compassionate hearts. The free resume building workshops they provide are conducted at local homeless shelters.

When starting Lazarus Rising they used the easier more streamlined process to file for their 501(c) (3) as the initial revenues would be under a certain threshold amount.  James ‘Jim’ Sealy, is the organizations CFO who helps with research legal and financial sources writing small grants helped them easy easier 501(c) (3) status.

The challenge at first was will they eventually have enough volunteers. Other on campus student groups from the Blue Hen Investment Club (long equity fund) at the University of Delaware get involved with volunteering. and the endowment foundation provides support by providing some resources.

The opposite of investment banking might be building volunteer networks.

They have also used the free resources available at the library.

We talk bootstrapping whether for profit or non profit resources on campus to help them continue to grow organizations.

Matt Rojas is involved with bible study and Marine officer candidate school with core training to become 2nd Lt. upon graduation.  These outside interest help him develop skills that he can also use in Lazarus Rising.   They teach critical thinking under extreme stress and pressure, lead people in different backgrounds, create values, set up a course on how to inspire, honor courage, commitment driven, adaptive flexability under different circumstances and help grow under all types of situations.

Matt Sobel provides many words of wisdom for those who Listen Up:  never give up, you are always going to encounter difficulties but starting something and having an idea so you don’t pass the buck, take initiative, try to solve problems, it will work out with all different types of people with different thought processes, learn from your differences through open mindedness and mutual respect.

Lazarus Rising combating homelessness by offering solutions resume building and job placement skills.   The non-profit continues to grow with ten chapters at other colleges across the US and they are rapidly expanding.  expand.  The program model is scalable at universities and shelters across the country.

Found that the job application process can be standardized to provide job training to homeless and at risk individuals.  As college students they are naturally prepared to teach resume building and  interview skills for free as volunteers.


They decided to expand from the University of Delaware because the the problem is so much larger then Delaware and the solutions they are providing can help others. So the Matts reached out to friends at other college campuses and asked for their help to offer similar solutions.

This is now offered at 10 Universities across the country.

Board Members: -five people oversee Lazarus Rising on the national team.

Strategic Advisory Counsel: John McNell University of Delaware, Professor, David Sang at McKinley, William Cobb, PWC, State Senator Townsend, candidate for US House of Rep. help with overall operations and strategic direction.

Then they have chapter executives at each colleage location:  Pres/vP treasurer secretary promote creative control give autonomy freedom to thrive and innovate more and more people excited to keep growing and leaders to.  locally each chapters is structured with autonomy, provides local  decision making and leadership and creates interest among and between students and the strategic advisory counsel.

The Matts get a lot of joy out of helping with Lazarus Rising they can’t see themselves doing anything else

asked about the routine of there day start in morning – hardest task done first then move through the day if I didn’t get anything done at least I got that done don’t cram at end of day don’t spend entire day thinking about the hardest task

challenging – relies on his calendar full time students sort it all out organization.

Answers to the questions from the  Audible Fast Round:

1) Bad business advice receivd – slow down disagree with model don’t ago for that stay local

don’t allow people who are hestior don’t kmpw method

2) Flaws that became strengths – overly optimistic not able to see potential challenges getting passionate and going full throttle to scale this up take it to other places – bring it up why not us why shouldn’t we be the ones to do it – overly optimiatics attitude –

3) lessons to tell your younger self – I was quiet, afraid of putting myself out there, but I realized that I had much to offer everyone  – so now I speak up, share my ideas and follow up on those amazing ideas,  take charge, go for it, speak up and if there is something you want go for it

have more confidence in your own ability

4) Two years from now what are you guys doing – he will be officer in marines lazarus rising will continue to grow help serve so many people

5) What contributes most to your success – people who support them time and energy of people volunteers.

6) A purchase under 100 impacted your life the most – the book about socio economic desperarity asking for call of duty – it inspired him for under $10 bucks

7) app – google calendar organize online have your life focus and organized

8)  quote –  Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. Samuel Beckett

The company Inspirational Quote: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. “ – Ghandi

9) Fun fact – All things Les Miserables and the Great Barrier Riff sky dive.

10) Parting words of wisdom – go for it – someone else will have this idea no your in a position to help and have a responsibility to care for one another and its the most rewarding way to live your life.Its just not dollars made but people served and lives changed.  go for your ideas go for your dreams if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will one reason it will work.

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Check out our last episode via with Genius Founder of the Grizzly Labs Bruno Virlet where he talks about bootstrapping his app development company.  In our next episode we interview Dean of the Horn Program at the University of Delaware, Dan Freeman.

Resources and Links:

If you have any guidance or help the Matthews are all ears to Listen Up contact them:



Special article: Delaware Business Times


Mobile Phone Application Developer Programmer the Grizzly Labs Bruno Virlet, Genius: Scanner eSign Fax Show 019
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What we will discuss:

The mobile phone has been transformed into a genius plus scanner with a great application from the Grizzly Labs.

Bruno is an entrepreneur and programmer who loves building simple, easy-to-use products. He received his engineering degree from Supélec and a Master in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After graduating, he joined in Seattle where he worked on large-scale projects. He then moved to the Silicon Valley as a lead engineer for 1000memories which was later acquired by He is now working full-time on The Grizzly Labs focusing mainly on iOS (@bvirlet, email).

Numerous applications for use as a document scanner. The principle is simple: you take a photo of the document, the application then allows to crop, retreat the image and allows to export or send it in various formats including PDF.
People use these applications for expense reports or urgent shipments are generally chargeable. But it was important for me to interview Bruno Virlet the Founder behind the Genius series of applications.
Genius Scan: A scanner in your pocket. More than 20 million people have decided to trust Genius Scan for iOS to digitize close to a billion documents. It’s fast, simple in terms of ergonomics, it offers rotation, export in image or in PDF and effective in image processing.
Genius Sign: How often have you had to print, sign, date, scan and send back a document? Instead, just open the document to sign with Genius Sign and send it back a few seconds later with a signature.
Genius Fax: Nobody has a fax machine anymore. It’s expensive and you have to maintain a line. Yet there is always an emergency when you have to fax a document. Meet Genius Fax, friendly and easy to use.

Genius Scan is very simple to use. You simply take a photo, and and the app places an orange grid where it thinks the important bits are. You can then drag the boundaries around to crop off unwanted areas or to include areas where Genius Scan didn’t guess right.

From there you can rotate the image, if necessary, then render the scan as color, greyscale or black-and-white. I find that black-and-white works best for the type of documents I scan. This also sharpens up the text and makes it more legible. Overall, the app’s scan quality is very good, but a tradeoff I discovered is that the size of the files it produces are from 50 percent to 100 percent larger than similar scanner apps.

When your adjustments are complete, you can save your document either as a standalone image or—if you’re working with a multiple page document—to an existing document in order to stitch the images together.

If you want, you can upload your documents to a variety of cloud services, including Google Drive, and Expensify. Additionally, you can enable Wi-Fi sharing to copy documents directly from your device to a computer or, of course, you can print or email your scanned documents.

If you’d like to try the app before plopping down your $3, then you can download the free, Genius Scan app. Scanning functions are identical to Genius Scan+, but the free version includes ads and limits your output options.

We have been promised a so-called paperless office and home for many years, but it has never quite happened. Printers, photocopiers, scanners and even fax machines still play a role in many of our working lives, although they feel more 20th century by the day.

But with the right mobile apps, you should be able to eliminate some of that paper and use some of those devices less. Document scanner apps can capture an accurate image of a paper document, save it securely as a PDF, email it and in some cases even recognize the printed text.

The app automatically detects the edge of the paper, then rotates and straightens the image. Adjusting the image quality to make the text easier to read is easily done by changing brightness and contrast with simple sliders. When you are ready to save your document image, you can keep a color version, a grayscale version or a pure black-and-white version. Clicking the Done button creates an archived image file. You can share the image file by email, print it out, store it in cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive or send it to another app like a word processor.

Genius Scan, free on iOS, is very similar. Its interface looks different but it has the same straightforward and businesslike feel that Scanner Pro has. This app has a few extras, like the ability to tag documents with keywords to make it easier to search by type of document, like scanned receipts. It also has Wi-Fi sharing of scanned files, which makes it easy to transfer scans to a PC connected to the same wireless network.

Bruno and his business partner were roommates at the University of Illinois, and they wanted to do a project together, both were into compilers and optimizations and his roommate was also into image processing and so together they said let’s make an app.

The first step take a photo and to be able to detect the frame of the picture. However, the whole photo recognition was complicated. But they were able to create a good frame detection code, the main question was what could they use it for? The aha moment came in 2010, we they both started working on that question, and the fun part is that when Bruno was to fly to Europe for a friend’s wedding he got stuck in Chicago because of the volcano in Iceland. So Bruno bought a MacBook and started working on that question. That’s how it happened.

Law Dean, Jay Mootz, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific Show 018


Jay Mootz, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific

What we will discuss:

Law Dean, Jay Mootz discusses his journey over the last 26 years of his career and becoming dean.

The high cost of administration overhead in academia.

How the silo effect can trap you in certain frame of reference and the need to break out of certain mind sets.

How the law school is adding classes for those who don’t want to practice law or are more entrepreneurial.

The student debt crisis and strategies that students can use with
higher costs at public schools v private tuition.  Taking personal agency over how you manage your debt structure.

In addition, to the student debt we explore job prospects and resources provided to students.

Creating global international externship and jobs abroad and providing exposure to other legal systems.

Break out from silo focus.

Resources provided for students starting their own practice or obtaining professional employment.

Build a career as a professional and what it means to be a professional.
Professionals using social media and leveraging it in a professional way.

What we learned:

Its important to plan your career but an impossible task because some things are fortuitous.

The high cost of education is mostly administration overhead for title IV and keeping up with the accreditations.

Using joint degrees can broaden your experience which help students break out of the silo effect which tends to trap you into a set frame of reference.

The McGeorge Law School is adding public policy and public administration courses to expand on the traditional law decree which offers additional classes from those who don’t want to practice law and want to for example,  focus on for example, HR that provides a different prospective.

The cost of law school is 2.5 times more in adjusted dollars today then the dean paid when he went to law school. For example, the cost to go to UC Davis which is a public school is actually more expense then there private school.

Most families don’t have the cash necessary to pay the full tuition so they need to borrow.  However, you must control the amount of debt and take personal agency over accumulating other types of costs like living expenses and studying abroad.  Sure there are excellent summer programs but his cautions students over the debt load and they may consider working over the summer.

There are three centers of excellent global international externships for job creation abroad which exposes the students to other legal systems. Besides international human rights there are transnational business issues transition national immigration legal

They have successful summer program in Guatamala and externships available in Africa.

Collaboration with other law schools in Russia and teaching new professionals by doing versus lecturing.

The Mexican criminal justice system is moving toward an adversarial system and the University of Pacific has had Mexican students come to the campus and vice versus.  This helps widen the students prospective and by using a joint program you begin to break out of the silo focus.

Lawyers are professionals are not merely employees whether they are in a solo law practices or working for another law firm.  Entrepreneurial programs created and programs developed in management to build a career as a professional.

Clinics on how to set up a practice and enables the dean to be entrepreneurial.

What it means to be a professional
create practical experience before they graduate partner them up with clients before they graduate

Clinics can be limited so the school requires 15 credits to make it possible for students to work for non profits, externships, develop alumni programs plaintiffs lawyers using social media leverage it in a professional way gets connected for someone looking for your expertise draw on alumni help us so our students know what the world out there looks like tools.

Going back to teaching because he wants to get more deeply involved with the students.  He says that its hard to teach while being a dean and
his dream is being a professor on the front lines.

On success, Jay says, most of his successes are unknown, for example, out of the blue a student reaches out and tells him that they remember that contracts class and how much he helped.

Further he states, “I don’t want to be in a country that doesn’t have lawyers.”


The best business advice was when one of his first clients said, if i ask you a question don’t say its a business question I am only looking for your advice and want you to use all your skill sets to answer my question.

He uses tweeter to engage differently with students.



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Product Designer, Chris Lin, Flip Wallet, Founder Show 017


Chris Lin, Flip Wallet Founder


Product designer, Chris Lin, Flip Wallet, Founder.

What you will learn from the show:


Chris Lin – He is Not just the Founder but also the product designer of Flip Wallet.

He is a mechanical engineer by education, but an entrepreneur at heart.

Although his time as an undergraduate was spent focusing on getting a degree, he always found time to work on the various prototypes of designs including the flip wallet.

He recently graduated from the University of Delaware and was the winner of a Hen Hatch pitch competition, now he is in the process of launching his first product.

For Chris creating products for his own design firm isn’t just a dream but a passion.

We discuss the journey for him becoming an entrepreneur upon graduation to building his startup.

What contributes to his success

What hs been his challenges.

How he found his testers for the flip wallet.

Discussion on his product, could not discuss cost of goods and services but importance of negotiating cost per unit up front negotiate price after tooling not a sticker but your mark logo is in the tool
Outsourcing manufacturing internationally: use Skype for international discussions  – find a virtual assistant internationally for better communication – use text so helps with loss of translation.  For international mailing use an upfront signed contract with DHL.

Testing product; prototype – patent; Logo design; website development; Advisory Board;  attorney and accountant

Minimal design:  “Minimal design could be defined as using less to do more. But it’s time we start pushing the envelope, and using more to do more.”

Reach application and how to apply your philosophy to your startup and products that you development –

Quotes: Life entrepreneurship “I’m always looking for advice! I’m a little fish in a big pond, as they say.” Chris Lin in his blog post says “having your back against the wall never hurts.”
Anyone saying don’t do this or get a job working for someone else – advisors mentors accountants lawyers parents

For our next interview show Jay Mootz Dean of the McGeorge Law School University of Pacific in Sacramento CA.

Links and Resources:

website:; website: HTTPS:// wal

twitter: @flip_wallet Flip Wallet featured on page one.

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Medical Apparel Startup Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel CEO Founder Wear VTA Amira Idris Show 016


What we learn in this show:

Our guest, Amira Idris, is CEO and Founder of Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel (VTA) that integrates wearable technology with vibration therapy. The patent pending technology is being used to create a line of therapeutic apparels that improve blood/fluid circulation and tissue activity in the body.  This patent pending technology is a wearable therapeutic product that uses vibration technology to improve performance, health, and quality of life.
The Vibrosleeve, is a device that helps amputees to keep their limbs healthy through massage that increases tissue activity, blood and fluid flow.

Amira tells us that she is a tinkerer at heart who is constantly seeking ways to improve on products that she interacts with daily. She observes her environment to search for unmet needs, and she also enjoys user-centered research that serve those needs. Her passion is prototyping and designing new devices.

Amira earned a Master’s of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Design at the University of Delaware (UD), with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering, with minors in Biomechanical Engineering, and Bioelectrical Engineering from UD.

The Story behind VTA:

When VTA CEO Amira Idris was interning at a prosthetic clinic during her undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware, she came into contact with a disheartened amputee that would leave a lasting impact on her.

She saw how depressed he was and came to understand of the 2 million people in the United States living with limb loss, a large percentage also feel the same. Part of the 80% of amputees also experience a condition known as phantom limb pain (PLP).

Concerned, Idris worked closely with prosthetic clients and discovered that this severe pain can lead to insomnia, difficulty functioning, and a decreased quality of life.

Treatments for phantom limb pain include prescription drugs, massage and physical therapy, but these methods aren’t always effective. Idris also noticed that there weren’t any solutions designed specifically for amputees to alleviate pain.

Through research, interviews, and support, Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel was founded!

Wear VTA and Pitch Competitions:

Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel wins at the USASBE Student Exposition and Pitch Competition at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia. VTA competed with other schools around the Tri-State Area (NJ, PA, DE). The pitch was a business and entrepreneurship professional conference. They won the $5,000 grand prize, which will be going towards funding the research and continual development of VTA!

VTA is making great progress on product development!

Members of the team are collaborating with amputees to test and develop the vibrating sleeve. CEO Amira Idris and apparel technologist Danielle Dubay-Betters work together to fit and test a product prototype with a volunteer amputee. Idris explains how the sleeve works.

VTA works with clients in the development of the vibrating sleeve and depends on client feedback on the sleeves effectiveness, quality, and overall feel to assist her in making products and achieve the VTA’s goal to build products that meet the needs of their clients.

Resources from this Show:
University of Delaware Horn Program – on twitter – @UDHornProgram

You can contact Amira on LinkedIn by email business website and personal website.

On our next show 017 I interview Chris Lin inventor of Flip Wallet – now you know Chris as also going to the University of Delaware at the University of Delaware Horn Program and Amira you know him as being a fierce competitor during those pitch presentations – so we are really looking forward to that show 017. The University of Delaware Horn Program is really helping many Young and new entrepreneurs.

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CrowdFunding CrowdSourcing Entrepreneurial Ventures Show 015


Crowdsourcing Crowdfunding
Entrepreneurial Ventures


Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, entrepreneurial ventures.  Equity crowdfunding and crowdsourcing in the next ten years is going to be the next big thing. I have a friend who is a professional, smart, successful whose son is starting a software company. Guess what, they are going to use it. They are not going to use the big banks or VC’s to fund them and they could if they really wanted to. For passive income this same friend has bought a lifestyle franchise / so for his next franchise purchase he is going to sell a share of the franchise store using, that’s right, you guess it right, crowdfunding and he may consider crowdsourcing.

So what is Crowdsourcing anyway and why should you Listen Up Trusted Friends to this viable alternative for obtaining those needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a larger group of people online rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.

Now Crowdfunding its the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance your new or next business venture, startup. Crowdfunding makes use of your networked platforms through social media and other websites that get the word out about your new business and attracts investors. So why you ask? Crowdfunding – it increases entrepreneurship by expanding your pool of investors from whom funds can be raised beyond your traditional circle of owners, relatives and empower you to focus beyond the big banks and venture capitalists by using alternative means to expand your reach. Remember your smarter than most.

Kickstarter IndieGoGo just to name a few.

Take small donations for charitable, artistic endeavors or contributions to launch your new or existing business in return for the product being made, service, or some type of a thank-you

So how can all this be done now you may ask – well the JOBS Act – so let me educate you but keep it entertaining – this Act creates a special exemption for crowdfunding so that companies can sell securities by way of crowdfunding. Generally, under the Act, companies are limited to raising $1 million in any 12-month period using crowdfunding and $2 million with audited financials. Companies cannot crowdfund on their own but will have to engage an intermediary that’s registered with the SEC as a broker or funding portal. These intermediaries will be required to vet the company seeking to fund.

Individual investors will be limited in the amount they can invest by way of crowdfunding in any 12-month period to: if your annual income or net worth is less than $100,000 – the greater of $2,000 or 5 percent of annual income or net worth, or if your annual income or net worth is more than $100,000 – 10 percent of annual income or net worth up to a maximum of $100,000. When calculating net worth, you should not count the value of your primary residence or any loans secured by the residence (up to the value of the residence).

Many other new and young entrepreneurs startups, franchises will want to do the same with their products and businesses as well.  Maybe our guests or Trusted Friends in the Listen Up Podcast audience.

Just look at all the crowdfunding sites there are so many entrepreneurs that need help. I currently interview startups, young and new entrepreneurs on my podcast.  Take my recent interview with Scott Pecorello Show012 and next Friday I am interviewing Amira Idris on Show016. These startups are so interesting to listen to, they have a wonderful outlet right here on the Listen Up Podcast, the Mitchell Chadrow Show and, to increase their visibility, with all the Free Premium Resources that we provide right here as they get going.  All you have to do is subscribe at

So the take away Listen Up Now the startup news – you to can raise crowdfunding and sourcing from non-accredited investors since 2012. So what, you may ask? This is a really big deal! Don’t let someone scare you out of this possible and extremely appealing viable option instead of going directly to the big banks or VC’s.

Do you have to know what you are doing? Sure thing! That’s why we have this community of Trusted Friends.  Education, Trust, not just saying we are authentic but in the actions as well not just the words.

Doesn’t matter if you can raise money from accredited investors, big banks or VC’s. You can’t rely on these entities to help you in the new economy and you must take action to consider other alternative options to raise your own funds. The crowd funding and sourcing way. Sure there can be a lot of noise in the Crowd but your crowd is smarter, right? Maybe. You’ll get funded as well – they whisper? No guarantee but there are not many guarantees in life. There’s no problem here – you are just trying to stack the deck in your favor.

Naysayers will say beware caution ahead – well dealing with the big banks and VC’s but maybe just maybe there are better opportunities to empower yourselves.

So what must you and your non accredited know right off the bat? Yes, its the collective crowdsourcing experience of the group.  Well your a new or young entrepreneur so we are all on notice – correct!  The non accredited investors  are not the big banks or VC’s – precisely – why we want them – by our side – I hope that is obvious.   The non accredited investors may have collective crowdsourcing sales or distribution experience and have experience in purchasing stocks in companies with great ideas. That’s not the point. We are tired of relying on big banks and VC’s for our education, training and thought control on what is or is not a good investment . These non accredited investors do love your startup concept, and do envision one in every household, thats the point of our interest in you and your company and our CrowdSourcing and the Group collectively is smarter and may even know more about getting it to the market, how to run the business, or achieve positive cash flow. We know that startups write business plan and the non accredited investors use that to fund it, but our experienced business owner guests and collective non-accredited investors are smarter then you may think, they know cash flow is important as well which at the end of the day provides the business with a viable business not merely a business plan.

Do you really think that the big banks and the VC’s are the only individuals that can drill down and ask the right questions of our startups or are the only people that have the secret sauce to success about just how these products will be brought to market and become sustainable. Well, think again! Our Trusted Friends and the non-accredited investors out there are being educated right here and will know about the importance of the cash flow plan in addition to the business plan of these startups as an essential focus point for success in their investment. We interviewed Damian Salas in Show 014 from the Close School of Entrepreneurship and as these Young Entrepreneurs and new startups need to tell there story they know they have a wonderful platform right here on our show. Our Trusted Friends the Non-Accredited Investor is not as naive we know that sales are an essential part of a good idea of the startup – we have the Crowd and Sourcing here for education, training, and wisdom from past experiences.

While we enjoy focusing on the product we are smart enough through proper crowdsourcing, delegating and listening to these startup management stories of the company. Sure we believe in our guest products and solutions especially when we are given a sample product so that these entrepreneurs can continue to grow, yes we believe that the startup will be able to manufacture and distribute the product in the future. By the way that’s why smarter non-accredited investors are investing smaller amounts in many companies which help them diversify their own investment portfolio.  We are smarter then you think we believe in the management team and the story of the startup which determines the success or failure of the product.

No, we are not going to oversimplify the sales process to lull us into a false sense of security in the product or startup. There is a lot of information out there online, in the stores and each day we can be overwhelmed by it. Yes, we are consumers but also entrepreneurs and Trusted Friends of a Community where we pride ourselves on educating ourselves, learning from one another right here right now. Yes, we are also producers and have faith that it takes more than just a positive response to the company offering.

We must be realistic of the timing between the product time offering and when it’s actually available to the public.    You know as a startup that the costs and time of production and distribution can be greater than you anticipate and build that into your plan. It will not deter nor discourage you as this Trusted Friends Community is here for support.

Meanwhile, you now get that publicity right here, providing you and your companies with Free Premium Resources and better access to the market non-accredited investors with the Jobs Act can level the playing field and move on good ideas and have those new ventures and startups move first to market.   This can help the startup’s idea get to market so that does not becomes outdated.

The guest startups here don’t get a false sense of security after a successful Crowd Funding. You are well grounded and realistic especially when you get constructive feedback news – such as the idea can be much improved with better management, delivery, and achieving a positive cash flow. So launching the business is merely the starting point as well as what kind of money you can raise.  It’s all about the startups education and lessons learned which are required for what it takes to get to market and quantifying the actual cost of sales.  We are smarter than you think regardless of what is raised for the company.




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Entrepreneurial Dean Entrepreneur Educator Drexel University Close School of Entrepreneurship Damian Salas Show 014


Entrepreneur Educator Drexel University Close School of Entrepreneurship Damian Salas


Entrepreneurial Dean, Damian Salas, Entrepreneur Educator Drexel University Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship  

The post-Entrepreneurial Dean Entrepreneur Educator Drexel University Close School of Entrepreneurship Damian Salas Show 014 was republished on

The first freestanding school of entrepreneurship in the nation to offer degrees.
Damian has also taught Strategy and Management at the Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business.

Resources: Develop business ideas, launch your startup, collaborate with others, take entrepreneurship courses, get expert advice, build a team, enter competitions, incubate a company, join a community, raise money, mentorship.



twitter: @damiansalasjr

twitter: @thecloseschool



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Digital Marketing Industry Agency SEO, Social, Paid, and Content Foxtail Founder Mike Templeman Show 013

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Mike is an entrepreneur, writer who enjoys startups, scaling service based businesses and content marketing. He is also the founder of Foxtail Marketing, a digital demand generation firm – with locations in Canada, Australia, London and NYC and other locations.  He has regular columns at Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and others.

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Young Serial Entrepreneur, Scott Pecoriello, Know Snow Meteorology Made Easy Show 012

Young Serial Entrepreneur, Scott Pecoriello, Know Snow Meteorology Made Easy Show 012

Today's Guest

Scott is a young, serial entrepreneur the Founder of formerly Wild About Weather, creator of the mobile app Know Snow that is currently in the iTunes store and can be downloaded for free.  He also started HenHaul LLC while now a freshman at the University of Delaware in the Entrepreneurial and innovation program.  Stay tuned he is coming out with a new company this Summer 2016.

Twitter: @scottpecoriello   
HenHaul LLC
Website: flock app






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Marcus Aurelius Roman Emperor Stoic Philosopher Author Meditations Show 011

The post Marcus Aurelius Roman Emperor Stoic Philosopher Author Meditations Show 011 was republished at


Marcus Aurelius authored Meditations he was a philosopher and the last good legendary Roman Emperor before its decline – he ruled from 161 to 180 AD, and developed a reputation for being the ideal wise leader Plato termed the “philosopher king.”

President Bill Clinton has said is one of his favorite books.

Wisdom true value and takeaways that we can apply to our everyday business, family and life starting now.

As far as we know, Aurelius wrote these ideas down for himself and had no intention of having it published. In a way, Meditations offers an inside look at the mind of the man who was both governing the Roman empire and struggling with the same issues that you and I do on a daily basis.

It is so applicable with rich advice on day-to-day stuff. Making it as relevant today as it was almost 2000 years ago.


Think about how powerful this man was – At the time he was alive in fact he was the most powerful man on earth, and he still took the time to sit down each day to write himself notes about restraint, compassion and humility. What he left unknowingly for all of us today is a guide for living with purpose and the practical application of his true values. It is not merely some intellectual enterprise but a great tool that we can use to become better entrepreneurs, better family members and better people in life.


We are going to look at a series of quotes and lessons from the famous Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius. brilliant life philosophies, interesting insights on difficult questions, and practical strategies for dealing with the challenges that we all face along the path of life.


He had his own life challenges faced with constant fighting, the rebellion of his general Cassius, the deaths of his wife and close friend, and the realization that his son Commodus was destined to be a bad ruler.


He dealt with these hardships by turning to philosophy, specifically the Stoicism of the ancient Greeks and his contemporary Roman philosophers.


Lessons learned practical application so get started from business owners family members and how to live life – are numerous


When he arose in the morning he said, – “When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love …”


Meditations chronicles both his strengths and weaknesses – It is perhaps one of the earliest diaries known and shows us today the Importance of keeping a diary both in written form and in audio.


On life: “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.”


Entrepreneurship and the ideas and concepts written thousands of years ago by

(Stoicism) Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur


The philosophical school of Stoicism – it’s an operating system – for teaching you how to thrive in high-stress environments


I have been keeping journals since law school and it helped me by getting my thoughts down


But Instead of a written diary this new concept of an audio diary is interesting and appealing to me – more on that in a later newsletter.


on self confidence “When another blames you or hates you, or people voice similar criticisms, go to their souls, penetrate inside and see what sort of people they are. You will realize that there is no need to be racked with anxiety that they should hold any particular opinion about you.”


On finding blame or fault on others he instructs “Whenever you are about to find fault with someone, ask yourself the following question: What fault of mine most nearly resembles the one I am about to criticize?”


So if your still not convinced how these writings are so impactful or why Every Entrepreneur Should Read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius


Check out what he says about thinking toward the future “Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.”


On this same topic he also said “When another blames you or hates you, or people voice similar criticisms, go to their souls, penetrate inside and see what sort of people they are. You will realize that there is no need to be racked with anxiety that they should hold any particular opinion about you.”


Meditations — consists of just under 200 pages and it consists of his most personal thoughts and life philosophies. Although it might not have many pages, it might take longer to go through because its so powerful


You just want to start writing things down as you learn so much in this diary


For example, he says that The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are.”


Strength from within not without – we call that spirit “Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.”


When it comes to business ideas, how to be, and act, personal philosophy on life, advice on being a real with universal practical application


being a man and leader, dealing with difficult angry people, work and duty. As you read each paragraph you really stop to think about all its implications, pondering his words and motivated to use the priceless advice to live a better, more fulfilled life.


On lowering your expectations dealing with others throughout your day he comments: “Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness – all of them due to the offenders’ ignorance of what is good or evil.”


Next to the lessons in the Bible, I would say this book or diary provides us so much guidance on how to live, lead and treat others. But Meditations is not a religious book.


You want to improve in business, family and life then you run to listen to this book. You can pick up the audio for your free one month trial by going to


As mentioned in this From getting up in the morning to preparing for your legacy, Meditations is the A to Z on living a full life.


On opinions of others -” I have often wondered how it is that every man loves himself more than all the rest of men, but yet sets less value on his own opinion of himself than on the opinion of others.”


Why was he the most beloved emperor in the history of the Roman Empire. He ruled for 19 years; and unlike the majority of emperors who came before and after him, Aurelius was deemed and incorruptible leader.


He fought off several threats to the Roman Empire during his reign, and believed life’s purpose revolved around service, duty and respecting the nature of the universe.


He had total control over the empire yet never once used that privilege for his personal gain. Despite being the most powerful man in the world, he remained balanced – stern when needed, but always understanding of others, even his enemies.


He could have had the best of wines, food and companions in the empire during his years as leader (which is what most emperors did), but he abstained from such temptations. He believed such discipline was required of a leader. He explains how one must deal with temptations in life, and that anything which does not make you a better man must be avoided.


Who really knows but maybe he really didn’t want to be emperor you get the impression that during his leadership he was lonely balancing between what was the right thing to do for the empire and what was right for the nature of the universe.


He wrote in his diary but he didn’t do it because he thought it would ever be published.


This diary was written mostly when the Roman Emperor was at war defending itself .


No one knew about the diary while he was alive it was a secret and only discovered after his passing


What an awesome valuable piece of literature. This amazing work was initially published in Greek, the language in which Aurelius wrote it. Since then it has been published in several languages and is deemed to be one of the best pieces of Stoic literature in history.


So what are the lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from Marcus Aurelius’ ‘Meditations’?


On focus – make time for yourself to learn something worthwhile; stop letting yourself be pulled in all directions. But make sure you guard against the other kind of confusion. People who labor all their lives but have no purpose to direct every thought and impulse toward are wasting their time even when hard at work.


So what are the circumstances of Marcus’ life a long with the dismal failure of his son.


Personally there might always be a reason for you not to start , you’ve been planning, thinking but either haven’t or need to take that business to the next level so start doing.


Professionally sometimes you have to do an about face exit what your currently doing and move into a new direction.


On things out of your control – “You always own the option of having no opinion. There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can’t control. These things are not asking to be judged by you. Leave them alone.”


Sure you want to be precise and have a genuine seriousness.


Wants you decide that your all in to start or grow your business, then do it with seriousness. Put all your efforts to it with focus, precision, don’t bandy around. Work toward tasks and goals with care and earnest attention.


Is passion good sure but it’s the nuts and bolts the everyday stuff that is needed to be done cared for as well as about enjoying it loving it.


Some aspects of entrepreneurship you might not enjoy but still, try to love what you do, as much as you can. Maybe you will like 60 percent but that’s reality. You can always delegate as you scale.


“It is not the actions of others which trouble us (for those actions are controlled by their governing part), but rather it is our own judgments. Therefore remove those judgments and resolve to let go of your anger, and it will already be gone. How do you let go? By realizing that such actions are not shameful to you.”


On change: “Observe always that everything is the result of change, and get used to thinking that there is nothing Nature loves so well as to change existing forms and make new ones like them.”


Show your expertise with no pretension.


Quiet confidence and knowledge


“If someone can prove me wrong and show me my mistake in any thought or action, I shall gladly change. I seek the truth, which never harmed anyone: the harm is to persist in one’s own self-deception and ignorance.”


He teaches us that you must change your approach based on what you’re facing. Sure it has to be partly based on experience, knowing what approach to take, based on the situation. So you must either get more experience or get more training. Above all else be flexible.


More on happiness: “Unhappy am I because this has happened to me.- Not so, but happy am I, though this has happened to me, because I continue free from pain, neither crushed by the present nor fearing the future.”


See new opportunities in obstacles. Be prepared to change your plans to accommodate new info. Never petrify. Always keep moving.


too much optimism v doubting myself too early, – aim for simple, clear reality.


To many focus on past and future on the present he said: “Do not disturb yourself by picturing your life as a whole; do not assemble in your mind the many and varied troubles which have come to you in the past and will come again in the future, but ask yourself with regard to every present difficulty: ‘What is there in this that is unbearable and beyond endurance?’ You would be ashamed to confess it! And then remind yourself that it is not the future or what has passed that afflicts you, but always the present, and the power of this is much diminished if you take it in isolation and call your mind to task if it thinks that it cannot stand up to it when taken on its own.”


Stoics view a situation with neutrality. They would say an event in itself cannot be good or bad, it’s only an event. But to me you still you’ll have to decide whether you’ll see something as a threat or an opportunity


So how did he stay in control of his emotions based on his beliefs that nature unfolds in a perfect way and that one must accept that they cannot change the past or what other people feel in their hearts.


One key point he writes about is how to recover from massive setbacks.


Here are some of the philosopher king’s timeless lessons on how to be resilient:


Don’t worry about people whose actions don’t affect the common good.

Your energy and time are both limited, so don’t waste them on what inconsequential people are doing, thinking, and saying, when you could be focusing on your own issues.


On Living in the present – Marcus writes


“Each of us lives only now, this brief instant. The rest has been lived already, or is impossible to see,”


Refrain from imposing your feelings onto reality.

. . . none of these are “bad” (or “good” for that matter), according to Marcus’ philosophy. When you see things as what they really are, you’re able to avoid succumbing to your emotions and accept what has happened.


Turn an obstacle into an opportunity.


Which is a Stoic fundamental, which says that we should use inevitable challenges as a chance to become a stronger person.


Good definition of a Stoic, someone who “transforms fear into prudence, pain into transformation, mistakes into initiation, and desire into undertaking.”


Find peace within yourself.

Marcus writes that people try to retreat from their problems and responsibilities by going somewhere like the mountains or the beach, but that travel isn’t necessary to recollect yourself. He advocates a kind of brief meditation, where you withdraw into yourself and quiet your mind.


Don’t resent people for their character.

If someone’s character flaw has caused one of your problems, do not exert energy trying to change that person’s character. Let things go. “You might as well resent a fig tree for secreting juice,” Marcus says.


You are the only person responsible for your happiness.


“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”


“Choose not to be harmed — and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed — and you haven’t been,” Marcus writes. Furthermore, the only way people can truly harm you is if they change your character.


He is like a kindred spirit.


Goal or task don’t sweep away your thoughts that come into your mind – just observe.


He is so up front and honest it’s like he is saying to us – I am a fellow human being trying to make sense of the trials and tribulations of life. It’s like he is down the earth saying it just so happens I came into this role as “Emperor,” but that seemed to matter little to the turmoil in his brain and the yearning in his heart.


It seems, he was just also trying to figure it all out, just like the rest of us. And if one of the most revered leaders of the civilized world was trying to figure it all out almost 2000 years back in his day, then maybe together our community here collectively is doing alright.


Take aways – don’t hesitate to set a new path or new trail because your thinking your not entirely sure you can pull it off or because you think you lack the skills, know how, connections, money, and certainly the confidence we feel like we need to get started. Thus so many never risk starting. Or we give up when things get rough. Or take too long. Especially if the things we hope to do — start a business, move into a new industry, spearhead a movement we care about, reinvent ourselves, build a new career or life from scratch — is something we’ve never, ever done before.

So what separates those, like Marcus who pursue worthy projects and grow enormous empires, from those that do not?

Surely, they must have all their stuff together and “all figured out” before they even get started?

Here’s a secret: they didn’t.

And here’s another: they still don’t.


In my own story from Attorney, Banker Fiduciary Professional to Entrepreneur or whatever else I happen to be doing at the moment.

Far and away the most powerful moments happen when I, someone who tends to look like a bundle of American confidence — all sorted, all figured out, all found, all put together — admit that inside I need to change or go in a new direction . . questioning whether you are the best you or if you have anything useful to add to a situation?

I am figuring a lot out, but still in several ways, I’m still putting it all together. Still developing. Still growing. Still becoming.

Discovery comes with my own vulnerability, my own humanness, my own reality. A reality that is potentially universal.

I’m still, and possibly will always be, figuring this out.



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E & J Gallo Winery Buys Iconic Brand Barefoot Wine Bonnie Harvey, Michael Houlihan Founders Show 010

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E & J Gallo Winery Buys Iconic Brand Barefoot Wine

Bonnie Harvey, Michael Houlihan Founders

Survive when your small
Turn debts into assets
How to grow into a national brand
How to make your values part of your success
Start small in a small territory
Spend less and monetize faster.
How you too can bootstrap your next business.
Coming up with a label concept logo.
Competing with big known brands.
Customer engagement, sales, and marketing - talk to everyone.
Ask questions from the bottom up.  Naturally, engage not only end users but suppliers vendors - Tell us your practical way you did this throughout the life cycle of your product
Practical lessons that can be implemented even if you don't have a lot of money or initially don't want to spend a lot until you try that idea -
How not having experience in your niche idea may be an asset.
Speak to as many people about your idea as possible including entrepreneurial students, teaching your entrepreneurship lessons from students, startups and growth-phase businesses.
Learn their Spend Less-Monetize Faster with the Entrepreneur’s Guiding Principles for Success (GPS) TM.
Inspiration and encouragement for all those contemplating starting a brand or wanting to improve their existing brand.
Whats on your mind: Success defined; Quote - Thomas Edison.

They co-authored the New York Times Bestselling Business The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America’s #1 Wine Brand.  An entrepreneurial guidebook and lessons learned for building a popular national brand.  From their start up to taking the business to the next level their book chronicles the journey plus it's very entertaining.  It's become reading at several universities that teach entrepreneurship.

Bonnie Harvey & Michael Houlihan Founders of Barefoot Wine.  The entrepreneurial couple bootstrapped the business with next to no money, no wine experience and facing bankruptcy the first year in business.  They sold the iconic brand to E & J Gallo Winery but that is only the beginning of their journey.





Read the LinkedIn Article on this story.

Book:  The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America's #1 Wine Brand -Their other book The Entrepreneurial Culture: 23 Ways to Engage and Empower Your People, (is a companion to The Barefoot Spirit).

Robert Mondavi in Napa Valley:

E & J Gallo Winery:
Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl cocktail company started in April 2011 and later sold to Fortune Brands' Beam Global (now a part of Suntory) for an estimated $100 million.
School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
World Conference on Entrepreneurship; Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum

Thomas Edison: Their hero and influencer.  Find the success of each failure and mistake that you make.